Alloy Forms H.O.Metal Vehicles Inv. 5-4-2018
Alloy Forms20054' x 8' Diamond Plate Sheets (7)newOrig.B.P.$4.002
Alloy Forms20061000 Lb. Pallet Jack KitnewOrig.B.P.$2.503
Alloy Forms20201955 Chevrolet Bel-Air 2-Door Hardtop KitHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$10.951
Alloy Forms20211956 Ford Pickup Truck KitHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$10.951
Alloy Forms20221956 Ford Thunderbird Hardtop KitHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$10.951
Alloy Forms20251953 Chevrolet Corvette KitHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$10.951
Alloy Forms20271941 Plymouth Coupe - Built-up - MaroonHO Metal Vehicles w/White Wall Tires & Windowsused$19.991
Alloy Forms20281949 Mercury Coupe - Built-up - 1-Red & 1-GreenHO Metal Vehicles w/White Wall Tires & Windowsused$19.992
Alloy Forms20421956 Ford Pickup Truck w/Camper Body KitHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$12.951
American Heritage Models H.O.Metal Vehicles Inv. 4-21-2018
American Heritage87001Galliker's Dairy Products 1950s Milk Delivery Truck w/MilkmanHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$19.950
American Heritage87002Louis Trauth Dairy 1950s Milk Delivery Truck w/MilkmanHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$19.950
American Heritage87003Twin Pines Farm Dairy Products 1950s Milk Delivery Truck w/MilkmanHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$19.950
American Heritage87004Florence Bros. Dairy Products 1950s Milk Delivery Truck w/MilkmanHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$19.950
American Heritage87005Parmelee Bros. Dairy Products 1950s Divco Milk Truck w/MilkmanHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$19.952
American Heritage87006Melville All Star Dairy Foods 1950s Milk Delivery Truck w/MilkmanHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$19.951
American Heritage87007Borden's Dairy Products 1950s Milk Delivery Truck w/MilkmanHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$19.950
American Heritage87008Goodenough's Dairy Products 1950s Milk Delivery Truck w/MilkmanHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$19.951
American Heritage87009Hull's Dairy Products 1950s Divco Milk Delivery Truck w/MilkmanHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$19.952
American Heritage87010Lilly Farm Dairy Products 1950s Divco Milk DeliveryTruck w/MilkmanHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$19.951
American Heritage87011Rueter Worth Dairy Products 1950s Divco Milk Truck w/MilkmanHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$19.951
Athearn H.O.Plastic Inv. 4-2-2018
Athearn2711Ford "C-Series" Cab Superior Green Built-upHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$11.001
Athearn8104Ford "C-Series" Cab "John Deere Maintenance" Green Built-upHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$13.981
Athearn2729Ford "C-Series" Cab w/Stake Body P.F.E. White Built-upHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$12.001
Athearn2751Ford "C-Series" Cab w/Van Body "Halls" Built-upHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$24.001
Athearn8101Ford "C-Series" Cab w/Van Body "John Deere 50 & 60 Series" Built-upHO Plastic Vehicles$29.001
Athearn8102Ford "C-Series" Cab w/Van Body "John Deere New Generation" Built-upHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$29.001
Athearn8103Ford "C-Series" Cab w/Van Body "John Deere Model D" Built-upHO Plastic Vehicles$29.001
Athearn8201HO PlasticnewOrig.Pack.$29.001
Athearn8202HO PlasticnewOrig.Pack.$29.001
Athearn8203HO PlasticnewOrig.Pack.$29.001
Athearn8205Ford "C-Series" Cab w/Van Body "Coca-Cola Take Cover" Built-upHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$29.001
Athearn8206Ford "C-Series" Cab w/Van Body "Coca-Cola Trim The Tree" Built-upHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$29.001
Athearn8208Ford "C-Series" Cab w/Van Body "Coca-Cola Delicious & Refreshing" B.U.HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$29.001
Athearn8510Ford "C-Series" Cab w/Van Body "Napa Valley Wine Train" Built-upHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$29.001
Athearn5506Hertz Freightliner 10Wheel Cab KitHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$3.251
Athearn7702John Deere Waterloo Boy TractorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$7.007
Athearn7703John Deere 6420 Modern TractorHO Plastic Vehiclesused$5.003
Athearn7703John Deere 6420 Modern Tractor SOLDHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$7.000
Athearn7706John Deere 60 SeriesTractor SOLDHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$9.000
Athearn33550John Deere 4020 SeriesTractorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$9.001
Athearn77081John Deere 4020 SeriesTractor SOLDHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$9.000
Athearn810791968 Ford F-850 Box Van Truck "John Deere" A New Generation of PowerHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$29.001
Athearn91021Ford "C"Series Consol.Freiwys. Cab w/28' Smooth Side Wedge Tr."No Zone"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$29.981
Athearn91022Ford "C"Series Roadway Cab w/28' Smooth Side Wedge Tr."Time Critical"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$29.981
Athearn91025Ford "C"Series Cab w/28' Smooth Side Wedge Trailor "Delta"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$24.982
Athearn91026Ford "C"Series Cab w/28' Smooth Side Wedge Trailor "DiSalvo"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$24.981
Athearn91084Freightliner Cab w/48' Wedge Trailor "Lee Way"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$26.983
Athearn919651968 Ford F-850 Box Van Truck "Midstate Marble Products"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$19.981
Athearn919771968 Ford F-850 10 Wheel Tow Truck "Jonny's Towing"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$24.981
Athearn93250Ford "C"Series U.S.Postal Service Van TruckHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$16.001
Athearn93407Ford "C"Series U.S.Postal Serv.Cab w/28' Smooth Side Tr. "Connecticut"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$16.001
Athearn93408Ford "C"Series U.S.Postal Serv.Cab w/28' Smooth Side Trailor "Delaware"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$16.001
Athearn93410Ford "C"Series U.S.Postal Serv.Cab w/28' Smooth Side Trailor "Georgia"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$16.001
Athearn93420Ford "C"Series U.S.Postal Serv.Cab w/28' Smooth Side Trailor "Maryland"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$16.001
Athearn93429Ford "C"Series U.S.Postal Serv.Cab w/28' Smooth Side Tr."New Hampshire"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$16.001
Athearn93433Ford "C"Series U.S.Postal Serv.Cab w/28' Smooth Side Tr."North Carolina"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$16.001
Athearn93438Ford "C"Series U.S.Postal Serv.Cab w/28' Smooth Side Tr."Pennsylvania"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$16.003
Athearn93440Ford "C"Series U.S.Postal Serv.Cab w/28' Smooth Side Tr."South Carolina"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$16.001
Athearn93446Ford "C"Series U.S.Postal Serv.Cab w/28' Smooth Side Trailor "Virginia"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$16.001
Atlas H.O.Plastic Inv. 1-7-2018
Atlas1204-445' Pines Trailor "K.B.S.Railroad" #634033 Built-upHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$9.752
Atlas1206-145' Pines Trailor "Redon" #231263 Built-upHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$9.752
Atlas1206-245' Pines Trailor "Redon" #232055 Built-upHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$9.752
Atlas1206-345' Pines Trailor "Redon" #232459 Built-upHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$9.752
Atlas1211-145' Pines Trailor "Kansas City Southern" #230361 Built-upHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$10.502
Atlas1211-245' Pines Trailor "Kansas City Southern" #230381 Built-upHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$10.502
Atlas1213-145' Pines Trailor "Preferred Pool-AVAILCO" #254336 Built-upHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$11.251
Atlas1213-245' Pines Trailor "Preferred Pool-AVAILCO" #254340 Built-upHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$11.252
Atlas12721996 Ford Taurus Willow Green Built-upHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$8.951
Atlas12751996 Ford Taurus Toreador Red Built-upHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$8.951
Atlas12801996 Ford Taurus Midnight Red Built-upHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$8.951
Atlas99 871211936 Chrysler Airflow Imperial Eight Black Built-upHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$19.951
Atlas300000552005 Ford Mustang G.T. Red Built-upHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.951
Atlas300000562005 Ford Mustang G.T. Yellow Built-upHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.951
Atlas30000062Mini Cooper S Cabrio Red Built-upHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.952
Atlas30000065Land Rover Defender White Built-upHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.952
Atlas30000067Porsche Cayman S Yellow Built-upHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.952
Atlas30000070Porsche Boxster S Cabrio Red Built-upHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.952
Atlas30000081Volvo L180C Timber LoaderHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Box$14.953
Atlas30000084Volvo EC210 Crawler ExcavatorHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Box$14.953
Atlas30000093Volvo BL71 Backhoe/Front End LoaderHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Box$19.953
Atlas30000094Volvo EW180B Wheel ExcavatorHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Box$19.953
A-Line H.O.Plastic Trailors Etc. Inv. 6-3-2015
A-Line5012753' Plate TrailorHO Plastic TrailersnewOrig.Pack.$8.001
A-Line50161Parcel Service Trailor Decals "R.P.S." Roadway Parcel ServiceHO Plastic TrailersnewOrig.Pack.$2.501
BLMA H.O. Plastic Vehicles Inv. 2-26-2011
BLMA4115H.O. Pods Moving & Storage Container -- Assembled & PaintedHO Plastic ContainernewOrig.Pack.$9.454
Boley H.O. Plastic Vehicles Inv. 4-5-2018
Boley2001Bulldozer w/Blade Yellow or RedHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$4.006
Boley2003Crane on Crawlers Yellow or OrangeHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$4.006
Boley2004Backhoe on Crawlers OrangeHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$4.003
Boley2005Mercedes Cement Ready Mix 10 Wheel Truck YellowHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$5.002
Boley2026-7White 10 Wheel Cab WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$5.004
Boley2032Front End Loader YellowHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$4.002
Boley2033Tractor (Circus) RedHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$3.502
Boley2043White 10 Wheel Cement Ready Mix Truck RedHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$5.001
Boley2059-71Navastar Crew Cab Brush Fire Truck Red & WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$8.004
Boley2402-1Ford Aeromax 9000 10 Wheel Cab RedHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$6.501
Boley2402-2Ford Aeromax 9000 10 Wheel Cab BlueHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$6.501
Boley2402-7Ford Aeromax 9000 10 Wheel Cab WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$6.501
Boley3010-76GMC Topkick 10Wheel Long Bed Dump Truck White & SilverHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$10.996
Boley3020-11GMC Topkick 10Wheel Tanker Fire Truck RedHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$12.991
Boley3024-11GMC Topkick Utility Line Truck w/Boom RedHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$12.996
Boley4000-24900 Navastar 2 Axle Tractor BlueHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$5.502
Boley4000-84900 Navastar 2 Axle Tractor YellowHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$5.501
Boley4000-94900 Navastar 2 Axle Tractor OrangeHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$5.501
Boley4002-17Navastar Drywall Van Red & WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$6.252
Boley4002-36Navastar Drywall Van Black & SilverHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$6.252
Boley4002-56Navastar Drywall Van Green & SilverHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$6.251
Boley4002-97Navastar Drywall Van Orange & WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$6.251
Boley4010-71Navastar City Pumper Fire Truck White w/Red StripesHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$9.002
Boley4010-78Navastar City Pumper Fire Truck Yellow w/White CabHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$9.003
Boley4012-16Navastar Rollbed Tow Truck Red/SilverHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$7.254
Boley4012-26Navastar Rollbed Tow Truck Blue & SilverHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$7.254
Boley4012-36Navastar Rollbed Tow Truck Black & SilverHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$7.252
Boley4012-79Navastar Rollbed Tow Truck White & OrangeHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$7.254
Boley4013-26Navastar Flatbed (Lumber) Truck Blue & SilverHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$7.254
Boley4015Navastar 10 Wheel Coal Dump TruckHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$7.251
Boley4021-71Navastar Brush Fire Truck Red & WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$8.001
Boley4024-17International Commercial Pumper Fire Truck Red & WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$8.001
Boley4026-11International 10 Wheel Tanker Fire Truck w/Pump RedHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$9.002
Boley4033-884900 Navastar Crew Cab Short Stake Body Truck YellowHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$7.501
Boley4034-114900 Navastar Long Stake Body Truck OrangeHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$7.501
Boley4035-88Navastar Snow Removal Truck w/Plow & Salt Spreader YellowHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$8.001
Boley4101-22001 International 3 Axle Tractor BlueHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$7.251
Boley4101-32001 International 3 Axle Tractor BlackHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$7.252
Boley4121-112001 International Brush Fire Truck RedHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$10.004
Boley4121-712001 International Brush Fire Truck Red & WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$10.002
Boley4122-112001 International EMS Ambulance RedHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$8.002
Boley4122-772001 International EMS Ambulance WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$8.001
Boley4124-112001 International Commercial Pumper Fire Truck RedHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$10.002
Boley4124-172001 International Commercial Pumper Fire Truck Red & WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$10.002
Boley4126-112001 International 10 Wheel Tanker Fire Truck w/Pump RedHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$9.000
Boley4175-994900 Navastar Crew Cab Short Body Dump Truck OrangeHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.
Boley4576-99International Crew Cab Short Body Dump Truck Road Dept. OrangeHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.
Boley4514-37International 7000 2-Axle Police Wrecker Truck Black & WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$16.992
Bowser H.O.Plastic Trailors Inv. 6-28-2012
Bowser55502Schneider National 53'Highway Plate Trailor KitHO Plastic TrailersnewOrig.Box$16.954
Bowser55564Burlington Motor Carriers 53'Highway Plate Trailor KitHO Plastic TrailersnewOrig.Box$14.951
Brekina H.O.Plastic Vehicles Inv. 3-17-2004
Brekina1610Steam Roller "The Westinghouse Co. Schenectady, N.Y."HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$20.001
Classic Metal Works H.O.Metal Vehicles Inv. 5-4-2018
Classic Metal Works301101957 Chrysler 300C Sport Sedan RedHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$15.005
Classic Metal Works301111953 White 3000 C.O.E. Panel Delivery Truck GreenHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$9.007
Classic Metal Works301121953 White 3000 C.O.E. Fuel Deliv.Tank Truck Red/SilverHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$9.001
Classic Metal Works301131953 White 3000 C.O.E. Tractor Green-4 Red-3HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$9.007
Classic Metal Works301151953 White 3000 C.O.E. Dump Truck Green/Black-1 Red/Silver-10HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$9.0011
Classic Metal Works301491953 White 3000 C.O.E. Box Delivery Truck "Railway Express Agency"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$18.001
Classic Metal Works301351967 Dodge Charger BlueHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$16.002
Classic Metal Works301361967 Dodge Charger YellowHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$16.002
Classic Metal Works301561950s International R-190 Reefer Truck "Swift's Premium"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$11.001
Classic Metal Works301651950s International R-190 Van Truck "Pennsylvania R.R."HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$11.009
Classic Metal Works301711950s International R-190 Reefer Truck "Armour Star"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$11.002
Classic Metal Works301751950s International R-190 Van Truck "Baltimore & Ohio R.R."HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$11.004
Classic Metal Works301761950s International R-190 Van Truck "Burlington Transportation Co."HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$11.005
Classic Metal Works301771950s International R-190 Van Truck "Nickel Plate Road"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$11.006
Classic Metal Works301691967 Ford Custom 500 Lime Mist MetallicHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$10.002
Classic Metal Works301631978 Chevy Impala Dark Brown MetallicHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$10.005
Classic Metal Works301701978 Chevy Impala Dark Blue MetallicHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$10.004
Classic Metal Works301841978 Chevy Impala Red MetallicHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$10.001
Classic Metal Works301931959 Ford Fairlane 4-Door Red & WhiteHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$13.003
Classic Metal Works301941959 Ford Fairlane 4-Door Raven BlackHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$13.001
Classic Metal Works302231959 Ford Fairlane 4-Door Green/WhiteHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$13.003
Classic Metal Works302241959 Ford Fairlane 4-Door Blue/WhiteHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$13.003
Classic Metal Works302431959 Ford Fairlane 4-Door Fire Chief CarHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$13.003
Classic Metal Works302451959 Ford Fairlane 4-Door U.S.ArmyHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$13.002
Classic Metal Works302621959 Ford Fairlane 4-Door CoralHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$13.003
Classic Metal Works302631959 Ford Fairlane 4-Door YellowHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$13.003
Classic Metal Works301971936 Ford ForDor Sedan RedHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$12.003
Classic Metal Works302051936 Ford ForDor Sedan "Police Car" Black & WhiteHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$13.003
Classic Metal Works302211936 Ford ForDor Sedan Desert SandHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$12.004
Classic Metal Works302221936 Ford ForDor Sedan French GrayHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$12.005
Classic Metal Works302421936 Ford ForDor Sedan "Fire Chief" RedHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$13.002
Classic Metal Works302001954 Ford F-350 Pick-up Truck Raven BlackHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$13.003
Classic Metal Works302021954 Ford F-350 Pick-up Truck Sheridan BlueHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$13.003
Classic Metal Works302031954 Ford F-350 Pick-up Truck Meadow GreenHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$13.003
Classic Metal Works302071954 Ford F-350 Pick-up Truck "Union Pacific" YellowHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$13.001
Classic Metal Works302081954 Ford F-350 Pick-up Truck "Pennsylvania Railroad"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$13.003
Classic Metal Works302101954 Ford F-350 Pick-up Truck "Santa Fe" BlackHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$13.001
Classic Metal Works302341954 Ford F-350 Pick-up Truck "Southern Pacific" OrangeHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$13.001
Classic Metal Works302361954 Ford F-350 Pick-up Truck "Baltimore & Ohio" BlueHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$13.001
Classic Metal Works302111954 Ford F-350 Utility Truck "Union Pacific R.R."HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$13.003
Classic Metal Works302121954 Ford F-350 Utility Truck "Pennsylvania Railroad"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$13.003
Classic Metal Works302131954 Ford F-350 Utility Truck "New York Central R.R."HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$13.001
Classic Metal Works302141954 Ford F-350 Utility Truck "Santa-Fe R.R."HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$13.002
Classic Metal Works302161954 Ford F-350 Utility Truck OrangeHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$13.001
Classic Metal Works302171954 Ford F-350 Utility Truck WhiteHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$13.003
Classic Metal Works302181954 Ford F-350 Utility Truck "Bell Telephone"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$13.002
Classic Metal Works302191954 Ford F-350 Utility Truck "Power & Light Co."HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$13.001
Classic Metal Works302201954 Ford F-350 Utility Truck "Western Union"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$13.003
Classic Metal Works302301954 Ford F-700 Tank Truck w/Driver "Sohio"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$18.002
Classic Metal Works302581954 Ford F-700 Tank Truck w/Driver "Shell Oil"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$15.002
Classic Metal Works302591954 Ford F-700 Tank Truck w/Driver "Cities Service"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$15.003
Classic Metal Works302401954 Ford F-700 Delivery Truck w/Driver "H.J.Heinz Co."HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$18.001
Classic Metal Works302411954 Ford F-700 Delivery Truck w/Driver "Blatz Beer"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$15.002
Classic Metal Works302491953 Ford Country Squire Wagon Glacier BlueHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$13.005
Classic Metal Works302501953 Ford Country Squire Wagon Carnival RedHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$13.005
Classic Metal Works302511953 Ford Country Squire Wagon Fern Mist GreenHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$13.007
Classic Metal Works302521953 Ford Country Squire Wagon Woodsmoke GreyHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$13.006
Classic Metal Works302531953 Ford Country Squire Wagon Raven BlackHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$13.007
Classic Metal Works302641954 Ford F-700 Refrig. Delivery Truck w/Driver "Hamms Beer"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$15.002
Classic Metal Works302651954 Ford F-700 10 Whl. Refrig. Delivery Truck w/Driver "Morrell Meats"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$15.002
Classic Metal Works302661941/46 Chevrolet Pick-up Truck RedHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$14.002
Classic Metal Works302691941/46 Chevrolet Pick-up Truck Yellow/BlackHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$14.0016
Classic Metal Works302701941/46 Chevrolet Pick-up Truck Orange/BlackHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$14.0015
Classic Metal Works303661941/46 Chevrolet Pick-up Truck Cream/BrownHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$17.552
Classic Metal Works303671941/46 Chevrolet Pick-up Truck Texaco ServiceHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$17.551
Classic Metal Works303681941/46 Chevrolet Pick-up Truck Mobil ServiceHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$17.551
Classic Metal Works302711941/46 Chevrolet Flatbed Truck RedHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$14.003
Classic Metal Works302721941/46 Chevrolet Flatbed Truck GreenHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$14.004
Classic Metal Works302731941/46 Chevrolet Flatbed Truck "Railway Express Agency"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$15.0016
Classic Metal Works302751941/46 Chevrolet 10 Wheel Reefer Truck "Swifts Meats"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$17.254
Classic Metal Works302761941/46 Chevrolet 10 Wheel Reefer Truck "The Union Ice Co."HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$17.252
Classic Metal Works303501941/46 Chevrolet ReeferTruck "Oscar Meyer"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$19.753
Classic Metal Works303631941/46 Chevrolet ReeferTruck "Bird's Eye"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$19.757
Classic Metal Works303641941/46 Chevrolet ReeferTruck "Howard Johnson's"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$19.757
Classic Metal Works302771941/46 Chevrolet Fuel Truck "Esso"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$15.002
Classic Metal Works302781941/46 Chevrolet Fuel Truck "Pure Oil"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$15.0020
Classic Metal Works302791941/46 Chevrolet Fuel Truck "Phillips 66"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$15.004
Classic Metal Works303011941/46 Chevrolet Fuel Truck "Mobil Oil"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$16.001
Classic Metal Works303021941/46 Chevrolet Fuel Truck "Sinclair Oil"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$16.001
Classic Metal Works303031941/46 Chevrolet Fuel Truck "Sunoco"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$16.004
Classic Metal Works303211941/46 Chevrolet Fuel Truck "Richfield Oil"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$17.255
Classic Metal Works302991941/46 Chevrolet Delivery Truck "Nabisco"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$16.001
Classic Metal Works303001941/46 Chevrolet Delivery Truck "Schlitz Beer"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$17.251
Classic Metal Works303221941/46 Chevrolet Delivery Truck "Manhattan Beer"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$17.255
Classic Metal Works303331941/46 Chevrolet Delivery Truck "Sunshine Bakery"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$17.251
Classic Metal Works303471941/46 Chevrolet Delivery Truck "Roadway"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$19.751
Classic Metal Works303481941/46 Chevrolet Delivery Truck "True Value Hardware"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$19.752
Classic Metal Works303621941/46 Chevrolet Delivery Truck "Seagrams 7"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$19.757
Classic Metal Works303731941/46 Chevrolet Delivery Truck "Western Auto"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$19.753
Classic Metal Works303041941/46 Chevrolet Utility Truck "Bell Telephone"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$19.751
Classic Metal Works303421941/46 Chevrolet Dump Truck "Red"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$19.752
Classic Metal Works303441941/46 Chevrolet Dump Truck "State Highway Dept."HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$19.751
Classic Metal Works303451941/46 Chevrolet Dump Truck "Smith & Sons Excavating"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$19.757
Classic Metal Works303391941/46 Chevrolet Stake Body Truck "Mobil Oil"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$19.751
Classic Metal Works303401941/46 Chevrolet Stake Body Truck "Railway Express Agency"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$19.752
Classic Metal Works303411941/46 Chevrolet Stake Body Truck "Pillsbury Feeds"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$19.753
Classic Metal Works303511941/46 Chevrolet Stake Body Truck "DeKalb Seed Company"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$19.751
Classic Metal Works303521941/46 Chevrolet Stake Body Truck "Green Giant Growers"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$19.752
Classic Metal Works303531941/46 Chevrolet Stake Body Truck "Sunkist Growers"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$19.751
Classic Metal Works303551941/46 Chevrolet Stake Body Truck "Texaco Oil"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$19.752
Classic Metal Works302891953 Ford Courier Sedan Delivery Sea Foam GreenHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$15.001
Classic Metal Works302901953 Ford Courier Sedan Delivery Glacier BlueHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$15.008
Classic Metal Works302921953 Ford Courier Sedan Delivery Raven BlackHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$15.001
Classic Metal Works302931953 Ford Courier Sedan Delivery "Railway Express Agency"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$15.004
Classic Metal Works302941953 Ford Courier Sedan Delivery "Swift's Premium"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$15.0022
Classic Metal Works302951953 Ford Courier Sedan Delivery AmbulanceHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$15.007
Classic Metal Works303241953 Ford Courier Sedan Delivery "Police"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$15.002
Classic Metal Works303251953 Ford Courier Sedan Delivery "Plumber's Service"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$15.003
Classic Metal Works303261953 Ford Courier Sedan Delivery "Dry Cleaner"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$15.004
Classic Metal Works303081953 Ford Customline Wagon "Glacier Blue"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$15.003
Classic Metal Works303091953 Ford Customline Wagon "Timberline Green"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$15.003
Classic Metal Works303111953 Ford Customline Wagon "Polynesian Bronze"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$15.003
Classic Metal Works303131950 DeSoto 4 Door Sedan "Glen Green"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$14.004
Classic Metal Works303151950 DeSoto 4 Door Sedan "Cadet Gray"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$14.004
Classic Metal Works303161950 DeSoto 4 Door Sedan "Princess Yellow"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$14.001
Classic Metal Works303281950 Plymouth 4 Door Sedan RedHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$15.001
Classic Metal Works303291950 Plymouth 4 Door Sedan BrownHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$15.003
Classic Metal Works30356International Metro Delivery Van "Bordens"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$19.752
Classic Metal Works30357International Metro Delivery Van "U.S.Mail"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$19.753
Classic Metal Works30358International Metro Delivery Van "Railway Express Agency"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$19.7511
Classic Metal Works30359International Metro Delivery Van "Wonder Bread"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$19.754
Classic Metal Works30369International Metro Delivery Van "Charles Chips"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$19.758
Classic Metal Works30370International Metro Delivery Van "Jewel Tea Company"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$19.753
Classic Metal Works30371International Metro Delivery Van "Taystee Bread"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$19.752
Classic Metal Works30372International Metro Delivery Van "Sealtest Milk"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$19.755
Classic Metal Works303821955 Ford Customline 4-Door Sedan BrownHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$17.002
Classic Metal Works303841955 Ford Mainline 4-Door Sedan BlueHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$17.001
Classic Metal Works303851955 Ford Mainline 4-Door Sedan GreenHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$17.004
Classic Metal Works303921941/46 Chevrolet Wrecker Truck "Texaco Towing"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$19.752
Classic Metal Works303931941/46 Chevrolet Wrecker Truck "Sinclair Towing"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$19.752
Classic Metal Works303941941/46 Chevrolet Wrecker Truck "Mobil Gas Towing"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$19.752
Classic Metal Works303951941/46 Chevrolet Wrecker Truck "Shell Oil Service"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$19.752
Classic Metal Works311141954 International R-190 Cab w/32'Fruehauf Trailor "Eastern Motor Express"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$16.501
Classic Metal Works31104(2) 32' Fruehauf Aerovan Trailors "Chicago Express Inc."HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$16.001
Classic Metal Works31105(2) 32' Fruehauf Aerovan Trailors "Mid-States"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$16.001
Classic Metal Works31106(2) 32' Fruehauf Aerovan Trailors "Cooper-Jarrett Inc."HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$16.003
Classic Metal Works31116(2) 32' Fruehauf Aerovan Trailors "Pennsylvania Railroad"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$16.001
Classic Metal Works31117(2) 32' Fruehauf Aerovan Trailors "Santa Fe Railroad"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$16.001
Classic Metal Works311081954 International R-190 Cab "Chicago Express Inc."HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$15.003
Classic Metal Works311181954 International R-190 Cab "Pennsylvania Railroad"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$15.001
Classic Metal Works311221954 International R-190 Cab w/32'Flatbed Trailor "Roadway Express"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$16.002
Classic Metal Works311231954 International R-190 Cab w/32'Flatbed Trailor "P.I.E."HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$16.002
Classic Metal Works311241954 International R-190 Cab w/32'Flatbed Trailor "I.C.X."HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$16.002
Classic Metal Works311251940s White WC-22 Cab w/32'Flatbed Trailor "U.S.Steel"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$16.002
Classic Metal Works311281954 International R-190 Cab w/32'Covered Wagon Trailor "Roadway"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$16.00
Classic Metal Works311291954 International R-190 Cab w/32'Covered Wagon Trailor "P.I.E."HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$16.001
Classic Metal Works31132(2) 32' Covered Wagon Fruehauf Trailors "Green"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$16.001
Classic Metal Works311411940s White WC-22 10 Whl.Cab w/32'Covered Wagon Trailor "U.S.Steel"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$18.501
Classic Metal Works311431940s White WC-22 10 Whl.Cab w/32'Aero-Van Trailor "Kroger"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$18.501
Classic Metal Works311461940s White WC-22 Cab w/32'Covered Wagon Trailor "Del Monte"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$18.503
Classic Metal Works311581941/46 Chevrolet Cab w/32' Freuhauf Trailor "Railway Express Agency."HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$23.758
Classic Metal Works311621941/46 Chevrolet Cab w/32' Freuhauf Trailor "Campbell Express"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$23.751
Classic Metal Works321101930s G.M.C. PD-4103 Intercity Trailways Bus w/Dallas Destination SignHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$26.002
Classic Metal Works321131930s G.M.C. PD-4103 Intercity Trailways Bus w/Denver Destination SignHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$22.001
Classic Metal Works32304G.M.C. TD 3610 Bus "Boston"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$26.002
Classic Metal Works331011954 G.M.C. PD-4501 Greyhound Scenicrusier Bus "N.Y.Destination Sign"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$27.004
Classic Metal Works331021954 G.M.C. PD-4501 Greyhound Scenicrusier Bus "Chicago Destiination Sign"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$27.002
Classic Metal Works331031954 G.M.C. PD-4501 Greyhound Scenicrusier Bus "L.A.Destination Sign"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$27.002
Classic Metal Works331041954 G.M.C. PD-4501 Greyhound Scenicrusier Bus "St.Louis Destination Sign"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$27.003
Classic Metal Works331051954 G.M.C. PD-4501 Greyhound Scenicrusier Bus No DestinationHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$27.001
Classic Metal Works331071962-70 G.M.C. PD-4501 Greyhound Scenicruiser Bus "Atlanta Destination"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$30.002
Classic Metal Works331081962-70 G.M.C. PD-4501 Greyhound Scenicruiser Bus "San Francisco"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$30.001
Classic Metal Works331091962-70 G.M.C. PD-4501 Greyhound Scenicruiser Bus "New York"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$30.002
Classic Metal Works331101962-70 G.M.C. PD-4501 Greyhound Scenicruiser Bus "Chicago"HO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$30.002
Con-Cor H.O.Plastic Vehicles Inv. 5-4-2018
Con-Cor208B.M.W. 745i CharcoalHO Plastic Vehiclesnew$5.502
Con-Cor218B.M.W. 323i "Recaro" #12 w/Racing Decals Red & OrangeHO Plastic Vehiclesnew$10.001
Con-Cor219Ferrari Testa Rossa RedHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$7.502
Con-Cor230Opel Rekord Wagon "Fire Chief" RedHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.501
Con-Cor237V.W.Golf "Fire Chief" missing rear bumper Red w/Blue Light on RoofHO Plastic Vehiclesnew$5.501
Con-Cor1001Freightliner Cab w/Santa Fe Box TrailorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.005
Con-Cor1006Peterbilt 10 Wheel Cab w/Log Trailor w/LogsHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$14.983
Con-Cor1007Freightliner Cab w/Mayflower Moving Van TrailorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$14.980
Con-Cor1008White 10Whl.Cab w/Brillion Box TrailorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$8.002
Con-Cor1013White 10Whl.Cab w/North American Van Lines TrailorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$14.983
Con-Cor1014GMC 10Whl.Cab w/Hi-Way Disp.Box TrailorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.004
Con-Cor1015White Cab w/Terra Short Dump TrailorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.007
Con-Cor1017GMC 10Whl.Cab w/"Rollins" 40'Box TrailorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.981
Con-Cor1021Freightliner Cab w/Collins Moving Van TrailorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.982
Con-Cor1022Freightliner Cab w/Weaver Box TrailorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.981
Con-Cor1026GMC Cab w/2 25'Riteway Box TrailorsHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$14.982
Con-Cor1028HO Plastic Vehicles
Con-Cor1030Freightliner 10Wheel Cab w/ "Texaco" Eliptical Tank TrailorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.981
Con-Cor1029Kenworth 10Whl.Cab w/2 25'Transcon Box TrailorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$14.986
Con-Cor1032Freightliner 10Wheel Cab w/ "Exxon" Eliptical Tank TrailorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.981
Con-Cor1033Freightliner 10Whl.Cab w/"Bekins"Box TrailorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.983
Con-Cor1035International Blue Bird School Bus "No Writing on SidesnewOrig.Box$12.981
Con-Cor1036International Blue Bird School Bus County #4newOrig.Box$12.981
Con-Cor1037International Blue Bird School Bus Unified #2HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$8.801
Con-Cor1042Freightliner Cab w/Atlas Moving Van TrailorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$14.981
Con-Cor1053Mack 10 Wheel Sleeper Cab w/2 27' Box Trailors "Swift Trtansportation"newOrig.Box$14.981
Con-Cor1064Kenworth Coal Dump Truck "Cleveland Wrecking"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$11.5012
Con-Cor1069Freightliner 10Whl.Cab w/48' Refrigerated Trailor "Vita-Fresh"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.001
Con-Cor1071Kenworth T600A Cab w/48' "Huckleberry Farm" Van TrailorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.005
Con-Cor1072Kenworth T600A Cab w/48' "National Van Lines" Van TrailorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.003
Con-Cor1075Kenworth T600A Cab w/48' "Auto Zone" Van TrailorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.0010
Con-Cor1077Freightliner 10Wh.Cab w/45' "Freight Train Trucking,Inc" Van TrailorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.004
Con-Cor1080HO Plastic Vehicles
Con-Cor1082Kenworth T600A Cab w/48' "Digby" Van TrailorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$14.982
Con-Cor1087International 28' Moving Van Truck "Perkins Furniture Transport"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$11.251
Con-Cor1096HO Plastic Vehicles
Con-Cor1097Freightliner 10Whl.Cab w/45' "Dulin Date Garden" Refrigerated TrailorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$13.007
Con-Cor1098Freightliner 10Whl.Cab w/48' "Graebel Van Lines" Moving Van TrailorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$13.005
Con-Cor1099HO Plastic Vehicles
Con-Cor1102Kenworth 10Whl.Cab w/45' Van Trailor "Gatto"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$14.982
Con-Cor1320Freightliner 10Whl.CabHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$8.002
Con-Cor2018HO Plastic Vehicles
Con-Cor2022Kenworth W900 Cab w/Bulktainer Trailor "Sea-Land"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$18.981
Con-Cor2023Mack Redi-Mix Cement Truck "Material Service"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$16.981
Con-Cor2025Mack Redi-Mix Cement Truck "American" SOLDHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$16.980
Con-Cor2032Kenworth Coal Dump Truck "County Dept.of Trans."HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$11.506
Con-Cor4003Ford Mustang BlueHO Plastic Vehiclesnew$8.001
Con-Cor4004Ferrari Testarossa (3) different colorsHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$8.003
Con-Cor4005Ferrari (3) different colorsHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$8.003
Con-Cor4013Jeep Grand Cherokee 4x4 Black-2 Green-1 Red-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$8.004
Con-Cor40281957 Chevy Bel-Aire PinkHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$8.001
Con-Cor4031Shelby Cobra WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$8.000
Con-Cor7001International U-Haul Truck "Texas" Lone Star w/Cowboy & HorseHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.006
Con-Cor7002International U-Haul Truck "California" Golden Gate BridgeHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$13.981
Con-Cor7003International U-Haul Truck "New York" Statue of LibertyHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.004
Con-Cor7004International U-Haul Truck "Ohio" Soapbox Derby CarsHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.004
Con-Cor7006International U-Haul Truck "Oregon" LumberjacksHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.002
Con-Cor7007International U-Haul Truck "Vermont" SkiersHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.003
Con-Cor7009International U-Haul Truck "Utah" DinosaursHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.003
Con-Cor7011International U-Haul Truck "Kentucky" Race HorsesHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.002
Con-Cor7012International U-Haul Truck "Massachusetts" Boston MarathonHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.003
Con-Cor7013International U-Haul Truck "Tennessee" Country SingersHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.003
Con-Cor7015International U-Haul Truck "Oklahoma" PioneersHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.001
Con-Cor7016International U-Haul Truck "South Dakota" Mt.Rushmore PresidentsHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.003
Con-Cor7018International U-Haul Truck "Rhode Island" SailboatHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.004
Con-Cor7020International U-Haul Truck "Kansas" Steam LocoHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.003
Con-Cor7021International U-Haul Truck "Wyoming" Buffalo Bill Wild WestHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.003
Con-Cor7022International U-Haul Truck "Connecticut" TigersHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.003
Con-Cor7023International U-Haul Truck "Montana" Bald EagleHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.003
Con-Cor83003 - 40' Ribbed Containers -- Painted AluminumHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.001
Con-Cor332000Kenworth 10 Wheel Cab w/Regular Sleeper (White)HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$8.003
Con-Cor333000Kenworth 10 Wheel Cab w/Aero SleeperHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$8.002
Con-Cor334000Kenworth 10 Wheel CabHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$8.003
Con-Cor432000Peterbilt 10 Wheel Cab w/Regular SleeperHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$8.003
Con-Cor511000Mack CH600 10 Wheel Cab w/Sleeper (Blue) & (Red) & (White)HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$9.006
Con-Cor512000Mack CH600 10 Wheel Cab w/o Sleeper (White)HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$9.003
Con-Cor641000Kenworth 10Whl.T600A Cab w/Aero SleeperHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$8.002
Con-Cor642000Kenworth 10Whl.T600A Cab w/o Sleeper (Maroon) & (Gray)HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$9.002
D.J.H. H.O.Metal Vehicles Inv. 4-14-2004
D.J.H.104U.P.S. Delivery Truck KitHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Box$18.002
Dinky 1/43 Metal Vehicles Inv. 3-1-2004
DinkyDY-11968 Jaguar "E"Type Mark 1 1/2 Racing Green1/43 Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Box$24.001
DinkyDY-1B1968 Jaguar "E"Type Mark 1 1/2 Yellow & Black1/43 Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Box$24.001
DinkyDY-21957 Chevy Bel-Aire 2 Door Hardtop Red & White1/43 Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Box$24.001
DinkyDY-31965 M.G.B. GT 2 Door Blue1/43 Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Box$24.001
DinkyDY-3B1965 M.G.B. GT 2 Door Orange1/43 Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Box$24.001
DinkyDY-41950 Ford E83W 10 Cwt. Van "Heinz" Yellow & Black1/43 Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Box$24.001
DinkyDY-41950 Ford E83W 10 Cwt. Van "Radio Times" Dark Green1/43 Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Box$24.001
DinkyDY-51950 Ford V8 Pilot 4 Door Black1/43 Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Box$24.001
DinkyDY-5B1950 Ford V8 Pilot 4 Door Grey1/43 Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Box$24.001
DinkyDY-61951 Volkswagen 2 Door Powder Blue1/43 Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Box$24.001
DinkyDY-6B1951 Volkswagen 2 Door Red1/43 Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Box$24.001
DinkyDY-71959 Cadillac Coupe De Ville Sedan Maroon & Cream1/43 Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Box$24.001
DinkyDY-81948 Commer 8 Cwt. Van "Sharps" Red1/43 Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Box$24.001
DinkyDY-91949 Land Rover Jeep w/Canvas Roof Green & Tan1/43 Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Box$24.001
DinkyDYS-101950 Mercedes Bus w/Interior Cream & Blue1/43 Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Box$50.001
DinkyDY-11B1948 Tucker Torpedo Blue1/43 Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Box$24.001
DinkyDY-12B1955 Mercedes 300SL Gullwing Black1/43 Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Box$24.001
DinkyDY-13B1955 Bentley "R" Continental Dark Blue1/43 Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Box$24.001
DinkyDY-141946 Delahaye 145 2 Door Coupe Dark Blue1/43 Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Box$24.001
DinkyDY-14B1946 Delahaye 145 2 Door Coupe Maroon1/43 Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Box$24.001
DinkyDY-151953 Austin A40 Delivery Van "Brook Bond Tea" Red1/43 Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Box$24.001
DinkyDY-15B1953 Austin A40 Delivery Van "Dinky Toys" Yellow1/43 Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Box$24.001
DinkyDY-161967 Ford Mustang Fastback 2+2 Green1/43 Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Box$24.001
DinkyDY-171939 Triumph Dolomite Red1/43 Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Box$30.001
DinkyDY-181968 Jaguar Type "E" Mark 1 1/2 Convertible Red1/43 Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Box$24.001
DinkyDY-191973 M.G.B. GT 2 Door V8 Maroon1/43 Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Box$24.001
DinkyDY-211964 Austin Mini Cooper "S" White & Black1/43 Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Box$24.001
DinkyDY-221952 Citroen 15 CV 4 Door Black1/43 Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Box$24.001
DinkyDY-22B1952 Citroen 15 CV 4 Door Cream1/43 Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Box$24.001
DinkyDY-231956 Chevrolet Corvette Red1/43 Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Box$24.001
DinkyDY-241973 Ferrari Dino 246 GTS Red1/43 Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Box$24.001
DinkyDY-26Studebaker Golden Hawk Gold1/43 Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Box$30.001
DinkyDY-271957 Chevy Bel-Aire Convertible Blue1/43 Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Box$24.001
DinkyDY-291953 Buick Skylark Coonvertible Blue1/43 Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Box$24.001
DinkyDY-311955 Ford Thunderbird Red1/43 Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Box$24.001
DinkyDY-321957 Citroen 2CV Grey1/43 Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Box$24.001
Ertl H.O. Metal Vehicles Inv. 1-8-2018
Ertl42571948 Peterbilt Cab w/Flatbed Trailor w /6 Large Crates LoadHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Box$26.002
Ertl45171948 Peterbilt 10 Whl.Cab w/R.E.A.Van TrailorHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Box$35.001
Ertl54561948 Peterbilt 10 Whl.Cab w/John Deere Van TrailorHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Box$35.001
Ertl54581948 Peterbilt Cab w/Flatbed Trailor w 2 Vintage John Deere TractorsHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Box$32.003
Ertl5459Kenworth T600B Cab w/Flat Bed Trailor & 2 John Deere 8300 TractorsHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Box$32.001
Ertl5460John Deere 4020 Vintage Farm TractorHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$8.502
Front Range Prod.H.O.Plas.Vehic. Inv. 5-28-90
Front Range4513N.& W. 45' TOFC Trailor KitHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$8.952
G.H.Q. Pewter Vehic. Inv. 2-20-2004
G.H.Q.61-003IT 18 F Front End Loader KitPewter VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$20.001
Herpa H.O.Plastic Vehicles Inv. 4-21-2018
Herpa2000B.M.W. 633CSI MaroonHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack$9.001
Herpa2000B.M.W. 633CSI BlueHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$9.001
Herpa2002Porsche 924 BlackHO Plastic Vehiclesused$6.001
Herpa2002Porsche 924 Red-1 White-1 Black-2HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack$9.004
Herpa2003V.W. Scirocco GTI White w/Tan InteriorHO Plastic Vehiclesmint$10.001
Herpa2005Ford Capri Ghia 3.0 Red-1 Tan-2 Green-1HO Plastic VehiclesusedOrig.Pack$9.004
Herpa2006B.M.W. 323i Light Blue-1HO Plastic Vehiclesnew$9.001
Herpa2007Opel Record Berlina 2.0E Green-1HO Plastic Vehiclesused$9.001
Herpa2007Opel Record Berlina 2.0E Maroon-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$9.001
Herpa2009Ford Granada Ghia 2.8 I Green-1 Maroon-1HO Plastic Vehiclesused$10.002
Herpa2010Opel Senator 3.0E Beige-1HO Plastic Vehiclesnew$9.001
Herpa2011Audi 100 Avant Blue-1 Red-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack$9.002
Herpa2013Porsche 928 Black-1 Red-2HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack$9.003
Herpa2013Porsche 928 Pale Green-1 White-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$9.002
Herpa2018B.M.W. M1 SilverHO Plastic Vehiclesused$8.001
Herpa2018B.M.W. M1 Blue-1 Maroon-1HO Plastic Vehiclesnew$9.002
Herpa2019Renault R 4 Green-2 Orange-2HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack$9.004
Herpa2026Citroen 2 CV Offen Yellow w/Closed TopHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack$9.001
Herpa2034Opel Ascona 4 Door w/side Stripe YellowHO Plastic Vehiclesnew$9.002
Herpa2036Opel Corsica Hatchback Olive-1 Brown-1 Maroon-1HO Plastic Vehiclesnew$9.003
Herpa2037Opel Corsica SR Hatchback YellowHO Plastic Vehiclesnew$9.001
Herpa2039Porsche 944 Black-2HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack$10.002
Herpa2039Porsche 944 Green-1 Beige-1 Red-1 White-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.004
Herpa2040Mercedes 190 E Pale Green-2 Blue-2 Maroon-3HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack$9.007
Herpa2040Mercedes 190 E WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$9.001
Herpa2041B.M.W. 528 I SilverHO Plastic Vehiclesused$8.001
Herpa2041B.M.W. 528 I BlueHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack$10.001
Herpa2042Mercedes 190 E 2.3/16 Dark Blue-1 Brown-1 White-2 Red-2HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack$10.006
Herpa2043B.M.W. 735 i BlackHO Plastic Vehiclesused$8.001
Herpa2043B.M.W. 735 i Blue-2 Maroon-2HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.004
Herpa2044Audi Quattro Yellow-1 Green-2HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$9.003
Herpa2045Opel Kadett GL Green-2 Maroon-2HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$9.004
Herpa2046Opel Kadett Cream-1 Grey-1 Black-1HO Plastic Vehiclesnew$9.003
Herpa2048V.W.Golf 4 Door White-2 Blue-2HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$10.004
Herpa2049Mercedes 300 E BlueHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$10.001
Herpa2049Mercedes 300 E Maroon-1 Grey-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.002
Herpa2051V.W.Golf GTI 2 Door White-1 Red-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$10.002
Herpa2054Mercedes 560 SEC Blue over Grey-2 Maroon over Grey-2HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack$10.004
Herpa2054Mercedes 560 SEC White over GreyHO Plastic VehiclesOrig.Box$10.001
Herpa2056Mercedes 500 SE Grey-1 Maroon-1 Dark Blue-2HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$10.004
Herpa2056Mercedes 500 SE White-2 Yellow-2HO Plastic VehiclesOrig.Box$10.004
Herpa2058Opel Kadett Convertible Black-1 Red-2HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.003
Herpa2059B.M.W. 325i Convertible Red-2 Green-2 Maroon-1 White-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.006
Herpa2060Porsche 911 Turbo White-2 Red-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.003
Herpa2061B.M.W. M3 Silver-1 Green-1 Red-1HO Plastic Vehiclesused$8.003
Herpa2061B.M.W. M3 White-1 Black-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.002
Herpa2063B.M.W. 325i Station Wagon White-1 Red-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.002
Herpa2064Mercedes 300 CE Coupe Red-1 Black-1 Maroon-2 Blue-2HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.006
Herpa2065B.M.W. 535i Sedan White-1 Maroon-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.002
Herpa2066Opel Omega Station Wagon Blue-1 Maroon-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.002
Herpa2067V.W. Corrado 2 Door Sports Sedan White-1 Maroon-2HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.003
Herpa2069Peugeot 205 Turbo 16V Sedan Red-5 White-2HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.007
Herpa2071Porsche 928 S4 Red-1 Silver-1 Both missing mirrorsHO Plastic Vehiclesused$7.502
Herpa2071Porsche 928 S4 Red-1 White-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.002
Herpa2072Opel Vectra 4 Door Sedan Blue-1 Red-2HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.003
Herpa2073Opel Vectra Fliebheck WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.002
Herpa2074B.M.W. Z-1 Sport Convertible WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.002
Herpa2075Mercedes 230 GE Convertible Black-2 Red-2HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.004
Herpa2076Mercedes 230 GE Jeep BlackHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.001
Herpa2078B.M.W. 325 I 4 Door Sedan BlueHO Plastic Vehiclesused$8.001
Herpa2078B.M.W. 325 I 4 Door Sedan White-2 Blue-1HO Plastic Vehiclesnew$10.003
Herpa2079B.M.W. 850i Coupe Yellow-1 Maroon-1 Charcoal-1HO Plastic Vehiclesused$10.003
Herpa2079B.M.W. 850i Coupe White-1 Black-2HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$13.003
Herpa2083V.W.Passat Station Wagon White-1 Maroon-2HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$13.003
Herpa2084Mercedes G 300 GE Jeep Open Top Blue-1 Red-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.002
Herpa2087Mercedes 560 SEC White over Grey-2HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.002
Herpa2089B.M.W. 325i 4-Door Sedan White-1 Red-2HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$13.003
Herpa2091Mercedes 300 E Charcoal-1 Black over Grey-1 Maroon-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$13.003
Herpa2094Mercedes 600 SEL Sedan White over GreyHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.002
Herpa2096B.M.W. 525i Station Wagon CharcoalHO Plastic Vehiclesused$10.001
Herpa2096B.M.W. 525i Station Wagon RedHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$13.002
Herpa2112Mercedes 300 CE Convertible WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$14.001
Herpa2113Mercedes 600 SEC Sedan White-1 Maroon-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.002
Herpa2500Ferrari Testa Rosa Hi-Tech RedHO Plastic Vehiclesused$10.001
Herpa2500Ferrari Testa Rosa Hi-Tech RedHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$13.003
Herpa2501Porsche 959 Hi-Tech RedHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$13.002
Herpa2502Ferrari Testa Rosa Hi-Tech BlackHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$13.001
Herpa2504B.M.W. 750 iL Sedan Hi Tech Gold MetallicHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.001
Herpa2505B.M.W. 750 iL Sedan Hi Tech MaroonHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.001
Herpa2510Ferrari F40 High Tech RedHO Plastic Vehiclesused$15.001
Herpa2515Mercedes 500 SL Coupe Hi Tech Black over GreyHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$17.003
Herpa2516Mercedes 500 SL Coupe Hi Tech Red over MaroonHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$17.003
Herpa2520Audi 90 Quattro Coupe Hi-Tech WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$20.001
Herpa2525Ferrari 348 TB Coupe Hi-Tech RedHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$18.502
Herpa2540Mercedes 500 SL Sedan Hi-Tech Maroon MetallicHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$20.002
Herpa3000B.M.W. 633 Csi Light Blue Metallic-2 Dark Blue Metallic-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$9.503
Herpa3002Porsche 924 Blue Metallic-1 Maroon Metallic-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$10.002
Herpa3018B.M.W. M-1 Gold MetallicHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$10.501
Herpa3025Porsche 928 S Silver MetallicHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$10.501
Herpa3039Porsche 944 Blue Metallic-1 Silver Metallic-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.502
Herpa3040Mercedes 190E 4 Door Sedan Silver MetallicHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.501
Herpa3042Mercedes 190E 2.3-16 Silver MetallicHO Plastic Vehiclesnew$10.502
Herpa3043B.M.W. 735i Gold Metallic-1 Silver Metallic-1 Maroon Metallic-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.503
Herpa3044Audi Quattro Gold Metallic-1 Black Metallic-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$9.502
Herpa3049Mercedes 300 E Maroon MetallicHO Plastic Vehiclesnew$10.501
Herpa3053Mercedes 300 TE Wagon Blue MetallicHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$10.501
Herpa3054Mercedes 560 SEC Dk.Blue Metallic-1 Silver Metallic-1 Black Metallic-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$10.503
Herpa3058Opel Kadett Convertible Black MetallicHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.501
Herpa3059B.M.W. 325i Convertible Silver Metallic-1 Maroon Metallic-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.502
Herpa3060Porsche 911 Turbo White-1 Silver Metallic-1 Grey Metallic-2HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.504
Herpa3061B.M.W. M3 Black MetallicHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.501
Herpa3064Mercedes 300 CE Coupe Green MetallicHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.501
Herpa3065B.M.W. 535i Sedan Silver Metallic-1 Grey Metallic-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.502
Herpa3069Peugeot 205 Turbo 16V Sedan Metalic Dark Grey-3 Blue Metallic-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.504
Herpa3071Porsche 928 S4 Silver Metallic-1 Blue Metallic-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.002
Herpa3074B.M.W. Z 1 Convertible Green Metallic-1 Blue Metallic-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.502
Herpa3075Mercedes 230GE Open Top Jeep Silver Metallic-2 Gold Metallic-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.003
Herpa3076Mercedes 230 GE Jeep Silver Metallic-1 Gold Metallic-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.002
Herpa3078B.M.W. 325i 4 Door Sedan Silver Metallic-1 Black Metallic-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.502
Herpa3079B.M.W. 850i Coupe Blue Metallic-2 Grey Metallic-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$13.003
Herpa3081Citroen 2CV Sedan 2-Tone Purple & Black Met.-2 Black & Cream Met.-2HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.504
Herpa3084Mercedes G 300 GE Jeep Open TOP Maroon Metallic-1 Black Metallic-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.502
Herpa3086Trabant 601S Sedan Blue & WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.501
Herpa3090Mercedes 190 2.5-16 Evolution I Black MetallicHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.004
Herpa3092Audi V-8 Sedan Silver Metallic-1 Grey Metallic-2HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.003
Herpa3094Mercedes 600 SEL Sedan Two Tone Grey MetallicHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$16.001
Herpa3500B.M.W. 633 C.S.I. Alpina Red w/Silver StripesHO Plastic Vehiclesused$15.001
Herpa3510Porsche 928 S4 "ONS-Staff" WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$20.002
Herpa3513B.M.W. M3 "Motorsport #15 " Ludwig WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$20.001
Herpa3514Mercedes 190E 2.3-16 #12 Snobeck BlackHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$20.001
Herpa3514Mercedes 190E 2.3-16 "Snobeck 12"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$20.002
Herpa3519Mercedes 190E 2.5-16 #17 MS-Team WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$22.002
Herpa3520Mercedes 190E 2.5-16 #7 AMG-Team BlackHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$22.002
Herpa3521Mercedes 190E 2.5-16 #6 AMG-Team BlackHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$22.002
Herpa3522Mercedes 190E 2.5-16 #14 Snobeck-Team BlackHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$22.002
Herpa3523Mercedes 190E 2.5-16 #77 AMG-Team WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$22.002
Herpa3524B.M.W. M3 #2 Schnitzer-Team WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$22.003
Herpa3526B.M.W. M3 #11 Linder-Team WhiteHO Plastic Vehiclesused$15.001
Herpa3526B.M.W. M3 #11 Linder-Team WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$22.002
Herpa3527B.M.W. M3 #12 Linder-Team WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$22.002
Herpa3528B.M.W. M3 #35 Herpa-Team BlackHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$22.002
Herpa3531B.M.W. M3 #3 Schnitzer-Team WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$28.002
Herpa3533B.M.W. M3 #16 Linder-Team WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$28.002
Herpa3533B.M.W. M3 "Linder #16" w/Rally StripeHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$28.001
Herpa3535Audi V8 SMS #44 Stuck-Team WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$28.002
Herpa3535Audi V8 SMS "Stuck #44"w/Rally StripeHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$28.001
Herpa3536Audi V8 Evolution SMS #1 Stuck-Team WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$28.002
Herpa3536Audi V8 SMS "Stuck #1" w/Rally StripeHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$28.001
Herpa3537Mercedes 190E Evo.II #8 Ludwig-Team Black & SilverHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$28.002
Herpa3537Mercedes 190E 2.3-16 "AMG Ludwig #8"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$28.001
Herpa3538Mercedes 190E Evo.II #19 Asch-Team White & GreenHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$28.002
Herpa3538Mercedes 190E 2.3-16"Zakspeed Asch #19"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$28.001
Herpa3544Audi Quattro Rallye #3 WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$22.002
Herpa3554B.M.W. 633 C.S.I. OrangeHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$16.001
Herpa3558B.M.W. M-3 Rallye #12 WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$22.001
Herpa3560Opel Kadette Rallye #3 WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$16.001
Herpa3562B.M.W. 323i "Herpa" #12 Orange & RedHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$16.002
Herpa3563Audi Quattro Rallye #9 WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$16.001
Herpa3564B.M.W. M-3 "Herpa" #56 RedHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$22.001
Herpa3565Mercedes 190E 2.3-16 Rallye #44 BlackHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$22.002
Herpa3566Mercedes 190E 2.3-16 Star #15 BlueHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$22.002
Herpa4000Audi 100 Taxi CreamHO Plastic Vehiclesused$9.001
Herpa4000Audi 100 Taxi Cream-1 White-5HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$10.005
Herpa4002Ford Granada Taxi WhiteHO Plastic Vehiclesused$9.004
Herpa4002Ford Granada Taxi WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$10.005
Herpa4004Mercedes 230E Taxi WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.005
Herpa4005Mercedes 190E Taxi WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.005
Herpa4008Opel Ascona Taxi WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.002
Herpa4010V.W. Light Minibus Yellow-3 Maroon-2HO Plastic Vehiclesnew$8.005
Herpa4012V.W. Light Covered Bed Delivery Blue & Grey w/Grey TopHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$8.002
Herpa4012V.W. Light Covered Bed Delivery Green & Grey w/Grey TopHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$8.001
Herpa4013V.W. Light Sanitatswagen "Ambulance" CreamHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$6.007
Herpa4014Mercedes T2 Delivery Truck Red & GreyHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$8.002
Herpa4015V.W. Light Truck w/Van Body "Post" YellowHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$8.002
Herpa4018V.W. Light Truck w/Van Body "Panelpina" BlueHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$10.001
Herpa4018V.W. Light Truck w/Van Body "VK Verbund-Kunststoff" Blue w/Grey BodyHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$10.001
Herpa4023Ford Covered Flat Bed Van White & GreyHO Plastic Vehiclesnew$8.001
Herpa4024Ford Transit Minibus w/"THW" BlueHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$8.002
Herpa4025Ford Transit Fire Dept. Panel Deliv. OrangeHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$8.001
Herpa4028Ford Transit Glass Transporter Truck Red-1 Cream-1 White-2HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$10.004
Herpa4030Ford Transit Van Light Grey Metallic-2 Dark Green Metallic-2HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$8.002
Herpa4035V.W. Minibus "THW" BlueHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$6.003
Herpa4052Range Rover "Fire Service" RedHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$6.006
Herpa4058Mercedes 190 E "Fire Dept" RedHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$8.003
Herpa4061B.M.W. 528i Notarzt "Red Cross" RedHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$8.007
Herpa4062B.M.W. 528i "Fire Service" RedHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$6.0019
Herpa4063V.W. Golf "Polizei" Green & WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$8.002
Herpa4064Opel Record Caravan "Fire Dept" RedHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$6.0015
Herpa4065Mercedes 124 L Ambulance CreamHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$9.508
Herpa4072Mercedes 207 Red Cross Ambulance CreamHO Plastic Vehiclesnew$8.003
Herpa4080Mercedes 508D Panel Truck BlueHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.952
Herpa4084Opel Omega "Fire Service" RedHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$8.005
Herpa4085Mercedes T2 Armored Truck Blue w/White Roof & $500 on RoofHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$13.006
Herpa4086Mercedes DB 508 "Fire Service" RedHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.002
Herpa4091Mercedes MB 207 Police Van Green & WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.005
Herpa4099Porsche 944 "Polizei" Green & WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.002
Herpa4100Mercedes 300 E "Police" Green & WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.002
Herpa4101V.W. Minibus "Fire Service" RedHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$9.502
Herpa4104Mercedes 100 Covered Delivery Truck Green & GreyHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.002
Herpa4105V.W. Van "DB-German Railways" CreamHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$9.503
Herpa4106Mercedes Fire Truck Red 40% OFF LISTHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig. Box$7.5018
Herpa4107Opel Kadett GSi "Notarzt" CreamHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$8.006
Herpa4108Opel Omega Station Wagon "Fire Chief" RedHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$8.005
Herpa4109B.M.W. 535i Sedan "Notarzt" CreamHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig. Box$10.003
Herpa4116B.M.W. 325i Police Car #12/8 WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.004
Herpa4119Renault R4 Sedan "Fire Service" RedHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.002
Herpa4120Mercedes Garbage Truck "Postal" YellowHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.003
Herpa4121Mercedes Rescue Van Cream 40% OFF LISTHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$8.752
Herpa5001Freightliner Cab w/40'Reefer Trailor "Pioneer Meat"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$14.003
Herpa5017Covers for Ford & V.W.TrucksHO Plastic VehiclesnewBuilt-up$1.007
Herpa6007Peterbilt 10Whl.Cab w/Box Tr. "RKF"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$14.001
Herpa6009Peterbilt 10Whl.Cab w/Dump Tr."Arne's"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$16.001
Herpa6014Freightliner 10Whl.Cab w/Box Trailor "B.N."HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$14.003
Herpa6018Peterbilt 10Whl.Cab w/Refrigerated Trailor "Ja-Sha"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$16.003
Herpa6019GMC 10Whl.Cab w/Refrigerated Trailor "Beatrice"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$17.002
Herpa6020Kenworth 10Whl.Cab w/Box Trailor "Cottrell"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$16.002
Herpa6022Peterbilt 10Whl.Cab w/Log TrailorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$14.001
Herpa6025Peterbilt 10Whl.Cab w/Refrigerated Trailor "Grdewine"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$16.001
Herpa6026Peterbilt 10Whl.Cab w/Box Trailor "North.Cart."HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$16.002
Herpa6027Freightliner 10Whl.Cab w/Refrigerated Trailor "Safeway"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$16.002
Herpa6028White Cab w/2 Preston Short TrailorsHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$16.952
Herpa6029Peterbilt 10Whl.Cab w/Box Trailor "CPExpress"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$16.001
Herpa6037Peterbilt 10Whl.Cab w/Box Trailor "Kingsway"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$16.001
Herpa6040Peterbilt.10Whl.Cab w/Flat TrailorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.001
Herpa6053GMC General Cab w/2 27' Box Trailors "Overnight"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$16.953
Herpa6054White C.O.E. w/Refrigerated Trailor "Kroger"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.002
Herpa6056Kenworth 10Whl.Cab w/Refrigerated Trailor "Beatrice"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.002
Herpa6058Mack CH603 Cab w/2 27' Box Trailors "Fore Way Express Inc."HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$18.002
Herpa6059Mack CH603 Cab w/Feed Tr.w/Wkng.Boom "Feed Rite"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$14.004
Herpa6060Mack CH613 Cab w/48' Moving Van Trailor "Mayflower"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.002
Herpa6063G.M.C. 10 Whl.Cab w/ 45' Box Trailor "C.N.Intermodal"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$17.001
Herpa6066Mack CH613 Cab w/Tank Trailor "Penn Oil"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$16.001
Herpa6067Mack CH613 Cab w/Dump Trailor "Shelton Williams"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.001
Herpa6070Freightliner 10Whl.Cab w/2 27'Trailors "Peninsula"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$16.002
Herpa6072Mack Cab w/Refrig.Trailor "Wegmans"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.001
Herpa6074Mack CH613 Cab w/40'Box Trailor "Gradall"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$18.001
Herpa6076Mack CH613 Cab w/45'Van Trailor "Northway Display Corp."HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$18.001
Herpa6080White Cab w/27'Box Trailor "Spector"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$16.002
Herpa6082G.M.C. 10 Whl.Cab w/ 45' Box Trailor "Spector"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$18.001
Herpa6086Kenworth 10Whl.Cab w/Box Trailor "Valvoline"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$20.003
Herpa6097Mack CH613 Cab w/48'Van Trailor "Pacific Design Furniture"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$18.002
Herpa6113Kenworth T-600 Sleeper Cab w/Chemical Tank Trailor "Provost"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$20.002
Herpa6116Freightliner 10Whl.Cab w/40'Refrigerated Trailor "Midland"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.002
Herpa6117Freightliner 10Whl.Cab w/2-27'Trailors "Fred Meyer"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$18.001
Herpa6118Kenworth T-600A Sleeper Cab w/40'Refrig.Tr."Fitzsimmons"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$20.001
Herpa6119Freightliner 10Whl.Cab w 45' Box Trailor "Metropolitan"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$18.001
Herpa6122Kenworth T-600A Sleeper Cab w/45' Box Trailor "T.S.M.T."HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$18.001
Herpa6128Kenworth T-600A Sl.Cab w/40'Box Trailor "Eagle Hardware"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$20.002
Herpa6132Mack Cab w/45' Box Trailor "Wohrle Farms"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$18.001
Herpa6134Mack Cab w/Refrigerator Trailor "Dairy Producers"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$16.001
Herpa6135International Cab w/Beverage Trailor "Taylor & Bate"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$16.001
Herpa6136International Beverage Truck "Taylor & Bate"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.001
Herpa6137International Cab w/Beverage Trailor "Sparkles"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$16.001
Herpa6138International Beverage Truck "Sparkles"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.002
Herpa6144Freightliner Cab w/2 -27' Box Trailors "Brampton Brick"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$18.001
Herpa6148Kenworth T600A Cab w/40'Refrigerator Trailor "Fleming Foods"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$18.003
Herpa6149International Van Truck "Tilden"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$16.001
Herpa6150Mack CH613 Cab w/Round Tank Trailor "Montgomery Tank Lines"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.952
Herpa6151Mack CH603 Cab w/40' Box Trailor "New Penn"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$16.002
Herpa6152Freightliner Cab w/48' Flat Trail.w/Boise Cascade Lumber LoadHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$16.001
Herpa6155Kenworth T-600A Sleeper Cab w/45'Van Trailor "R & S"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$18.001
Herpa6159Ford Aeromax Cab w/Refrig.Trailor "Foothills Creamery"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$16.002
Herpa6161Ford L9000 Cab w/2 27' Van Trailors "U.P.S. Colors"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$14.954
Herpa6163Ford L9000 Cab w/Flat Highboy TrailorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.001
Herpa6166G.M.C. 10Wheel Dump TruckHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.002
Herpa6168Ford Aeromax Cab w/40' Box Trailor "Motorcraft"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$20.001
Herpa6175Kenworth T-600A Cab w/45' Box Trailor "Auto Palace"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$22.005
Herpa6177Ford Aeromax Cab w/48' Box Trailor "Andersen Windows"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$18.001
Herpa6179Mack CH 603 Cab w/45' Box Trailor "Overnite"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$14.954
Herpa6181Mack CH613 Cab w/45' Box Trailor "Union Pacific T.F.C."HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$19.001
Herpa6182Kenworth T-600A Cab w/40' Van Trailor "Cotton Belt"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.001
Herpa6183Mack CH613 Cab w/48' Moving Van Trailor "North American"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$18.001
Herpa6184Mach CH 600 Cab w/45' Box Trailor "SGT"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.954
Herpa6186Freightliner C.O.E. w/45' Box Trailor "Grote"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$14.953
Herpa6188Kenworth 10Whl.Cab w/45' Box Trailor "Nassau"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$16.002
Herpa6191Freightliner 10Whl.Cab w/40' Box Trailor "Mobile Chapel"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$18.001
Herpa6192Freightliner 10Whl.Cab w/45' Refrig.Box Trailor "Nitrol Process"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$19.002
Herpa6194Mack CH603 Cab w/40' Van Trailor "Eastern Freightways"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$16.002
Herpa6195Peterbilt 10Whl.Cab w/48' Flat Trailor w/5 Wire SpoolsHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$21.001
Herpa6196Kenworth T-600A Cab w/48' Moving Van Trailor "Plycon"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$20.001
Herpa6197Kenworth T-600A Cab w/45' Box Trailor "Baron"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$18.002
Herpa6198Kenworth 10 Whl.Deluxe Cab w/40' Box Trailor "C.& S."HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$20.001
Herpa6204Ford Aeromax Cab w/45' Box Trailor "Boise Cascade"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$19.001
Herpa6210Freightliner Cab w/48'Container "C.P.Rail Systems"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$16.001
Herpa6211Mack CH603 Cab w/40' Refrigerated Container "Sea Land"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$18.002
Herpa6215Ford Aeromax Cab w/Cement Mixer Trailor RedHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$13.003
Herpa6215Ford Aeromax Cab w/Cement Mixer Trailor WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$13.003
Herpa6217Kenworth T-600 Cab w/48' Box Trailor "Patco Trans." 40% OFF LISTHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$9.756
Herpa6218GMC General 10Whl.Cab w/40' Reefer Trailor "Safeway" 40% OFF LISTHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$9.002
Herpa6219Navastar Cab w/Beverage Trailor RED 40% OFF LISTHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$8.5012
Herpa6227Mack CH613 Cab w/45'Van Trailor "Cool X" WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$14.955
Herpa6229Peterbilt 10Whl. Deluxe Cab w/45' Box Trailor "Stevens Transport"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$22.002
Herpa6233Mack CH603 Cab w/40' Tri-Axle Refrigerated Container "Sea Land"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$18.001
Herpa6245Ford L9000 Cab w/27'Box Trailor & 21' Flat Trailor "Stettler"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$16.955
Herpa6246International Van Truck "Police Mobile Station"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.951
Herpa6247Freightliner 10Whl.Cab w/2-27'Trailors "Action Express"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$16.952
Herpa6251Kenworth 10Whl. Lumber Cab w/Log Trailor & Logs "Silver Cab"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$19.001
Herpa6252Kenworth 10 Wheel Dump TruckHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.002
Herpa6252Peterbilt 362 10 Wheel Dump TruckHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$12.002
Herpa6253Mack CH613 Cab w/Bald Eagle & Crossed FlagsHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.953
Herpa6254Peterbilt 10 Wheel Cab w/Cheetah on SleeperHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.952
Herpa6255Peterbilt 362E Cab w/45'Grain Trailor w/Blue Canvas TopHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$19.957
Herpa6256Freightliner Cab w/45'Cont.on Tri-Axle Trailor "BN America" 40% OFF ListHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$9.7512
Herpa6257Setra Tour Bus w/Metallic Grey "Wild" on SidesHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.952
Herpa6261Peterbilt 362E Cab w/2-45' Box Trailors "Blue Cab"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$24.952
Herpa6263Kenworth 10Whl.Cab w/3 Trailors -- 1-40' & 2-27'HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$25.952
Herpa6265Kenworth 10Whl.Cab w/48' Container on Tri-Axle Trailor "Maroon"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$19.951
Herpa6268Jeep Cherokee SUV "Security" White w/Red "Secutity" on sidesHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.952
Herpa6270White Container Set -- 1-40' Cont. 1-40'Reefer Cont. & 2-20'Ribbed Cont.HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$7.955
Herpa6271Peterbilt 362E Cab w/48' Tri-Axle Grain Trailor w/Red Canvas TopHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$21.953
Herpa6272Kenworth 10 Whl. Cab w/2 Dump Trailors "Red & Gray"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$21.952
Herpa6273GMC 10Whl.Dump Truck w/Tri-Axle Dump Trailor 40% OFF LISTHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.605
Herpa6275Peterbilt Extended Chassis w/Extra Large Cement Mixer "White & Red"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$17.954
Herpa6296Mack CH603 Cab w/53' Box Trailor "Overnight"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$18.001
Herpa6298White Road Commander 10 Wheel Dump Truck "Yellow"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.952
Herpa6300Ford L9000 10 Wheel Refrigerated Truck "White"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.951
Herpa6302Kenworth T600 Short Cab w/Heavy Equipment Low Bed TrailorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$19.951
Herpa6305Kenworth T600 10 Wheel Cab w/Tri-Axle Drop Deck Trailor "Red"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.952
Herpa6307Pacific 10 Wheel Dump Truck w/4 Port-A-Pottys "Red & Silver"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.952
Herpa6337Freightliner 10 Wheel C.O.E. Large Cab 1 - Green 1 - MaroonHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$8.952
Herpa6347Kenworth W900 10 Wheel Cab w/Cattle Trailor "White & Black"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$17.952
Herpa6348Kenworth T600 10 Wheel Cab w/Cattle Trailor "Blue & Red"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$17.952
Herpa6349Mack CH613 10 Wheel Cab w/Cattle Trailor "Grey & Silver"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$17.952
Herpa6353Freightliner 10 Wheel Cab w/3 Axle Chemical Trailor "Brown & Black"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$21.953
Herpa7538ACL -1 Hapag-Lloyd -1 20'ContainersHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$16.951
Herpa75423 Vehicle Set DB 2 Trucks & 1 BusHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$46.951
Herpa7542Nedlloyd 40'ContainerHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$14.951
Herpa15233Peterbilt 10Wheel Cab Red-1 Orange-1 Blue-1 Green-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$25.994
Herpa15235G.M.C.General 10 Wheel Cab w/o Sleeper -- Blue-1 Red-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$25.992
Herpa15237White Road Commander 10 Wheel Cab w/o Sleeper WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$25.991
Herpa15241Ford Aeromax 10 Wheel Cab w/o Sleeper Brown-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$25.991
Herpa15242Freightliner Short Cab White-1 Yellow-1 Orange-1 Green-1 Red-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$25.995
Herpa15253Kenworth Pacific 10 Wheel Cab BlueHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$25.991
Herpa15290Kenworth T-600 10 Wheel Cab Red-1 Yellow-1 Dark Blue-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$25.993
Herpa15297See F.N.Coll.
Herpa21418Mazda Miata Roadster Convertible Top Down MaroonHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$25.992
Herpa21555Opel Omega MV6 4 Door Sedan Dark GreenHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.951
Herpa21586See F.N.Coll.
Herpa21678Alpha RomeoHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$9.251
Herpa21975Shelby Cobra RedHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$9.251
Herpa219821957 Chevy Bel Air Coupe RedHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$8.951
Herpa21999Chevy Corvette ZR-1 YellowHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$9.251
Herpa22002Pontiac Grand Prix BlueHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$8.953
Herpa220331989 Ford ThunderbirdHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$8.751
Herpa22286Porsche 356 B Convertible Dark BlueHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$8.951
Herpa22293Alpha Romeo 155 V6 TI WhiteHO Plastic Vehiclesmint$14.501
Herpa22316Triumph TR3 Roadster Open Top CreamHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$8.952
Herpa225451998 B.M.W. 3 Series ER 4 Door Sedan Blue-3 White-3HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$8.956
Herpa22842B.M.W. X5 Sport Utility Van Dark BlueHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$9.501
Herpa22859Mercedes 280 SL Convertible WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.953
Herpa23023Mini Cooper Car Salmon & WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$8.952
Herpa23078Mercedes SL Coupe RedHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.252
Herpa23122B.M.W. Z4 Roadster Convertible RedHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$9.503
Herpa23177Mercedes E-Klasse 211 4 Door Sedan Dark BlueHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$9.502
Herpa23207Mercedes SLR McLaren BlackHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.752
Herpa25002Ferrari Testarossa White Private Collection SeriesHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$16.001
Herpa25235See F.N.Coll.$25.994
Herpa25236See F.N.Coll.$25.99
Herpa25237White Road Commander 10 Whl.CabHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$25.991
Herpa25239Freightliner 10 Whl.Supercab Blue-1 Red-2HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$25.993
Herpa25241Ford Aeromax 10 Wheel Cab w/Sleeper Red-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$25.991
Herpa25245Peterbilt 362 Short Cab BlueHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$25.991
Herpa25246Peterbilt 362 10 Wheel Cab Light BlueHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$25.991
Herpa30020Jaguar XJ 12 Sedan Private Collection SeriesHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.001
Herpa31043B.M.W. Alpina B11 Sedan Private Collection SeriesHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$16.001
Herpa32230Porsche 911 Carrera Maroon -1 Dark Blue -1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$7.952
Herpa33077Mercedes SL Convertible Metallic MaroonHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.952
Herpa33176Mercedes E-Klasse 211 4 Door Sedan Blue MetallicHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.252
Herpa33206Mercedes SLR McLaren Gray MetallicHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$13.502
Herpa35232Peterbilt 10 Wheel Cab w/Skirted Chassis WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$25.991
Herpa41218Mercedes T-2 Rescue TruckHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$11.001
Herpa48507Mercedes "M" Class S.U.V. w/Roof Rack & Spare Tire BeigeHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$13.001
Herpa85900Man F-90 Cab Private Collection SeriesHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$18.402
Herpa140614Mack 10Wheel Sleeper CabHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.002
Herpa144872Peterbilt 10 Wheel Cab w/Skirted Chassis Red & ChromeHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$13.001
Herpa148122Liebherr L580 Front End LoaderHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$38.952
Herpa148931Liebherr R954 Litronic ExcavatorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$46.952
Herpa150231Liebherr LTM 1045/1 Mobile CraneHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$62.952
Herpa151214Mack CH603 Cab w/Short Dump Trailor w/U.S.Flags on SidesHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$34.952
Herpa185974Opel Calibra V6 "Alexander Wurz" Dekra #25 Private Collection SeriesHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$35.001
Herpa450030Mack CH613 4 Axle Cab w/Lift Axle WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$29.952
Herpa450040Kenworth T-600 Chassis w/21' Flat Bed Body WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$29.953
Herpa450100Ford L9000 Chassis w/Grain Box Body RedHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$29.951
Herpa450160Ford L9000 Chassis w/Garbage Truck Body WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$29.951
Herpa46010048' Flat Bed Trailor w/Spread Axles WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$8.952
Herpa801204Volvo Cab w/Chemical Tank Trailor Blue Red & ChromeHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$14.952
Herpa802500Renault R-310 w/Tri-Axle Dump TrailorHO Plastic VehiclesnewBuilt-up$8.501
Herpa805003Ford Transcon. w/Tri-Axle Cov.TrailorHO Plastic VehiclesnewBuilt-up$8.501
Herpa805220Ford Transcon.w/20' Cylindrical Container Trailor "Contrans"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.002
Herpa805222Ford Transcon.w/40'Tri-Axle Container Trailor "Contrans"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.001
Herpa806037Mercedes Articulated Cement MixerHO Plastic VehiclesnewBuilt-up$10.401
Herpa806042Mercedes 3 Axle Truck w/Crane Attach.HO Plastic VehiclesnewBuilt-up$12.504
Herpa806043Mercedes Salt Truck w/SnowplowHO Plastic VehiclesnewBuilt-up$10.401
Herpa806150Mercedes Auto TransporterHO Plastic VehiclesnewBuilt-up$12.501
Herpa806206Daimler-Benz Cab w/Chemical Tank Trailor "Hoyer"HO Plastic VehiclesnewBuilt-up$10.401
Herpa806320Mercedes Open Truck w/Tr. w/Spool LoadsHO Plastic VehiclesnewBuilt-up$9.601
Herpa806506Mercedes Extension Ladder Fire TruckHO Plastic VehiclesnewBuilt-up$10.404
Herpa806512Mercedes 2628 10Whl.Dump TruckHO Plastic VehiclesnewBuilt-up$12.002
Herpa806516Mercedes Fire Dept.Dumpster TruckHO Plastic VehiclesnewBuilt-up$8.4012
Herpa807232Volvo Globetrotter Cab w/Tri Axle Container Trailor "Norfrig"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$14.981
Herpa811092Mercedes Cov.Tk.w/3 Axle Covered TrailorHO Plastic VehiclesnewBuilt-up$12.982
Herpa811099Mercedes Cab w/Dry Cargo Tank Trailor "FROMM"HO Plastic VehiclesnewBuilt-up$13.981
Herpa811112Mercedes Cab w/Dry Cargo Tank Trailor "Hetra"HO Plastic VehiclesnewBuilt-up$13.982
Herpa811115Mercedes Cab w/Dry Cargo Tank TrailorHO Plastic VehiclesnewBuilt-up$12.982
Herpa811155Mercedes Cab w/Dry Cargo Tank TrailorHO Plastic VehiclesnewBuilt-up$16.002
Herpa811166Mercedes Covered Truck w/Covered Trailor "Weigl Spedition"HO Plastic VehiclesnewBuilt-up$13.981
Herpa811392Mercedes 1635 2 Axle CabHO Plastic VehiclesnewBuilt-up$10.401
Herpa811446Mercedes Van Truck & Trail."SCHIMMEL"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.402
Herpa811783Mercedes DB 1638 w/Covered Trailor "Willi Betz"HO Plastic VehiclesnewBuilt-up$10.501
Herpa812000Mercedes Cab w/German Cargo Van TrailorHO Plastic VehiclesnewBuilt-up$11.201
Herpa813001Iveco 10Whl.Cab w/40' Covered Trailor "Ferrymasters" 40% OFF LISTHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.206
Herpa814000Mercedes LP 813 Glass TransporterHO Plastic VehiclesnewBuilt-up$8.005
Herpa814294Mercedes LP 813 Covered Flatbed Truck "Kuhne Nagel"HO Plastic VehiclesnewBuilt-up$8.001
Herpa814302Mercedes LP 813 Fire Truck 40% OFF LISTHO Plastic VehiclesnewBuilt-up$3.9014
Herpa814501Mercedes LP 813/TLF Fire Supply Truck 40% OFF LISTHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.0026
Herpa815390Iveco Van Truck (looks like UPS Truck)HO Plastic VehiclesnewBuilt-up$8.001
Herpa818099Man Cab w/Tri-Axle Covered TrailorHO Plastic VehiclesnewBuilt-up$9.602
Herpa818504Man Aerial Ladder Fire TruckHO Plastic VehiclesnewBuilt-up$11.252
Herpa820019Man Garbage TruckHO Plastic VehiclesnewBuilt-up$11.001
Herpa820020Man Heavy Cement MixerHO Plastic VehiclesnewBuilt-up$12.001
Herpa820021Man Cab w/Log TrailorHO Plastic VehiclesnewBuilt-up$13.001
Herpa820034Man 5 Ton Covered Truck "Fire Service"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$11.002
Herpa820295Man Construction Flatbed TruckHO Plastic VehiclesnewBuilt-up$9.002
Herpa820414Man Van Truck "Schmidt"HO Plastic VehiclesnewBuilt-up$9.002
Herpa820500Man Hydraulic Container Fire TruckHO Plastic VehiclesnewBuilt-up$10.001
Herpa821002Scania Cab w/Flatbed Tr.w/Propane TankHO Plastic VehiclesnewBuilt-up$13.601
Herpa823000Scania C.O.E.Cab w/Log Trailor & LogsHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$13.001
Herpa823510Scania R 112 w/Dump Open Cont.BodyHO Plastic VehiclesnewBuilt-up$15.002
Herpa827101DAF Cab w/Tri-Axle Glass TrailorHO Plastic VehiclesnewBuilt-up$13.003
Herpa828009Mercedes 814 Delivery Truck "Schenker" 40% OFF LISTHO Plastic VehiclesnewBuilt-up$5.9949
Herpa828292Mercedes 814 Van Truck & Trailor "Patrizier"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.002
Herpa829002Mercedes Truck w/Trailor "Schmalbach"HO Plastic VehiclesnewBuilt-up$12.003
Herpa835008DAF Cab w/Tri-Axle Box Trailor "Trill"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.602
Herpa836004Scania Cab w/Log Trailor & LogsHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$13.001
Herpa843014Scania Cab w/Van Trailor "Iglo Ice Cream"HO Plastic VehiclesnewBuilt-up$14.402
Herpa846004Man SL200 Radio BusHO Plastic VehiclesnewBuilt-up$18.001
Herpa847004Iveco Van Truck w/Van TrailorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$14.002
Herpa847014Iveco Cab w/Covered Van TrailorHO Plastic VehiclesnewBuilt-up$16.002
Herpa850000Kenworth Cab w/Box Trailor "Texas Longhorns"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$16.001
Herpa850002Kenworth 10Wheel CabHO Plastic VehiclesnewBuilt-up$9.001
Herpa850007Kenworth 10 Wheel Cab w/"Radio F" Promo TrailorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$29.951
Herpa854000White Freightliner Cab w/Mayflower Moving Van Trailor
Herpa854223White Freightliner Cab w/40'Box Triton Container Trailor ChassisHO Plastic VehiclesnewBuilt-up$15.001
Herpa855000Freightliner Cab w/2 20'Riteway TrailorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$13.608
Herpa858000Iveco 10Wheel Dump TruckHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.001
Herpa858005Iveco Street Sweeper TruckHO Plastic VehiclesnewBuilt-up$11.209
Herpa859055Man Cab w/Tri-Axle Box Trailor "Lufthansa"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$14.001
Herpa859102Man Cab w/Tri-Axle Covered Trailor 40% OFF LISTHO Plastic VehiclesnewBuilt-up$8.9922
Herpa859127Man Cab w/BMW "M"Team Schnitzer Van Racing TrailorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$24.982
Herpa862003Scania 10Whl.Dump TruckHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.001
Herpa863002Scania Fire Ladder TruckHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.002
Herpa864001Man F90 Cab w/Tri-Axle Tank Trailor "Aral"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.001
Herpa864007Man F90 10 Wheel Cab w/4-Axle Low Bed TrailorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$13.401
Herpa867042Mercedes Cab w/Van Tr."Karcher Racing "HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$29.001
Herpa871000Mercedes Truck w/Low Side DumpsterHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.002
Herpa871008Mercedes DLK 23-12 Aerial Ladder Fire TruckHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$21.002
Herpa873000Mack Superliner Cab w/40'Box Trailor "Kuen.&Nag.HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$22.003
Herpa950209Kenworth 10Whl.Cab w/Union 76 Tank TrailorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$16.003
Herpa950224Kenworth 10Whl.Cab w/N.& W. Container TrailorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$16.001
Herpa950229Kenworth 10Whl.Cab w/Roadway Box TrailorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$16.001
Herpa951504G.M.C. General 10 Whl.Cab w/Dump TrailorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$18.003
Herpa953232Kenworth 10Whl.Cab w/"Andeker Beer" Box TrailorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$22.001
IMEX H.O.Vehicles Inv. 1-20-2005
IMEX870004Ford Box VanTruck -- Railway Express AgencyHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.001
IMEX870005Ford Flat Bed Truck w/Load -- Railway Express AgencyHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.002
IMEX870009Ford Fire Truck -- Railway Express AgencyHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.002
IMEX870011Ford Tank Truck -- Railway Express AgencyHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.001
IMEX870001Peterbilt Stake Body Truck -- Railway Express AgencyHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.001
IMEX870003Peterbilt Box Van Truck -- Railway Express AgencyHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.001
IMEX870010Peterbilt Fire Truck -- Railway Express AgencyHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.001
Jordan H.O.Plastic Vehic. Inv. 8-22-2016
JordanC-2151925 Ford Mail Truck KitHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$6.951
Jordan2221926 Essex Sedan KitHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.952
Jordan2261920 Ford Model "T" Sedan KitHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$7.952
Jordan2281904 Curved Dash Olds & Inspection Car KitHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$6.951
Jordan2311922 Packard Stake Body Truck KitHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$7.952
Jordan234Circus Stagecoach KitHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$7.951
Jordan2361928 Ford Model "A" Sedan KitHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$7.952
Jordan2371924 American La-France Fire Truck KitHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$8.951
Jordan2381923 Ford Model "T" Stake Truck KitHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$7.951
Jordan2391929 Ford Model "A" Tank Truck KitHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$7.951
Jordan2401928 Ford Model "A" Pick-up Truck KitHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$7.951
Jordan303Erie B-2 Steam Shovel KitHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$24.952
Kibri H.O.Plastic Vehicles Inv. 12-2-2010
KibriB-10108Crane on 10 Wheel Truck Chassis KitHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$18.951
KibriB-10130Liebherr Heavy Duty 6 Axle Crane KitHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$29.751
KibriB-10140Liebherr Backhoe on Wheels KitHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$38.001
KibriB-10142Liebherr Backhoe on Crawlers KitHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$38.001
KibriB-10146Liebherr Front End Loader on Crawlers KitHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$35.001
Kibri10206Liebherr Backhoe on Wheels w/Blade KitHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$39.001
Kibri10280Hamm Road Roller KitHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$34.001
Kibri10324Liebherr Bulldozer KitHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$44.001
Kibri10348Menck Power Shovel KitHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$60.001
Kibri10378Man 10Whl.Cab w/Girder Load KitHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$13.601
Kibri10384Menck Dragline Power Shovel KitHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$49.001
Kibri10394Demag DF120P Highway Paving Machine KitHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$52.001
Kibri10430O.& K.G 16-8 Grader KitHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$20.001
Kibri10432Container Lift Truck w/3 Containers KitHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$39.001
Kibri1048040'Containers (3) KitHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$11.202
Lee-Town H.O.Metal Trucks Inv. 12-5-2015
Lee-Town2005Mack '33 Cab & Chassis KitHO Metal TrucksnewOrig.Box$19.951
Lee-Town2038BQ Mack Heavy Duty Dump Truck KitHO Metal TrucksnewOrig.Box$24.951
Lee-Town3011B-42 Mack Curved Side 10 Wheel Dump Truck KitHO Metal TrucksnewOrig.Box$24.951
Lee-Town3013G.M.C. "Astro" 10 Wheel Sleeper Cab w/Disc.Wheels KitHO Metal TrucksnewOrig.Box$19.951
Lee-Town3016G.M.C. "Astro" Cab w/16 Wheel Lowboy Trailor KitHO Metal TrucksnewOrig.Box$26.951
Lee-Town3026G.M.C. "Astro" Short Cab w/Double Axle KitHO Metal TrucksnewOrig.Box$19.951
Lee-Town3035Mack B-61 Standard Pumper Firetruck KitHO Metal TrucksnewOrig.Box$29.951
Lee-Town3038Ford LNT Cab w/Single Axle & Dual Exhaust KitHO Metal TrucksnewOrig.Box$19.951
Lee-Town3044Ford LNT Cab w/30' Tri-Axle Dump Trailor KitHO Metal TrucksnewOrig.Box$29.951
Lee-Town3201Autocar "Constructor" w/12' Heil Dump Body KitHO Metal TrucksnewOrig.Box$24.951
Lee-Town3202Autocar "Constructor" w/Tri Axle Cinder Block Body KitHO Metal TrucksnewOrig.Box$26.951
Lee-Town3205Diamond-Reo w/16' Van Body KitHO Metal TrucksnewOrig.Box$26.951
Lee-Town7012GMC "Astro" Cab w/22'Dump Trailor KitHO Metal TrucksnewOrig.Box$26.951
Lee-Town7013Autocar Tractor w/22' Dump Trailor KitHO Metal TrucksnewOrig.Box$27.951
Lee-Town7016Autocar Tri-Axle w/22' Dump Body KitHO Metal TrucksnewOrig.Box$29.951
Lee-Town7024Ford LTS Cab w/22' Dump Trailor KitHO Metal TrucksnewOrig.Box$27.951
Lee-Town7025Ford LS Pumper Fire Truck KitHO Metal TrucksnewOrig.Box$28.001
Lee-Town7037Ford LST w/Pierce 2500 Gallon Tanker Fire Truck KitHO Metal TrucksnewOrig.Box$28.001
Lee-Town7038Ford LNT w/Pierce 2500 Gallon Tanker Fire Truck KitHO Metal TrucksnewOrig.Box$28.001
Lee-Town7039Diamond-Reo w/Pierce 2500 Gallon Tanker Fire Truck KitHO Metal TrucksnewOrig.Box$28.001
Lee-Town7040Mack C.F. w/Pierce 2500 Gallon Tanker Fire Truck KitHO Metal TrucksnewOrig.Box$28.001
Lee-Town7044Mack C.F. w/Pierce 2/4 Door 2500 Gallon Tanker Fire Truck KitHO Metal TrucksnewOrig.Box$29.951
Lee-Town7049Diamond-Reo Refrigerated Van Truck KitHO Metal TrucksnewOrig.Box$28.951
Life-Like Plastic Vehicles Inv. 4-27-2004
Life-Like1646Good Humor Ice Cream TruckPlastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$9.0010
Lindberg H.O.TractorTrailor Kits Inv. 2-14-2006
Lindberg7Volkswagen Van Not H.O.Scale Built-upHO Tractor Trailer Kitsmint$20.001
Lindberg10Americal LaFrance Pumper Fire Truck KitHO Tractor Trailer KitsnewOrig.Box$20.001
Lindberg11Chevrolet 10 Wheel Dump Truck Built-upHO Tractor Trailer Kitsmint$20.002
Lindberg14Autocar 10 Wheel Cement Mixer Truck Built-upHO Tractor Trailer Kitsmint$20.002
Lindberg16Chevrolet Tow Truck Not H.O.Scale Built-upHO Tractor Trailer Kitsmint$20.001
Lindberg18Austin Healey 3000 Not H.O.Scale Built-upHO Tractor Trailer Kitsmint$20.001
Lindberg201929 Mercedes SSK Not H.O.Scale Built-upHO Tractor Trailer Kitsmint$20.001
Lindberg211930 Packard Limo. Not H.O.Scale Built-up missing windshieldHO Tractor Trailer Kitsexc.$18.001
Lindberg30Dodge Charger Not H.O.Scale Built-up missing windowsHO Tractor Trailer Kitsexc.$15.001
Lone Star H.O.Trailor Kits Inv. 1-30-2016
Lone StarLS 4205Barrett Cattle Trailor Current Style KitHO Trailer KitsnewOrig.Box$20.001
Lone StarLS 4225Barrett Cattle Trailor Current Style Built-upHO Trailer KitsnewOrig.Box$40.001
Lone StarLS 5000Trailmobile 40' Flat Bed Trailor Red KitHO Trailer KitsnewOrig.Pack.$13.001
Lone StarLS 5000Trailmobile 40' Flat Bed Trailor Red Built-up Ptd.& Decaled Santa-FeHO Trailer KitsnewOrig.Pack.$29.001
Lone StarLS 5001Trailmobile 40' Flat Bed Trailor Gray Built-up Ptd.& Decaled R.D.S.HO Trailer KitsnewOrig.Pack.$29.001
Lone StarLS 5010Trailmobile 40' Flat Bed Trailor Yellow KitHO Trailer KitsnewOrig.Pack.$13.001
Lone StarLS 5011Trailmobile 40' Flat Bed Trailor Union Pacific Tuscan Red KitHO Trailer KitsnewOrig.Pack.$13.001
Lone StarLS 5012Trailmobile 40' Flat Bed Trailor Burlington Northern Green KitHO Trailer KitsnewOrig.Pack.$13.001
Lone StarLS 5210Lumber Truck w/o Cab Black KitHO Trailer KitsnewOrig.Pack.$8.002
Lone StarLS 5211Lumber Truck w/o Cab Red KitHO Trailer KitsnewOrig.Pack.$8.001
Lone StarLS 5212Lumber Truck w/o Cab Undecorated Gray KitHO Trailer KitsnewOrig.Pack.$8.003
Magnuson H.O. Vehicles Inv. 4-3-2018
Magnuson303Piggyback RampHO VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$5.002
Magnuson9101948 Ford Coupe Built-up & Painted Green-1 & Dark Green-1HO VehiclesusedBuilt-up$15.002
Magnuson9111939 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery Truck Built-up & Painted 1 -Blue & 1-BrownHO VehiclesusedBuilt-up$15.001
Magnuson9111939 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery Truck (2) KitHO VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$12.001
Magnuson9121953 Chevrolet BelAir (2) KitHO VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$12.001
Magnuson9191941 Ford Pick-up Truck (2) KitHO VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$12.000
Magnuson9201940 Chrysler Sedan (2) KitnewOrig.B.P.$12.001
Magnuson9211953 Ford Tank Truck (2) KitHO VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$14.003
Magnuson9221954Chevy Panel Delivery Van (2) KitnewOrig.B.P.$14.000
Magnuson9231953 Dodge REA Delivery Truck (2) Kit SOLDnewOrig.B.P.$15.000
Magnuson9231953 Dodge REA Delivery Truck Built-up Green & Black SOLDused$19.000
Magnuson9261956 Ford Van Delivery Truck KitHO VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$14.003
Magnuson9281940 Ford Panel Delivery Truck (2) Kit SOLDnewOrig.B.P.$14.000
Magnuson930Mack "R" Model Tank Truck KitHO VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$15.001
Magnuson931GMC Step Van (2) KitHO VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$14.001
Magnuson9321948 Diamond T Coal Dump Truck Kit SOLDnewOrig.B.P.$15.000
Magnuson9321948 Diamond T Coal Dump Truck Built-up & Painted RedusedBuilt-up
Magnuson933Chevrolet Crew Cab Pick-up Truck KitHO VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$14.000
Magnuson9351953 Dodge Flat Bed Truck (2) Kit SOLDnewOrig.B.P.$14.000
Magnuson936Mack "U" Model 10 Wheel Heavy Duty Coal Dump Truck KitHO VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$16.002
Magnuson937Ford "C" Cab Stake Body Truck KitHO VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$12.007
Magnuson938Mack "U" Model 4-Axle Redy-Mix Cement Truck KitHO VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$16.002
Magnuson939International 2 Axle Cab (2) KitHO VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$12.005
Magnuson941Yard Tractor KitHO VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$18.001
Magnuson9431957 Ford "C"Cab Reefer Truck KitHO VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$14.004
Magnuson945Ottawa Hi-Cab Yard Tractor KitHO VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$18.001
Magnuson9461956 Ford Crown Victoria Hardtop (2) Kit SOLDnewOrig.B.P.$14.000
Magnuson948Combine KitHO VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$12.005
Magnuson950Farm Gravity Box Wagon KitHO VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$12.004
Magnuson9511982 Van Truck KitHO VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$12.001
Magnuson957Ford 1970's Passenger Van KitHO VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$10.005
Magnuson9611948 Ford "Woody" Station Wagon KitHO VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$12.001
Magnuson9611948 Ford "Woody" Station Wagon Built-up Ptd.Brown SOLDused$15.000
Magnuson9621977 Hatchback Automobile KitHO VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$10.0010
Magnuson964International 10 Wheel Reefer Truck KitHO VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$14.002
Magnuson968Mack "R" Model 10 Wheel Maintenance Truck KitHO VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$18.001
Matchbox Inventory 1-30-2016
Matchbox3-cBedford Tipper Truck -- Gray & Maroon 1966VehiclesmintB.P.W.$18.002
Matchbox3-dMercedes- Benz Binz AmbulanceVehiclespoorB.P.W.$1.501
Matchbox4-cDodge Stake Truck -- Yellow & Green 1966VehiclesgoodB.P.W.$14.001
Matchbox6-cEuclid Quarry Dump Truck -- Yellow 1964Vehiclesexc.B.P.W.$15.001
Matchbox7-cFord Refuse Truck -- Orange & Gray 1967VehiclesmintB.P.W.$22.001
Matchbox10-dLeland Pipe Truck w/o pipes -- Red 1967Vehiclesexc.B.P.W.$13.001
Matchbox12-fBig Bull Dozer -- Orange & Green w/Black Treads 1975VehiclesmintO.P.Rollers$5.001
Matchbox12-hCitroen C.X. Wagon -- Metallic Blue w/Yellow Interior 1979 SuperfastVehiclesmintB.P.W.$10.001
Matchbox13-dDodge Wrecker B.P. -- Yellow & Green 1966VehiclesgoodB.P.W.$12.001
Matchbox13-dDodge Wrecker B.P. -- Yellow & Green 1966Vehiclesexc.B.P.W.$15.001
Matchbox14-bDaimler Ambulance -- Yellow missing Red Cross Decal 1958VehiclesfairG.M.W.$30.001
Matchbox15-cDennis Tippax Refuse Truck -- Blue & GrayVehiclesexc.B.P.W.$23.001
Matchbox20-cChevrolet Taxi Cab -- Yellow w/Taxi Decal on Hood 1965VehiclespoorB.P.W.$12.001
Matchbox22-ePontiac Grand Prix Sports Coupe -- Red 1964VehiclespoorB.P.W.$10.001
Matchbox23-eTrailor Caravan -- Yellow 1967VehiclespoorB.P.W.$20.001
Matchbox23-Volvo Federal Exp.Cont.Truck 1983VehiclesnewB.P.W.$2.001
Matchbox24-bWeatherill Hydraulic Excavator -- Yellow w/Decal on Rear few paint chips 1959Vehiclesexc.G.P.W.$15.001
Matchbox24-cRolls Royce Silver Shadow -- Metallic Red w/White Interior 1967VehiclesmintB.P.W.$20.001
Matchbox25-cBedford B.P.Tanker -- Yellow, White & Green 1965Vehiclesexc.B.P.W.$12.001
Matchbox25-cBedford B.P.Tanker -- Yellow, White & Green 1965VehiclesmintB.P.W.$20.001
Matchbox26-bFoden Cement Mixer (repainted) -- Yellow & Black 1956Vehiclesexc.B.P.W.$20.001
Matchbox28-bThames Trader Compressor Truck -- Yellow 1959Vehiclesexc.B.P.W.$24.001
Matchbox28-cJaguar Mark 10 Bronze 1964VehiclesmintB.P.W.$22.001
Matchbox29-aBedford Milk Truck -- Repainted Brown 1956Vehiclesexc.G.P.W.$12.001
Matchbox29-cFire Pumper Truck -- Red 1965Vehiclesexc.B.P.W.$8.002
Matchbox30-c8 Wheel Crane (repainted) 1965VehiclesgoodB.P.W.$12.001
Matchbox31-cLincoln Continental 1964 Green w/White InteriorVehiclesexc.B.P.W.$15.001
Matchbox32-cLeyland Tanker 1968VehiclespoorB.P.W.$15.001
Matchbox33-bFord Zephyr Mark 6 -- Blue/Green -- Few Large Paint Chips 1963Vehiclesexc.B.P.W.$20.001
Matchbox35-aMarshall Horse Box MK7 -- Red & Tan -- missing side Door 1956VehiclesgoodG.M.W.$15.001
Matchbox35-bArtic Cat -- Snow Trac Red & Silver w/Black Tracs 1964VehiclesgoodB.P.W.$10.001
Matchbox36-cOpel Diplomat 1966 Gold w/White InteriorVehiclesmintB.P.W.$10.004
Matchbox37-Dodge Cattle Truck 1967VehiclespoorB.P.W.$5.001
Matchbox44-cGMC Refrigerator Truck 1967 Red & Green - missing rear DoorVehiclesmintB.P.W.$10.002
Matchbox47-bLyons Maid Ice-Cream Truck 1963Vehiclesexc.B.P.W.$32.001
Matchbox47-International School Bus 1985VehiclesnewB.P.W.$2.003
Matchbox48-eSambron Jacklift Yellow 1977VehiclesmintB.P.W.$5.001
Matchbox51-Camaro Iroc-Z 28 1985VehiclesnewB.P.W.$2.001
Matchbox53-Mercedes-Benz 220 Sedan Repainted BlueVehiclesusedB.P.W.$5.001
Matchbox54-cCadillac Ambulance 1965VehiclespoorB.P.W.$12.002
Matchbox56-bFiat 1500 (luggage missing,repainted)VehiclespoorB.P.W.$5.001
Matchbox62-bT.V.Service Van 1964VehiclesgoodB.P.W.$18.001
Matchbox63-cDodge Crane Truck (repainted) missing hook 1968VehiclespoorB.P.W.$5.001
Matchbox64-aScammell Wrecker 1960 Olive GreenVehiclesgoodB.P.W.$24.001
Matchbox64-bM.G. 1100 1966 Green w/White InteriorVehiclesmintB.P.W.$16.001
Matchbox65-cClass Combine Harvester 1968Vehiclesexc.B.P.W.$12.002
Matchbox69-aCommer 30cwt. Van (repainted) 1959Vehiclesexc.G.P.W.$10.001
Matchbox71-bJeep Pick-up Truck 1964VehiclesgoodB.P.W.$15.002
Matchbox75-aFord Thunderbird 1959 Orange & CreamVehiclesmintG.P.W.$60.001
Matchbox75-bFerrari Berlinetta 1966 Green w/White InteriorVehiclesexc.B.P.W.$20.002
MatchboxM1-Caterpillar DW-20 Scraper 1960Matchbox Majorpackexc.B.P.W.$65.001
MatchboxM7-Thames Trader Cab w/Jennings Cattle TrailorMatchbox Majorpackexc.G.P.W.$60.001
MatchboxY1-1Steam Tractor 1960 Green w/Red & Green Metal WheelsMatchbox Models of Yesteryearnew$65.002
MatchboxY1-31936 Jaguar SS100 1978 GreenMatchbox Models of YesteryearnewOrig.Box$30.001
MatchboxY2-11912-1920 Type"B" Bus 1956 Red w/Grey Metal Wheels "Dewars"Matchbox Models of Yesteryearmint$95.001
MatchboxY2-21911 Renault 2 Seater 1963 Green w/Red SeatsMatchbox Models of Yesteryearmint$40.001
MatchboxG-15 Orig.--1 each # 1,# 4,# 5,# 7,& # 940th Anniversary CollectionnewOrig.Box$40.003
Mattel Hot Wheels H.O.Vehic.Inv.11-7-87
Mattel Hot Wheels1169Peterbilt Ready-Mix Cement TruckHO VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$5.007
Mattel Hot Wheels2547Peterbilt Tank TruckHO VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$5.009
Milepost Hobbies H.O.Vehicles Inv.6-16-2000
Milepost Hobbies501-1Fruehauf Z-Van 40' Trailors Undecorated (2) Kits Circa 1979-1985HO VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$9.002
Model Power H.O.Vehicles Inv. 1-9-2018
Model Power3001Kenworth 10 Wheel Tow Truck "Mom's"HO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.001
Model Power3003Kenworth 10 Wheel Tow Truck "Red Devil"HO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.001
Model Power7767-7American LaFrance Hook & Ladder Fire Truck Green & WhiteHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$19.991
Model Power16005Kenworth 10 Wheel Cab w/General Cesspool Tank TrailorHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$14.001
Model Power17009Kenworth 10 Wheel Cab w/40' Box Trailor "U.S.Mail"HO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$14.001
Model Power19005Mercedes "E" Class Metallic SilverHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.981
Model Power19010Mercedes "C" Class Sports Coupe Metallic SilverHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.491
Model Power190152003 Range Rover Sport OrangeHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.492
Model Power19020Mercedes "CLK" Coupe BlackHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.491
Model Power190252002 Land Rover Discovery 3 RedHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.492
Model Power190301997 Porsche 911 Carrera Convertible Red w/Top DownHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.491
Model Power19040B.M.W. 3 Series Convertible Black w/Top DownHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.491
Model Power19050B.M.W. M3 GTR Coupe WhiteHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.491
Model Power19060B.M.W. 7 Series Sedan BlackHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.491
Model Power19070Mercedes "SLK" Convertible Metallic Silver w/Top DownHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.491
Model Power19080Audi A4 Convertible Metallic Silver w/Top DownHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.491
Model Power19085Audi A6 4-Door Sedan BrownHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.491
Model Power19090Porsche Boxster Convertible Black w/Top DownHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.491
Model Power19110B.M.W. Z8 Convertible Red w/Top DownHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.491
Model Power19120Mercedes 500SL Convertible Black w/Top DownHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.491
Model Power19130Mini Cooper Yellow w/Black RoofHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.491
Model Power19131Mini Cooper Metallic Blue w/Black RoofHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.492
Model Power19132Mini Cooper Red w/Black RoofHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.493
Model Power19140B.M.W. Z3 Convertible Metallic Blue w/Top DownHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.491
Model Power19150Audi TT Roadster Metallic Silver w/Top DownHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.491
Model Power19155Audi TT Coupe SilverHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.492
Model Power19160V.W. Minibus Red & WhiteHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.492
Model Power19161V.W. Minibus Blue & WhiteHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.491
Model Power19170V.W. Beetle TanHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.492
Model Power19171V.W. Beetle Mint GreenHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.492
Model Power19172V.W. Beetle RedHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.491
Model Power191801959 Porsche 356B Convertible Red w/Top DownHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.491
Model Power19185Porsche Boxter S Convertible w/Top DownHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.492
Model Power19186Porsche 911 Carerra SHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.492
Model Power19187Porsche Cayman SHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.492
Model Power19190Mercedes 300SL Gullwing Coupe Metallic SilverHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.981
Model Power19200V.W. Karmann Ghia Coupe TanHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.494
Model Power19210Mercedes 300SL Convertible Metallic Silver w/Top DownHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.491
Model Power19220Mercedes/Dodge Sprinter Van YellowHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.982
Model Power19224Shelby Cobra Blue w/White Racing StripesHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.494
Model Power19225Shelby Cobra White w/Blue Racing StripesHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.492
Model Power19226Shelby Cobra RedHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.492
Model Power19227Shelby Cobra Black w/Gold Racing StripeHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.491
Model Power19228Shelby Cobra Silver w/Black Racing StripeHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.492
Model Power192301956 Ford F-100 Pick-up Truck BlackHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.981
Model Power192311956 Ford F-100 Pick-up Truck RedHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.981
Model Power192321956 Ford F-100 Pick-up Truck TanHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.982
Model Power192331953 Cadillac Eldorado BlueHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.982
Model Power192341953 Cadillac Eldorado PinkHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.982
Model Power192351953 Cadillac Eldorado BlackHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.982
Model Power192361955 Chevy Bel-Air Green/CreamHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.491
Model Power192371955 Chevy Bel-Air Red/WhiteHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.491
Model Power192381955 Chevy Bel-Air Blue/WhiteHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.495
Model Power192391955 Chevy Bel-Air Black/WhiteHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.493
Model Power192411955 Chevy Bel-Air Purple/WhiteHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.492
Model Power192431953 Cadillac Eldorado GoldHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.983
Model Power192451964 1/2 Ford Mustang Convertible White w/Top DownHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.982
Model Power192481963 Ford Thunderbird RedHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.981
Model Power192491963 Ford Thunderbird BlackHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.981
Model Power192511969 Chevy Super Sport 396 Camaro GreenHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.492
Model Power192521969 Chevy Super Sport 396 Camaro YellowHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.491
Model Power192531969 Chevy Super Sport 396 Camaro RedHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.491
Model Power192551969 Oldsmobile 442 WhiteHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.982
Model Power192561969 Oldsmobile 442 Red w/Black StripesHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.982
Model Power192702003/04 Ford Thunderbird Convertible Red w/Top DownHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.491
Model Power192712003/04 Ford Thunderbird Convertible Blue w/Top DownHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.491
Model Power192722003/04 Ford Thunderbird Convertible Metallic Silver w/Top DownHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.491
Model Power192802003 Dodge Viper RT10 Convertible Metallic Blue w/Top DownHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.492
Model Power192812003 Dodge Viper RT10 Convertible Red w/Top DownHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.494
Model Power192902002 Pontiac Firebird Convertible Black w/Top DownHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.493
Model Power192912002 Pontiac Firebird Convertible Yellow w/Top DownHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.493
Model Power193052006 Subaru Impreza WRX STI 4-door BlueHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.493
Model Power193152003 Mercedes CLK Convertible Blue w/Top DownHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.491
Model Power193202003 BMW Z4 Convertible Gray w/Top DownHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.493
Model Power193252004 BMW 5 Series Sedan BlueHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.491
Model Power193352004 V.W.Beetle Convertible Green w/Top DownHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.491
Model Power193402002 Porsche Cayenne Turbo BlackHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.981
Model Power193452003 V.W. Touareg Van BlackHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.981
Model Power193551972 Alfa Romeo 1300 Spider Junior Convertible Red w/Top DownHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.491
Model Power193602003 Ford Street KA Convertible Metallic Blue w/Top DownHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.491
Model Power19368Mercedes GL-Class S.U.V. GreenHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.492
Model Power19375Alfa Romeo 156 GTA Street BlackHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.492
Model Power193802006 Lamborghini Gallardo BlueHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.492
Model Power193812006 Lamborghini Gallardo YellowHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.492
Model Power193822006 Lamborghini Gallardo OrangeHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.492
Model Power193862006 Lamborghini Murcielago R-GT Gray & BlackHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.493
Model Power193912005 Ford Crown Victoria WhiteHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.982
Model Power193922005 Ford Crown Victoria BlackHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.982
Model Power193932005 Ford Crown Victoria "Taxi" YellowHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.982
Model Power193942005 Ford Crown Victoria "N.Y.P.D." WhiteHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.982
Model Power193972005 Ford Crown Victoria "Texas State Trooper" Black & WhiteHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.982
Model Power193982005 Ford Crown Victoria "Illinois State Police" White w/Yellow StripeHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.982
Model Power19410Mercedes/Dodge Sprinter Van "N.Y.P.D." WhiteHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.982
Model Power194301961 Jaguar XKE Coupe GreenHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.493
Model Power194351992 Jaguar XJB Convertible Black w/Top DownHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.492
Model Power194401960 Jaguar Mark II Dark GreenHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.493
Model Power19445Jaguar XK Coupe SilverHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.492
Model Power194461948 Jaguar XK 120 WhiteHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.491
Model Power194501970 Plymouth Hemi Barracuda PurpleHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.982
Model Power194521970 Plymouth Hemi Barracuda OrangeHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.981
Model Power194801956 Lincoln Continental Mark II Coupe WhiteHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.982
Model Power194821956 Lincoln Continental Mark II Coupe BlackHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.982
Model Power194831956 Lincoln Continental Mark II Coupe BlueHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.982
Model Power194911968 Chevy El-Camino RedHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.983
Model Power194921968 Chevy El-Camino BlueHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.981
Model Power194931968 Chevy El-Camino YellowHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.981
Model Power19680VW Mini-Bus w/Camper Trailor Red & WhiteHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$6.501
Model Power20200Freightliner Sleeper 10 Wheel Cab WhiteHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$8.502
Model Power20201Freightliner Sleeper 10 Wheel Cab RedHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$8.502
Model Power25000Kenworth 10 Wheel Cab w/Round Tank Trailor "Florida's Best O.J."HO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.001
Model Power31001Kenworth 10 Wheel Dump Truck "P.U.C." BlueHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.001
Model Power36100Kenworth 10 Wheel 18' Box Truck w/Wood Chipper "Woody's"HO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$23.001
Monogram Plastic H.O.Vehicles Inv. 12-13-2014
Monogram Plastic20261963 Chevrolet Corvett Hardtop Red w/Black Interior Built-upHO Vehiclesmint$5.001
Monogram Plastic20271969 Ford Mustang Boss 302 White w/Black Interior Built-upHO Vehiclesmint$5.001
Monogram Plastic2058Camaro Z-28 Yellow w/Tan Interior Built-upHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.001
Monogram Plastic2060Buick Grand National Black w/Grey Interior Built-upHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.001
Monogram Plastic2061Porsche 911 Slant Nose Red w/Tan Interior Built-upHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.001
Monogram Plastic2062B.M.W. 325i Yellow w/Tank Interior Built-upHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$5.001
Noch Plastic H.O.Vehicles Inv. 2-21-2004
Noch Plastic11881Hymer Motor Home w/Surfboard & SurferHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$16.001
Norscot H.O.Vehicles Inventory 4-2-2018
Norscot55107Caterpillar 315C Hydralic ExcavatorHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$21.952
Norscot55109Caterpillar 966G Series II Wheel LoaderHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$21.952
Norscot55127Caterpillar 160H Motor GraderHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$21.951
Norscot55130Caterpillar 730 Articulated Dump TruckHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$21.952
Norscot55134Caterpillar 627G Wheel Scraper PanHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$21.952
Norscot55141Caterpillar 730 Articulated Truck w/Klein Water TankHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$23.951
Norscot55146Caterpillar 966G Series II Forest MachineHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$23.951
Norscot55155Caterpillar CS563E Smooth Drum Vibratory Soil CompactorHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$23.951
Norscot55156Caterpillar CS563E Padfoot Drum Vibratory Soil CompactorHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$24.951
Norscot55177Caterpillar M318D 8-Wheel ExcavatorHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$24.951
Norscot55416Peterbilt 389 Cab w/Trail King Lowbed Trailor & Cat.D5M Dozer LoadHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$14.952
Norscot58008U.P.S. P-80 Delivery Van w/working rear door SOLDHO VehiclesnewOrig.Box$28.950
Praline/Busch H.O.Plastic Vehicles Inv. 4-6-2018
Praline/Busch330Fiat 242 Van "Hertz" YellowHO Plastic Vehiclesnew$3.506
Praline/Busch330Fiat 242 Van "Avis" RedHO Plastic Vehiclesnew$3.506
Praline/Busch742Mercedes LP809 Truck "GAZ Internatl."HO Plastic Vehiclesnew$5.201
Praline/Busch40800Mercedes 300SL Coupe Black-1 White-1HO Plastic Vehiclesnew$9.002
Praline/Busch906Fiat Fiorino Truck "Cinzano"HO Plastic Vehiclesnew$5.002
Praline/Busch1006D.K.W. MinibusHO Plastic Vehiclesnew$5.001
Praline/Busch1054Trailor Park Scene w/2 Airstream TrailorsHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$27.002
Praline/Busch17051979 Pontiac Transam "Fire Chief" RedHO Plastic Vehiclesnew$5.006
Praline/Busch17061979 Pontiac Transam "Police" BlueHO Plastic Vehiclesnew$5.006
Praline/Busch41808Ford F-350 Ambulance "Paramed" Yellow & OrangeHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$11.502
Praline/Busch41850Ford F-350 Delivery Truck Blue-1 Red-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$11.502
Praline/Busch42611Ferrari GTO 250 Racing Coupe #86 MaroonHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$11.001
Praline/Busch427431951 Volkswagen 1200 Beetle W/Split Rear Window BrownHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$9.002
Praline/Busch427611953 Volkswagen 1200 Bug w/Oval Windows Pale Green-1 Cream-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$9.002
Praline/Busch828011970 Cadillac DeVille Limousine Brown w/Tan InteriorHO Plastic Vehiclesmint$12.001
Praline/Busch28041970 Cadillac DeVille Limousine "Texas" White w/Flag on RoofHO Plastic VehiclesnewOr.Pack.$12.001
Praline/Busch429061966 Cadillac Station Wagon "Woody" Maroon w/Wood Grain PanelsHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$11.502
Praline/Busch429081966 Cadillac "Ambulance" "Red & White"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.002
Praline/Busch834031952 Cadillac Convertible w/Top Down White-1 Brown-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$14.002
Praline/Busch834041952 Cadillac Convertible w/Top Up GreyHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$14.001
Praline/Busch434081952 Cadillac Convertible Deluxe w/Top Down Dark Blue-2 Grey-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$13.003
Praline/Busch434161952 Cadillac 2 Door Sedan Deluxe Maroon-1 Grey-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.002
Praline/Busch434181952 Cadillac 2 Door Sedan Deluxe "Crazy Car" Powder Blue w/FlamesHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.001
Praline/Busch3609Scania Airport Rescue Fire Tk.(Red) *HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.801
Praline/Busch3610Scania Airport Rescue Fire Tk.(Green) *HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.801
Praline/Busch43906Volvo 544 Sedan Light Blue-1 Black-4HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.505
Praline/Busch44000Dodge Power Wagon Pick-up Truck YellowHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.002
Praline/Busch44001Dodge Power Wagon Farm Truck RedHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.003
Praline/Busch4400Rolls Royce Silver Cloud Cream & BrownHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$14.001
Praline/Busch44411Bentley Series II LX Convertible YellowHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$9.001
Praline/Busch44500G.M.C. TDH-5301 "Fishbowl" City Bus GreenHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$25.002
Praline/Busch446001990 Plymouth Voyager Minivan Red-5 Green-3HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$8.008
Praline/Busch446501990 Dodge Ram Van White -3 Black-2HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$9.005
Praline/Busch847031950 Buick Convertible w/Top Up RedHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.001
Praline/Busch44981Airstream 2-Axle Travel Trailor BlueHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.001
Praline/Busch450071957 Chevrolet Bel-Aire Convert.w/Top Dn. Red-3 Turquois-5 Black-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.009
Praline/Busch51011959 Cadillac 2 Door Hardtop Deluxe WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$16.001
Praline/Busch51021959 Cadillac 2 Door Convertible w/Top Down WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$16.001
Praline/Busch451101959 Cadillac 2 Door Convertible w/Top Down PinkHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.001
Praline/Busch52001956 Ford Thunderbird Hardtop BlackHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.001
Praline/Busch52021956 Ford Tbird.Convertible w/Top Down Green -- missing 1 taillightHO Plastic Vehiclesused$6.001
Praline/Busch52021956 Ford Tbird.Convertible w/Top Down GreenHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.001
Praline/Busch452101956 Ford Tbird.Conv.Deluxe w/Top Down Powder BlueHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$11.001
Praline/Busch452111956 Ford Tbird.Conv.Deluxe w/Top Up Deluxe BlackHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$11.002
Praline/Busch54021956 Chevrolet Corvette Conv.w/o Top White-1 Green-1 Blue-1 Black-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$13.004
Praline/Busch54031956 Chevrolet Corvette Conv.w/Top Up Deluxe Green-1 Black-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$14.002
Praline/Busch454041956 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible w/o Top BlueHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$11.001
Praline/Busch454051956 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible w/Top Up Deluxe White-5 Black-5HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$11.0010
Praline/Busch454061956 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible w/o Top Deluxe Blue-2 Green-7HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.009
Praline/Busch454071956 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible w/Top Up "American Graffiti"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$11.506
Praline/Busch56451990 Chrysler Voyager Minivan w/Headlights & Taillights BlueHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$14.001
Praline/Busch56491997 Chevy Blazer w/Headlights & Tailights Green-1 Tan-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$14.002
Praline/Busch5651Audi A4 Sedan w/Headlights & Tailights Green-1 Gray-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$13.002
Praline/Busch5700Ford Escort 4 Door Hatchback Maroon-1 Red-1 White-2HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.004
Praline/Busch5705Ford Escort Ghia Convertible w/Top Down Pale GreenHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$14.001
Praline/Busch5901MG Midget TC Copnvertible w/Top Up Black-1Red-1 Green-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.003
Praline/Busch5902MG Midget TC Copnvertible w/Top Down Deluxe Red-1 Blue-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$14.002
Praline/Busch59971954 Cadillac - 1956 Corvette & 1957 Chevy Bel Aire --- 3 Car SetHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.002
Praline/Busch60011965 Dodge Monaco -1966 Cadillac Limo & 1974 Pontiac TransAm 3 CarHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.002
Praline/Busch464001995 Chevy Blazer Maroon-1 Blue-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$9.502
Praline/Busch464011998 Chevy Blazer Facelift Metallic Silver-1 Green-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.502
Praline/Busch464081998 Chevy Blazer "Park Ranger"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$11.501
Praline/Busch466011976 Dodge Monaco Sheriff Dept.HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$9.003
Praline/Busch66021976 Dodge Monaco Fire Dept.HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$9.002
Praline/Busch66031976 Dodge Monaco BlueHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.001
Praline/Busch1976 Dodge Monaco "Police" Black & WhiteHO Plastic Vehiclesused$8.001
Praline/Busch466141976 Dodge Monaco "Crazy Car" White w/Orange Stripes & WritingHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$11.953
Praline/Busch466731976 Dodge Monaco "Police" Sedan "Delaware State Police" BlueHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.491
Praline/Busch466741976 Dodge Monaco "Police" Sedan "Colorado State Police" WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.491
Praline/Busch46676Plymouth Fury "Police" Sedan "Kansas State Trooper" Black & GreyHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.951
Praline/Busch46706Volkswagen Cabrio (Convertible) Deluxe Red-1 Black-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.492
Praline/Busch475001964 Ford Mustang Convertible Deluxe WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$11.951
Praline/Busch475011964 Ford Mustang Conv.w/Top Up Deluxe White -6 Red-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.497
Praline/Busch475051964 Ford Mustang Convertible Green-5 Maroon-6HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.5011
Praline/Busch476001995 Chevrolet Caprice SilverHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$9.751
Praline/Busch476011995 Chevrolet Caprice White-1 SOLDHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$9.750
Praline/Busch476041995 Chevrolet Caprice "Sheriff" WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$11.951
Praline/Busch476061995 Chevrolet Caprice Taxi "Yellow Cab Co.#762"HO Plastic Vehiclesused$8.001
Praline/Busch476061995 Chevrolet Caprice Taxi "Yellow Cab Co.#762"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.951
Praline/Busch476131995 Chevrolet Caprice "Fire Chief" Sedan Red SOLDHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.950
Praline/Busch476241995 Chevrolet Caprice "Police" Sedan "Rosemont Police"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.951
Praline/Busch476721995 Chevrolet Caprice "Police" Sedan "Nebraska" WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.951
Praline/Busch476761995 Chevrolet Caprice "Police" Sedan "Florida" Green & BlackHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.951
Praline/Busch476771995 Chevrolet Caprice "Police" Sedan "Missouri" BlackHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.951
Praline/Busch476801995 Chevrolet Caprice "Police" Sedan "Nevada" Blue & SilverHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.951
Praline/Busch476811995 Chevrolet Caprice "Police" Sedan "Virginia" Gray & BlackHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.951
Praline/Busch476821995 Chevrolet Caprice "Police" Sedan "Iowa" SilverHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.953
Praline/Busch476851995 Chevrolet Caprice "Police" Sedan "Arkansas" WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.951
Praline/Busch476861995 Chevrolet Caprice "Police" Sedan "Maine" SilverHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.951
Praline/Busch476871995 Chevrolet Caprice "Police" Sedan "New Hampshire" Tan & GreenHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.953
Praline/Busch476881995 Chevrolet Caprice "Police" Sedan "Louisiana" WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.951
Praline/Busch476911995 Chevrolet Caprice "Police" Sedan "North Carolina" Silver & BlackHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$13.951
Praline/Busch476921995 Chevrolet Caprice "Police" Sedan "Washington" WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$13.951
Praline/Busch47700Ford Model A Delivery Van Black & TanHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$11.002
Praline/Busch47706Ford Model A "Police Patrol" Van (Black)HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$11.003
Praline/Busch47713Ford Model A "Police Department" Van (Black)HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$11.001
Praline/Busch56431950 Chevrolet Pick-up Truck w/Working Headlights & TaillightsHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.0011
Praline/Busch482001950 Chevrolet Pick-up Truck Blue - 2HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.002
Praline/Busch482041950 Chevrolet Tow Truck "Joe's Garage" (Black)HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.0015
Praline/Busch482071950 Chevrolet Pick-up Fire Truck (Red)HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$13.502
Praline/Busch482081950 Chevrolet Pick-up Farm Truck (Green)HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.002
Praline/Busch482111950 Chevrolet Pick-up Fire Truck w/Tank (Red)HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$14.001
Praline/Busch482121950 Chevrolet Stake Body Truck "Farm Truck - James W.Brown"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$13.001
Praline/Busch482901950 Chevrolet Pick-up Truck White "Cornerstone Const."HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.0010
Praline/Busch921111950 Chevrolet Pick-up Truck "P.R.R." TuscanHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.008
Praline/Busch923031950 Chevrolet Stake Body Truck "Railway Express Agency" GreenHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.001
Praline/Busch485001997 Mercedes-Benz M-Class MK-320 S.U.V. BlueHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.001
Praline/Busch485302001 Mercedes-Benz M-Class ML-500 S.U.V. Black-1 Maroon-2HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.503
Praline/Busch485701999 Mercedes-Benz M-Class ML-55 AMG S.U.V. Black-1 Green-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$11.502
Praline/Busch490091998 Ford Crown Victoria "United Taxi" WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$11.951
Praline/Busch490101998 Ford Crown Victoria "D.A.R.E. Sheriff" Black SOLDHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.950
Praline/Busch490701998 Ford Crown Victoria "Ohio" State Highway Patrol GrayHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.951
Praline/Busch490711998 Ford Crown Victoria "Utah" Highway Patrol WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.951
Praline/Busch490721998 Ford Crown Victoria "Oregon" State Police Black & GrayHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.951
Praline/Busch490741998 Ford Crown Victoria "Arizona" Highway Patrol WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.951
Praline/Busch490751998 Ford Crown Victoria "Wisconcin" State Trooper BlackHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.951
Praline/Busch490761998 Ford Crown Victoria "Mississippi" Highway Safety Patrol GrayHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.951
Praline/Busch490771998 Ford Crown Victoria "Montana" Highway Patrol BlackHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.951
Praline/Busch490791998 Ford Crown Victoria "North Dakota" State Patrol WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.951
Praline/Busch490801998 Ford Crown Victoria "Wyoming" Highway Patrol BlackHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.951
Praline/Busch490821998 Ford Crown Victoria "Kentucky" State Police Light BlueHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.951
Praline/Busch490831998 Ford Crown Victoria "New Mexico" State Police BlackHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.951
Praline/Busch922031998 Ford Crown Victoria "Illinois" State Police WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.951
Praline/Busch922041998 Ford Crown Victoria "Michigan" State Police BlueHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.951
Praline/Busch491002000 Mercedes-Benz C Class BlackHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$9.501
Praline/Busch491012000 Mercedes-Benz C Class w/Sun Roof - Metallic Blue-1 Silver-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$9.502
Praline/Busch491502001 Mercedes-Benz C Class T-Model Wagon Red-1 Black-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.002
Praline/Busch494052003 Mercedes-Benz CLK500 Convertible Metallic CMD CollectionHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$16.502
Praline/Busch494552003 Mercedes-Benz E Class T-Model Wagon CMD CollectionHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$16.502
Praline/Busch498052005 Mercedes-Benz M Class SUV Black-2 Metallic Gold-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$18.953
Preiser H.O.Plastic Vehic.Inv. 8-22-2016
Preiser1116Mercedes Truck w/4 Containers KitHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$14.501
Preiser1220Mercedes Trash Container Truck KitHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.801
Preiser20257Circus Girls w/MonkeysHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.002
Preiser24679Circus Hanamag R55 Tractor (2)HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$13.251
Preiser33210Chevy Blazer Fire Dept.w/2 FiguresHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$11.201
Preiser33211Chevy Blazer Fire Dept.w/2 FiguresHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.802
Ricko H.O.Plas.Vehicles Inv. 4-5-2018
Ricko383022004 Lamborghini Gallardo -- YellowHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$11.001
Ricko383072002 Maserati Spyder -- SilverHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$11.001
Ricko383091935 Horch 851 Pullman Limo. -- BlackHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.002
Ricko383101927 Mercedes-Benz 630K Roadster -- Red w/Black InteriorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.001
Ricko383121955 Mercedes-Benz 300C Limousine -- BlackHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.004
Ricko383271955 Mercedes-Benz 300C Cabriolet -- BlackHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.002
Ricko383392002 Alfa Romeo 156 GTA -- RedHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$11.002
Ricko383411989 Lamborghini Countach - 25th Anniversary -- SilverHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$11.002
Ricko383491936 Wanderer W25K Roadster -- GreenHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.002
Ricko383521939 Horch 930V Cabriolet -- BlackHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.002
Ricko383572003 Cadillac Sixteen -- Black w/Tan InteriorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$13.002
Ricko383612006 Chrysler PT Cruiser -- BlueHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$11.001
Ricko383622005 Chrysler 300C SRT8 -- BlackHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$29.001
Ricko383631931 Lincoln Model K Phaeton w/Top Down -- BlackHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.001
Ricko383661960 Porsche 356B Customized -- BlackHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$13.002
Ricko383692007 Dodge Caliper -- Inferno RedHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$11.003
Ricko383702005 Ford Mustang GT -- BlueHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$29.002
Ricko383712005 Ford GT -- Black w/White StripesHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$29.002
Ricko383722006 BMW M6 -- RedHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$14.004
Ricko383732006 Alfa Romeo Brera -- RedHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$13.002
Ricko383742005 Ford Mustang GT Convertible -- Red w/Red InteriorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$29.004
Ricko383801939 Horsh 930V Cabriolet w/Top up -- BlackHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.001
Ricko383811931 Lincoln Model K Phaeton w/Top up -- BlackHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.001
Ricko383822005 Ford Mustang GT Convertible w/Top Up-- RedHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$29.001
Ricko383902007 MG TF Roadster Convertible w/Top Down -- RedHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$14.006
Ricko384022004 Lamborghini Gallardo -- BlackHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$11.002
Ricko384091935 Horch 851 Pullman Limo. -- GreenHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.003
Ricko384101927 Mercedes-Benz 630K Roadster -- Yellow w/Black InteriorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.002
Ricko384121955 Mercedes-Benz 300C Limousine -- CreamHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.003
Ricko384271955 Mercedes-Benz 300C Cabriolet -- CreamHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.003
Ricko384491936 Wanderer W25K Roadster -- IvoryHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.002
Ricko384521939 Horch 930V Cabriolet -- Red/BlackHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.002
Ricko384572003 Cadillac Sixteen -- Metallic RedHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$13.002
Ricko384601934 Cadillac V16 Aerodynamic Coupe -- BlackHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.001
Ricko384612006 Chrysler PT Cruiser -- SilverHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.001
Ricko384622005 Chrysler 300C SRT8 -- SilverHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$29.001
Ricko384631931 Lincoln Model K Phaeton w/Top Down -- BlueHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.001
Ricko384661960 Porsche 356B Customized -- SilverHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$14.002
Ricko384692007 Dodge Caliper -- Sunburst OrangeHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$11.003
Ricko384781927 Mercedes-Benz 630K -- YellowHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.002
Ricko384791963 Lincoln Continental Convertible w/Top up -- BlackHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$29.001
Ricko384801939 Horsh 930V Cabriolet w/Top up -- Red/BlackHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.002
Ricko384811931 Lincoln Model K Phaeton w/Top up -- BlueHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.001
Ricko384822005 Ford Mustang GT Convertible -- Screaming Yellow w/ InteriorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$29.001
Ricko385091935 Horch 851 Pullman Limo. -- BlueHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.001
Ricko385692007 Dodge Caliper -- SilverHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.001
Ricko386692007 Dodge Caliper -- BlackHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.001
Ricko388031966 Lamborghini Miura -- YellowHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.000
Ricko388101927 Mercedes-Benz 630K Roadster -- Red/Maroon w/Black InteriorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box2
Ricko368101927 Mercedes-Benz 630K Roadster -- Yellow w/Black InteriorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box
Ricko388121955 Mercedes-Benz 300C Limousine -- CreamHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box3
Ricko36829HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box
Ricko36839HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box
Ricko36841HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box
Ricko368492007 Dodge Caliper --HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box
Ricko368692007 Dodge Caliper --HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box3
Rietze H.O.Plas.Vehicles Inv.8-18-2006
Rietze999102-Mitsubishi L300 Buses w/Olympics LetteringHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$8.002
Roco H.O.Plastic Vehicles Inv. 4-13-2013
RocoZ-99U.S. General Patton M-47 TankHO Plastic Vehiclesmint$15.001
Roco103Russian Stalin III TankHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$15.002
RocoZ-104U.S. M-40 Self Propelled 155MM A.A.GunHO Plastic Vehiclesmint$18.001
RocoZ-105German Self Propelled 88MM A.A. GunHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$18.001
Roco107-SGerman Panzer IV-F2 & H-K TankHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$19.001
RocoZ-108GermanHO Plastic Vehicles1
RocoZ-114U.S. GMC 6x6 Truck w/La-Crosse MissleHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$22.001
RocoZ-115U.S. GMC M-35 2 1/2Ton 6x6 w/Canvas TopHO Plastic Vehiclesmint$18.001
RocoZ-116U.S. GMC 2 1/2Ton 6x6HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$19.006
RocoZ-118Life Belts (10)HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$13.002
RocoZ-120U.S. Long Tom 155mm GunHO Plastic Vehiclesused$18.002
RocoZ-121U.S. 120mm A.A.GunHO Plastic Vehiclesused$18.001
RocoZ-135U.S. Self Propelled M-109 GunHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$19.001
RocoZ-137U.S. Self Propelled M-107 GunHO Plastic Vehiclesused$18.001
RocoZ-139U.S. Tank Recovery Vehicle T-120HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$15.001
RocoZ-140U.S. Tank Recovery Vehicle T-121HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$15.001
RocoZ-141U.S. Soldiers Artillery/Mortar GroupHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$12.002
RocoZ-146U.S. GMC M109 2 1/2Ton 6x6 Ordinance TruckHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$18.002
RocoZ-148U.S. GMC M50 2 1/2Ton 6x6 Tank TruckHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$16.000
RocoZ-149/150U.S. Mess TrailorHO Plastic Vehiclesmint$10.002
RocoZ-151U.S. Trailor w/2 Assault BoatsHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$18.001
RocoZ-152/153U.S. Cargo TrailorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$18.002
RocoZ-154U.S. Parade GroupHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$16.002
RocoZ-157/158U.S. Self Propelled 203mm Howitzer M-55HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$22.002
RocoZ-160Russian T-34/76 TankHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$16.002
RocoZ-164U.S. Van TrailorHO Plastic Vehiclesmint$10.001
RocoZ-165U.S. Tank TrailorHO Plastic Vehiclesmint$12.001
RocoZ-166U.S. Stake TrailorHO Plastic Vehiclesmint$10.002
RocoZ-167U.S. Van Tractor & TrailorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$18.001
RocoZ-168U.S. Fuel Tank Tractor & TrailorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$20.001
Roco170German Panzer VI Tiger I TankHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$19.001
Roco171Hunting Tiger II Tank TanHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$5.992
RocoZ-172German Medium "Leopard" TankHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$21.001
Roco174German Panzer III Tank w/50mm Short GunHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$8.002
Roco178U.S. M4 Artillery TractorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$20.002
RocoZ-179U.S. M-26 50Ton Tank TransporterHO Plastic Vehiclesexc.$28.001
Roco181U.S. M60/M60 A1 Main Battle TankHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$6.992
Roco186German 150 MM Heavy Field HowitzerHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$22.001
RocoZ-189German Faun L912 10 Ton Dump TruckHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$22.001
Roco190German Faun LKW 10 Ton Stake Body TruckHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$23.002
Roco191-SU.S. 6 Ton Corbitt/White Artilllery TruckHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$22.001
RocoZ-192U.S. M-54 A2 5-Ton 6x6 Covered Truck -- missing 1 set rear axle & wheelsHO Plastic Vehiclesused$10.001
RocoZ-193U.S. M62 5 ton Wrecker TruckHO Plastic Vehiclesmint$16.001
Roco198U.S. 37 MM Anti-Tank Gun and TrailorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$18.001
Roco202U.S. Sherman Medium M-4 TankHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.502
Roco205U.S. M-10/M-36 Tank DestroyerHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$22.001
Roco207M-41 Nato TankHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$9.252
Roco212German HS30 Rocket Carrier on TracksHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$22.002
Roco214German Personnel Carrier w/20 MM GunHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$20.002
RocoZ-216German Armored Scout Tank w/MachinegunHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$20.002
RocoZ-218Tents and Loading GoodsHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$8.002
Roco219U.S. M-48 Bridge LayerHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$14.002
Roco220M-48 A1 Battle TankHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$6.992
Roco221U.S. Patton M-47 Battle TankHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$24.001
RocoZ-224U.S. Dodge Communication TruckHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$22.001
RocoZ-228German 8 Ton Half Track w/20MM AA GunHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$9.001
RocoZ-230German Faun 12 Ton Wreck TruckHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$22.002
RocoZ-231German Faun 10 Ton Hoist TruckHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$22.002
RocoZ-232German M-88 Armored Recovery VehicleHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$28.001
RocoZ-233U.S. MotorcycleHO Plastic Vehiclesmint$15.001
RocoZ-236German VW Amphibious CarHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$22.001
Roco239-SLarge Rubber Boat w/Outboard MotorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$15.002
RocoZ-243GMC M-35 6 Ton Radio TruckHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$18.002
Roco250Scud-A Missle CarrierHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.951
Roco378Magirus 168M Tank TruckHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.B.P.$7.602
Roco383Border Patrol Set 5 Pcs.HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$30.501
Roco384Border Patrol Set 3 Pcs.HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$21.001
Roco390Magirus 10Whl.Jupitor & Tank TruckHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.751
Roco391Leopard A1 TankHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$9.001
Roco402Man N4510 Heavy Truck w/TanksHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$8.251
Roco411Man 630 L2 AE Heavy Truck w/TanksHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$18.502
Roco428U.S. M1038 Hummer Cargo/Troop CarrierHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$13.004
Roco429V.W. Pick-up TruckHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$4.201
Roco430V.W. AmbulanceHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$4.801
Roco433Unimog TLF 8/18 Supply TruckHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$6.401
Roco452Unimog U1300L Covered Truck w/Cov.TrailorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$8.801
Roco454Magirus 168 M11 Canvas Covered TruckHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$6.802
Roco632U.S. Willys Jeep Military Police WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.002
Roco700German VI "Tiger" PzKpfw Tank TanHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.001
Roco1307Unimog 1300L Dump Truck w/Crane "Merck" OrangeHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.001
Roco1311Steyr 91 TLFA 4000 Fire TruckHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$8.801
Roco1317Opel Blitz TLF 16 Fire TruckHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$8.008
Roco1327GMC KW10 5-Ton Wrecker Truck "Fire Service" Red w/White CabHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$20.001
Roco1342Steyr 680 TLF Fire TruckHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$16.001
Roco1344Vienna 507 & 586 TLF 1500 Fire Tk.SetHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$39.001
Roco1345Dodge Fire Pick-up Truck Red & CreamHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.952
Roco1348Dodge "Cheetah" Fire Truck Swiss Yellow & GreyHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$16.951
Roco1349Magirus DLK 23-12 Fire Ladder Truck Red & GreyHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$20.001
Roco1350Fire Service Trailors (2) RedHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.002
Roco1351Mercedes LF-8 Fire Truck Red & BlackHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$18.001
Roco1409GMC KW10 5-Ton Wrecker Truck YellowHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$18.002
Roco1517Steyr 680 Covered Truck "Kuhne & Nagle"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$6.002
Roco1527Magirus 10Wheel Container Truck w/Trash Container GreenHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.952
Scale Scenics H.O.Metal Vehicles Inv. 3-25-2008
Scale Scenics3502Cement Mixer w/Cement Bags & safety pylons KitHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Bl.Pk.$8.951
Scale Scenics3515Fork Lift w/Pallets KitHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Bl.Pk.$6.952
T.K.Models H.O.Metal Vehic.Inv.6-1-98
T.K. ModelsHO-9UPS 40' Highway Trailor KitHO Metal VehiclesnewOrig.Box$8.002
Trident H.O.Plastic Vehic.Inv. 7-7-2009
Trident90004Chevy M 1008 Troop Carrier Military Tk.HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Bl.Pk.$8.000
Trident90007Chevy M 1010 Military AmbulanceHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Bl.Pk.$10.002
Trident90010LAV-25 8 Whl.Military Lt.Assualt Vehic.HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Bl.Pk.$11.200
Trident90011LAV-AT 8 Whl.Military Armor.Trans.Vehic.HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Bl.Pk.$11.200
Trident90012LAV-M 8 Whl.Military Mortar CarrierHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Bl.Pk.$11.203
Trident90013LAV-C2 8 Whl.Military Command Control Vehic.HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Bl.Pk.$11.202
Trident90023Chevy Fleetside 4x4 Pick-up TruckHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Bl.Pk.$11.201
Trident90026LAV-L 8 Whl.MilitaryHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Bl.Pk.$10.003
Trident90042Chevy Blazer "Sheriff"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Bl.Pk.$12.002
Trident90044Chevy Ambulance Blue & WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Bl.Pk.$11.202
Trident90057Chevy Suburban Fire Service White w Red StripeHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Bl.Pk.$10.001
Trident90066Chevy Military Personnel Van Olive GreenHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Bl.Pk.$9.752
Trident90070Man F-8 Dump Truck "THW" BlueHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Bl.Pk.$12.801
Trident90078Ford F-350 Crew Cab Pick-up Truck Blue - Red - White - YellowHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.005
Trident90082Chevy "Police" Van Blue & WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$11.251
Trident90092Chevy Scat Mini Pumper Fire Trucks RedHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.001
Trident90099Chevy "U.S.Postal" Delivery Van w/U.S.Mail & LogoHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.001
Trident90100Chevy Metropolitan AmbulanceHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.002
Trident90103Chevy "FedEx" VanHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$11.251
Walthers H.O.Plastic Vehicles Inv. 3-2-2018
Walthers1293Modern Kenworth 10 Wheel Tractor Kit "Green"Kenworth 10 Wheel CabsnewOrig.Pack.$4.002
Walthers1403Wabash (2)32'Van TrailorsnewOrig.Box$12.003
Walthers1452Milwaukee40'Van TrailorsnewOrig.Box$7.201
Walthers1456Clipper40'Van TrailorsnewOrig.Box$7.204
Walthers1461Availco Preferred Pool40'Van TrailorsnewOrig.Box$7.202
Walthers1657Illinois Central Gulf Piggyback40'Van TrailorsnewOrig.Pack.$4.252
Walthers1658Union Pacific40'Van TrailorsnewOrig.Pack.$4.252
Walthers1671Chicago & NorthWestern Falcon Service40'Van TrailorsnewOrig.Pack.$4.250
Walthers1672Strick Lease40'Van TrailorsnewOrig.Pack.$4.253
Walthers1673Union Pacific40'Van TrailorsnewOrig.Pack.$4.250
Walthers1674Illinois Central40'Van TrailorsnewOrig.Pack.$4.250
Walthers1676Transamerica40'Van TrailorsnewOrig.Pack.$4.254
Walthers1710OOCL #571975 (Grey)40'Hi-Cube Ribbed Side ContainersnewOrig.Pack.$7.953
Walthers1751Maersk #290922 (Silver)20' Ribbed Side ContainersnewOrig.Pack.$7.952
Walthers1752"K" Line #109659 (Red)20' Ribbed Side ContainersnewOrig.Pack.$7.952
Walthers1754Evergreen #330889 (Green)20' Ribbed Side ContainersnewOrig.Pack.$7.951
Walthers1755Genstar #74529 (Orange)20' Ribbed Side ContainersnewOrig.Pack.$7.951
Walthers1756OOCL #204041 (Grey)20' Ribbed Side ContainersnewOrig.Pack.$7.951
Walthers1757Mitsui O.S.K. Lines #270154 (Silver)20' Ribbed Side ContainersnewOrig.Pack.$7.951
Walthers1758Triton #217967 (Brown)20' Ribbed Side ContainersnewOrig.Pack.$7.953
Walthers1759Nedlloyd #300854 (Grey)20' Ribbed Side ContainersnewOrig.Pack.$7.952
Walthers1761C.P.Ships #361101 (Green)20' Ribbed Side ContainersnewOrig.Pack.$7.951
Walthers1762CAST #061568 (Blue)20' Ribbed Side ContainersnewOrig.Pack.$7.951
Walthers1763A.P.L. #275042 (Brown)20' Ribbed Side ContainersnewOrig.Pack.$7.952
Walthers1768XTRA International #330715 (Red)20' Ribbed Side ContainersnewOrig.Pack.$7.952
Walthers1800Undecorated48' Stoughton Smoothside ContainersnewOrig.Pack.$7.951
Walthers1803Burlington Northern #288500 (White)48' Stoughton Smoothside ContainersnewOrig.Pack.$7.951
Walthers1807Con Quest #270010 (White)48' Stoughton Smoothside ContainersnewOrig.Pack.$7.951
Walthers1815J.B.Hunt #700067 (White)48' Stoughton Smoothside ContainersnewOrig.Pack.$9.955
Walthers1818B.N.America #288500 (White)48' Hi-Cube Ribbed Side ContainersnewOrig.Pack.$7.955
Walthers1819J.B.Hunt #700067 (White)48' Hi-Cube Ribbed Side ContainersnewOrig.Pack.$9.954
Walthers1820A.P.L. #488596 (Silver)48' Hi-Cube Ribbed Side ContainersnewOrig.Pack.$7.954
Walthers1850Undecorated40' Hi-Cube Refrigerated ContainersnewOrig.Pack.$7.951
Walthers1851"K" Line #592010 (Grey)40' Hi-Cube Refrigerated ContainersnewOrig.Pack.$7.952
Walthers1859M.O.L. #506750 (Gray)40' Hi-Cube Refrigerated ContainersnewOrig.Pack.$7.951
Walthers311040'to 48' Extendable Cont.Chassis Kit (2)Container ChassisnewOrig.Box$7.504
Walthers3118Front End Loader Built-up & Heavily WeatherednewOrig.Box$39.002
Walthers3142Terex H.D.Truck KitContainer CranenewOrig.Box$20.001
Walthers4011Mack 10 Wheel R Model Dump Truck KitTruck KitsnewOrig.Box$10.001
Walthers4013International C.O.E.Wood Chip Tractor Trailor KitTruck KitsnewOrig.Box$16.000
Wiking H.O.Plastic Vehicles Inv. 4-8-2018
Wiking1nJeep Olive Green Imported 1962HO Plastic Vehiclesnew$18.001
Wiking2nJaguar Type "E" Off White Imported 1962HO Plastic Vehiclesnew$20.002
Wiking3kVolkswagon 181 w/Top Down 1-Tan Imported 1972HO Plastic Vehiclesnew$18.001
Wiking3pVolkswagon Beetle Post Yellow Imported 1968HO Plastic Vehiclesused$10.001
Wiking5bOutboard Motorboat on Trailor Tan & White Imported 1963HO Plastic Vehiclesmint$25.001
Wiking5rSmall House Trailor Off White Imported 1962HO Plastic Vehiclesnew$18.001
Wiking5wLarge 2 Axle House Trailor White Imported 1970 SOLDHO Plastic Vehiclesused$18.000
Wiking15aMercedes 600 Limo. Black Imported 1966HO Plastic Vehiclesused$18.001
Wiking15sMercedes 280s Sedan Gray w/Red Interior Imported 1968HO Plastic Vehiclesnew$20.001
Wiking20Ford Taunus M Red Imported 1954HO Plastic Vehiclesused$20.001
Wiking20Jaguar Sport w/Driver & Passenger CreamHO Plastic Vehiclesused$18.001
Wiking22m1964 Chevy Malibu Yellow - 1 Maroon - 1 Imported 1966HO Plastic Vehiclesnew$25.002
Wiking022 10Jaguar Type "E" BlackHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.001
Wiking023 01 294-Wheel All-Terrain Vehicle w/DriverHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$17.992
Wiking30Volkswagon 1303 Brown Imported 1975HO Plastic Vehiclesnew$18.001
Wiking31nVolkswagon Kombi Off White Imported 1968HO Plastic Vehiclesused$20.001
Wiking31pVolkswagon Pick-up Truck Green-1 Gray-1 Imported 1965HO Plastic Vehiclesused$20.002
Wiking31sVolkswagon Bus Salmon & Tan Imported 1962HO Plastic Vehiclesused$20.001
Wiking33Volkswagen Cabriolet Silver-1 Blue-1 Cream-1 White-1 Imported 1972HO Plastic Vehiclesnew$18.004
Wiking34Volkswagon Dune Buggy Orange-1 Silver-1 Imported 1978HO Plastic Vehiclesnew$12.002
Wiking35Opel Blitz Truck w/Roll up sides Off White & w/Green CoverHO Plastic Vehiclesnew$10.003
Wiking035 03 24Volkswagon New Beetle Light Blue Imported 1999HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.951
Wiking36wMercedes Tow Truck Black & Red Imported 1965HO Plastic Vehiclesmint$15.001
Wiking37Volkswagon 1300 Post Yellow Imported 1970HO Plastic Vehiclesnew$12.002
Wiking37Volkswagon 1303 Post YellowHO Plastic Vehiclesused$9.002
Wiking40Volkswagon 181 Convertible Olive-WhiteHO Plastic Vehiclesnew$8.009
WikingVolkswagon 1500 Variant Fire Service Red Imported 1973HO Plastic Vehiclesused$12.001
Wiking44Volkswagen Golf 4 Door Off White-1 Red-2HO Plastic Vehiclesused$8.003
Wiking47Volkswagen K 70 4 Door Sedan Off White Imported 1972HO Plastic Vehiclesused$18.001
Wiking48Volkswagen Passat Pale Green-1 Off White-1 Orange-1 Imported 1975HO Plastic Vehiclesmint$12.003
Wiking49Volkswagon Rabbit Post YellowHO Plastic Vehiclesused$8.001
Wiking49Volkswagon Rabbit Post YellowHO Plastic Vehiclesnew$8.003
Wiking051 02Volkswagon Golf GLHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$8.001
Wiking52bMagirus 10 Whl.Cab w/Container Trailor & 2 20' Reefer Cont. Imported 1970HO Plastic Vehiclesused$15.001
Wiking53bBeton-Mischer Cement Mixer Truck Imported 1964HO Plastic Vehiclesused$12.001
Wiking18 062Mercedes Van w/Flat TrailorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$9.502
Wiking64nMercedes Garbage Truck Orange & Grey Imported 1970HO Plastic Vehiclesmint$9.001
Wiking65Power Roller w/Operator Orange Imported 1966HO Plastic Vehiclesused$15.001
Wiking65pBulldozer w/Operator Orange Imported 1959HO Plastic Vehiclesmint$14.001
Wiking65sGravel Loader w/Operator Orange Imported 1968HO Plastic Vehiclesused$10.001
Wiking22 066Mercedes 230G w/Horse TrailorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$13.502
Wiking67Magirus 10 Wheel H.D.Dump Truck Orange Imported 1968HO Plastic Vehiclesused$18.001
Wiking70Mercedes 200 Ambulance Cream Imported 1974HO Plastic Vehiclesused$12.002
Wiking80Opel Ascona Orange Imported 1978HO Plastic Vehiclesmint$12.001
Wiking80kVolkswagen Van "Shell Termo Komfort" YellowHO Plastic Vehiclesnew$12.001
Wiking96Small Covered Trailor Green or GreyHO Plastic Vehiclesnew$6.009
Wiking98Small Flatbed 2 Axle Trailor Orange Imported 1972HO Plastic Vehiclesnew$10.001
Wiking1101951 Opel Kapitan Maroon Imported 1977HO Plastic Vehiclesused$15.002
Wiking1101951 Opel Kapitan Charcoal Imported 1977HO Plastic Vehiclesmint$20.001
Wiking1121964 Opel Admiral Black Imported 1976HO Plastic Vehiclesused$20.001
Wiking120Audi 100 Sedan Light Blue Imported 1971HO Plastic Vehiclesused$15.001
Wiking122DKW (1950) Dark Green Imported 1977HO Plastic Vehiclesnew$8.008
Wiking140Mercedes 350 SL 1 Light Grey-1 Imported 1972HO Plastic Vehiclesused$8.001
Wiking140Mercedes 350 SL Maroon-1 Light Grey-1 Imported 1984HO Plastic Vehiclesnew$15.002
Wiking14 141Mercedes 500 SL Sport Coupe White over GreyHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.001
Wiking141 02 18Mercedes 500 SL Sport Coupe Green over Green -- 2 ToneHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.001
Wiking142 02Mercedes 500 SL Convertible Blue over Blue -- 2 ToneHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.002
Wiking143 02 17Mercedes 320 CE Coupe BlueHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.001
Wiking149Mercedes 200 Taxi w/Taxi Decal missing Beige Imported 1972HO Plastic Vehiclesnew$12.008
Wiking151Mercedes 450 SE Sedan Black Imported 1974HO Plastic Vehiclesused$15.002
Wiking152Mercedes 240D Light Grey Imported 1980HO Plastic Vehiclesused$10.001
Wiking152Mercedes 240D Light Grey-1 Brown-1 Imported 1980HO Plastic Vehiclesmint$15.002
Wiking155Mercedes 250 T Station Wagon Red Imported 1981HO Plastic Vehiclesmint$15.001
Wiking158-01Mercedes 500 SEL RedHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.001
Wiking158-04Mercedes 500 SEL White over GreyHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.001
Wiking161Porsche 911 Orange - 7 Cream -1 Imported 1967HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$8.008
Wiking165 14Porsche Carrera 4 Cabriolet Red Imported 1991HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$9.001
Wiking188-02Mazda MX 5 Convertible Yellow Imported 1994HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.951
Wiking189-01Ferrari 348 ts Red Imported 1993HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.952
Wiking13 191B.M.W. 320i Convertible RedHO Plastic Vehiclesnew$8.001
Wiking13 193B.M.W. 520i Sedan RedHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$9.008
Wiking202Ford Capri Red Imported 1970HO Plastic Vehiclesused$4.001
Wiking12 204Ford Sierra XR4 Red/Charcoal Imported 1985HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.952
Wiking210Lincoln Continental Dark Blue Imported 1966HO Plastic Vehiclesused$10.002
Wiking210Lincoln Continental Blue-4 Cream-2 Imported 1966HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$12.955
Wiking230Mercedes C111 Orange Imported 1971HO Plastic Vehiclesused$10.002
Wiking263 03Mitsubishi Pajero S.U.V. Silver Imported 2000HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.952
Wiking264Volvo 264 Sedan Maroon-1 Brown -1 Cream-1 Imported 1976HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.003
Wiking268Mercedes CamperHO Plastic Vehiclesnew$13.001
Wiking270Mercedes L406 Panel Truck 1-Yellow 1-Pale Green 1 - GrayHO Plastic Vehiclesmint$8.003
Wiking278Mercedes Rescue Truck CreamHO Plastic Vehiclesnew$7.507
Wiking280Mercedes 207D Panel Truck "A" CreamHO Plastic Vehiclesnew$7.507
Wiking16 301Volkswagon LT28 Food Van "Eis"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$7.502
Wiking304Volkswagon LT28 Van "Hebel" OrangeHO Plastic Vehiclesnew$6.501
Wiking304Volkswagon LT28 Van "Gas" GreenHO Plastic Vehiclesnew$6.502
Wiking308Lanz Bulldog Farm Tractor w/Driver Maroon Imported 1973HO Plastic Vehiclesnew$12.001
Wiking3351939 Opel Blitz Covered Truck Green-1 Imported 1973HO Plastic Vehiclesused$5.001
Wiking352Bedford Delivery Truck w/Cover Gray & GreenHO Plastic Vehiclesnew$8.004
Wiking355Bedford Passenger Van Red w/Gray Interior Imported 1981HO Plastic Vehiclesused$5.001
Wiking356Bedford Panel Truck w/Logo CreamHO Plastic Vehiclesnew$8.001
Wiking375Unimog 1700L Flatbed Truck Light GreenHO Plastic Vehiclesused$8.002
Wiking381Farm Flatbed Trailor Gray Imported 1958HO Plastic Vehiclesnew$6.008
Wiking395 01 26MTD Riding Lawn Mower w/DriverHO Plastic Vehiclesused2
Wiking395 01 26MTD Riding Lawn Mower w/DriverHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$14.002
Wiking20 430Mercedes 814 Refrig.Truck "Zimbo" WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.992
Wiking441 01 37Mercedes "Service 24th" CabHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$25.502
Wiking455Mercedes 1632 Covered Truck & Trailor "Zeitfracht" MaroonHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$9.991
Wiking455Mercedes 1632 Covered Truck & Trailor "Holert" RedHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$9.993
Wiking456Mercedes 1632 Covered Truck & Trailor "Mercedes-Benz" Red & YellowHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$9.991
Wiking26 456Mercedes 2238 Truck & Trailor "Preuss"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$9.993
Wiking27 459Mercedes Truck & Trailor "Kolb"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$9.604
Wiking460Scania LTB 111 Tk.& Trailor "Scania" BlueHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$9.991
Wiking27 468DAF 3300 Covered Truck w/Covered TrailorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.401
Wiking471Man Cab w/Double Trailor "Lebkuchen" WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$9.995
Wiking26 473Man 19.361 Truck & Trailor "Steinle"HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$9.992
Wiking480Krupp 1955 Titan Truck & Trailor CreamHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$9.992
Wiking507COE 10Whl.Cab similar to MackHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$3.002
Wiking515Mercedes Cab w/Cov.Trailor "Kuhne & Nagel" BlueHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$9.991
Wiking517Man Cab w/Tri-Axle Trailor "Rosb.Brun." RedHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$9.002
Wiking522Magirus Cab w/2 20'Cont.Trailor Blue & GrayHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.001
Wiking24 523Iveco Cab w/40'Container TrailorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.003
Wiking18 526Mercedes Cab w/20'Cont.Trailor "Siemens" Red & WhiteHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.002
Wiking30 527Peterbilt Cab w/ICI Paint Container TrailorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$16.002
Wiking530Ford Cab w/Cov.Trailor "W.Friesland" Yel.&Gr.HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$9.991
Wiking535Man Cab w/Cov.Trailor "M.A.N." BlueHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$9.994
Wiking540Ford Cab w/Van Trailor "ICI Lacke Farben" Gr.HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$9.992
Wiking540Ford Cab w/Van Trailor "Dachser" YellowHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$9.992
Wiking542Mercedes1626 Cab w/Tri-Ax.Trailor "Rama" BlueHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$9.992
Wiking550Magirus Postal Delivery Truck YellowHO Plastic Vehiclesnew$8.002
Wiking25 551Man Truck w/Trailor PostHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$8.002
Wiking25 565Mercedes Livestock Truck w/TrailorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.004
Wiking600Volkswagon Variant Fire Service RedHO Plastic Vehiclesnew$8.003
Wiking602Opel Fire Ladder Truck Red Imported 19HO Plastic Vehiclesused$8.001
Wiking603Volkswagon Fire Service Minibus RedHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$8.008
Wiking606Volkswagon Golf Fire Service RedHO Plastic Vehiclesnew$8.009
Wiking607Mercedes 200 Fire Service Ambulance Red Imported 1982HO Plastic Vehiclesused$9.002
Wiking608Mercedes Fire Rescue Step Van RedHO Plastic Vehiclesnew$9.504
Wiking609Mercedes 230G Fire Ambulance Red & WhiteHO Plastic Vehiclesnew$9.505
Wiking610Magirus LF16 Fire Truck w/Interior RedHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.002
Wiking618Metz DLK 23-12 Fire Ladder Truck RedHO Plastic Vehiclesnew$10.001
Wiking621Mercedes TLF 24/50 Fire Tank Truck RedHO Plastic Vehiclesnew$10.001
Wiking622Mercedes TLF 8/18 Fire Tank Truck RedHO Plastic Vehiclesnew$10.004
Wiking623Mercedes Fire Tank Truck RedHO Plastic Vehiclesnew$10.003
Wiking630Magirus KW16 Fire Wrecker Truck RedHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.001
Wiking631Mercedes Tow Truck Red-1 Orange-1 Imported 1983HO Plastic Vehiclesnew$15.002
Wiking20 633Mercedes 817 Wreck Recovery TruckHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.004
Wiking635Mercedes Red Cross Covered Truck BeigeHO Plastic Vehiclesnew$9.502
Wiking641Mercedes Edelhoff Garbage Truck White Imported 1985HO Plastic Vehiclesused$8.001
Wiking22 641Mercedes Edelhoff Garbage Truck White SOLDHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.001
Wiking641Mercedes Modern Garbage TruckHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$14.002
Wiking20 643Mercedes Recycling Container TruckHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.005
Wiking650 04 20Straben-Walze Road Roller w/Canopy BlackHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$8.992
Wiking655Bulldozer w/Blade,Canopy & Operator Blue Imported 1978HO Plastic Vehiclesused$10.001
Wiking657 40 29Street Sweeper/VacuumHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$17.992
Wiking658 02 31Terex HR-18 Mini Tracked ExcavatorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$20.992
Wiking14 663Still R70-20 Forklift Truck Orange & BlackHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$6.990
Wiking671Magirus-Deutz 10Whl.H.D.Dump Tk. Orange Imported 1974HO Plastic Vehiclesnew$12.001
Wiking673Man Diesel 10Whl.Dump Truck Pale GreenHO Plastic Vehiclesnew$12.001
Wiking20 677Mercedes Cab w/Dump TrailorHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.001
Wiking680Magirus Cement Ready-Mix Truck Red & Grey Imported 1974HO Plastic Vehiclesused$10.001
Wiking682Mercedes Cement Ready-Mix Truck Green & Grey Imported 1977HO Plastic Vehiclesused$10.001
Wiking24 705Mercedes 0 305 G Articulated City Bus Cream-1 Orange-2 Imported 1985HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$18.003
Wiking713 01Mercedes 0404 Bus w/Complete Interior Two tone BlueHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$28.001
Wiking24 730Man SD 200 Doubledeck Berlin Bus Cream Imported 1989HO Plastic Vehiclesnew$16.002
Wiking807-03Citroen ID 19 Maroon & SilverHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.001
Wiking816 05 23Austin Healey 3000 Roadster Red & TanHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$9.753
Wiking14 8261938 Audi 2 Door Convertible w/Top Down BlackHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.001
Wiking834 05 23Mercedes 300 SL Roadster Dark Green Imported 2000HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$9.751
Wiking26 850Hanomag ST100 Truck w/2 Farm TrailorsHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$13.001
Wiking27 852Bussing 8000 Truck w/Low Bed Tr.w/SpoolHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$15.502
Wiking18 861Opel 1939 Fire Truck Imported 1985HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$8.001
Wiking18 862Opel 1939 Fire Ladder Truck Imported 1985HO Plastic Vehiclesused$9.001
Wiking22 863Opel 1939 LF 8 Fire Truck w/Trailor Imported 1987HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$9.001
Wiking879Open Farm Trailor w/Load GreenHO Plastic Vehiclesnew$7.001
Wiking1045V.W. Golf "Polizei" Green Imported 1983HO Plastic Vehiclesused$8.002
Wiking1066Mercedes 230G Police Wagon Green & WhiteHO Plastic Vehiclesnew$7.504
Wiking1082Mercedes 207D Police Wagon Green & WhiteHO Plastic Vehiclesnew$7.503
Wiking1982Ltd.Edition 4 Vehic.Set (3 Tks.& 1 Bus)HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$61.951
Wiking1340Large Wheel SetsHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$6.003
Wiking32601937 Mercedes 260 D Limousine Black-2 Green-1 Maroon-1HO Plastic Vehiclesused$8.001
Wiking32601937 Mercedes 260 D Limousine Maroon-1 Dark Blue-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.002
Wiking33281938 BMW 328 Convertible New #828 Silver -1 Cream -2 Black-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$12.004
Wiking3500Hanimog ST 100 Truck w/2 Trailors BrownHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$14.001
Wiking35031998 Volkswagen Beetle Light BlueHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.501
Wiking3730Berlin Double Deck Bus CreamHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$18.001
Wiking38001951 Rolls Royce Limousine New #838 Dark BlueHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.005
Wiking3820Citroen 15 Six Limousine New #822 Black-5 Cream-1HO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Box$10.006
Williams Bros. H-O Plastic Vehicles Inv. 7-23-2010
Williams Bros.526Pitcairn Autogiro KitHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$4.501
Williams Bros.5551977 Dodge 4 Door Sedan KitHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$5.003
Williams Bros.548001978 Chevrolet El Camino KitHO Plastic VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$4.501
Woodland Scenics H-O Vehicles Inv. 3-25-2008
Woodland ScenicsD-234Caterpillar #112 Grader Kit (White Metal)HO VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$9.981
Woodland ScenicsD-235Caterpillar #6 Track-Type Loader Kit (White Metal)HO VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$9.981
Woodland ScenicsD-237Insley Model "K" Back Hoe Kit (White Metal)HO VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$15.981
Woodland ScenicsD-247Federal Open Cab 1 1/2 Ton Dump Truck Kit (White Metal)HO VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$10.982
Woodland Scenics55211950's Chevy Pick-up Truck w/Driver & Dog "Hall & Duke"HO VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$14.491
Woodland Scenics55221950's Chevy Hardtop w/Driver & Passenger "Billy Brown's Coupe"HO VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$13.491
Woodland Scenics55231950's Plymouth w/2 Figures fixin a Flat "Felix Fix-a-flat"HO VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$15.491
Woodland Scenics55281950's Chevy Hdtop w/Dr.& 1950 Ford Police Car & Officer "Willie's Warning"HO VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$25.491
Woodland Scenics55301940's Mercury w/2 Figures "Spoonin & Croonin"HO VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$14.491
Woodland Scenics55361950's Chevy Hdtop w/Driver & 1940s Ford Coupe w/Driver "Cruisin' Coupes"HO VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$23.491
Woodland Scenics55391950's Ford Van w/Driver & Painter "Peter's Painting"HO VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$16.981
Woodland Scenics55501950's Chevy Dump Truck w/Driver & Man w/Shovel "Rocky's Road Repair"HO VehiclesnewOrig.Pack.$21.981
Updated 5/15/2018