A.H.M. Bldgs.Plastic Inv. 2-9-2015
A.H.M. Buildings56438 - Light P.R.R.Style Position Signal -- (Working 12-14V)SOLDBuilt-upOrig.Packagenew$19.951
A.H.M. Buildings56438 - Light P.R.R.Style Position Signal -- (Working 12-14V)SOLDBuilt-upused$10.003
A.H.M. Buildings5811Old Time Factory BuildingkitOrig.Boxnew$25.001
A.H.M. Buildings5819Ramsey Journal 2-Story BuildingBuilt-upmint$25.001
A.H.M. Buildings5827Sand HousekitOrig.Boxnew$15.001
A.H.M. Buildings5851AArlee Station,Sand House,Signal Tower & Signal BoxkitOrig.Boxnew$50.001
A M Models Bldgs. Inv. 6-27-2011
A M Models501Skids/Pallets 36 PlastickitOrig.Packagenew$5.501
A M Models Bldgs. Inv. 6-27-2011
Aristo Craft27Illuminated 2-Sided Town Clock -- GreenBuilt-upused$3.003
Aristo Craft27Illuminated 2-Sided Town Clock -- Green 2 in PackageBuilt-upOrig.Packagenew$10.001
Aristo CraftIlluminated 4-Sided Town Clock -- GreenBuilt-upused$7.501
Atlas Bldgs.Plastic Inv. 12-15-2017
Atlas85Plate Girder BridgeBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$4.001
Atlas611Kate's 1920's Colonial 2 Story HouseBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$28.002
Atlas701Elevated Gate HousekitOrig.Boxnew$7.953
Atlas703Water TowerkitOrig.Boxnew$7.002
Atlas704Signal TowerkitOrig.Boxnew$12.951
Atlas704Signal Tower w/3 Figures inside towerBuilt-upmint$20.001
Atlas706Passenger StationBuilt-upexc.$15.001
Atlas7093 Stall Engine HousekitOrig.Boxnew$42.953
Atlas750Lumber Yard and Office BuildingkitOrig.Boxnew$8.001
Atlas775Railroad Telephone Poles w/3 Crossarms (12)kitOrig.Boxnew$5.001
Atlas776Picket Fence and Gate Set -- 72"kitOrig.Boxnew$5.002
Atlas884Deck Bridge Kit "Nickel Silver"kitOrig.Boxnew$5.001
Aurora Bldgs.Plastic Inv.6-18-86
Aurora652Colonial House PartialBuilt-upused$6.001
Aurora652Colonial HouseBuilt-upused$8.002
AuroraRanch HouseBuilt-upused$8.001
Ayres Bldgs. Inv.2-6-2011
AyresH.O.Scale Lumber 210 piece Assortment of 16' Scale lengthsOrig.Packagenew$10.004
Ayres513H.O.Scale Wooden Barrels (6)Orig.Packagenew$2.001
Ayres569H.O.Scale 300 Lb. Cakes of Ice (12)Orig.Packagenew$3.001
Bachmann & Spectrum Series Bldgs. Inv. 7-18-2015
Bachman & Spectrum2200Telephone Poles (12) BrownkitOrig.Boxnew$3.505
Bachman & Spectrum2600Water TankkitOrig.Boxnew$3.501
Bachman & Spectrum2632Switch TowerkitOrig.Boxnew$4.753
Bachman & Spectrum2808Coaling StationkitOrig.Boxnew$8.506
Bachman & Spectrum35111Sand & Coaling ComplexkitOrig.Boxnew$16.003
Bachman & Spectrum46205Action Depot w/Operating ForkliftBuilt-upOrig.Boxmint$20.001
Bachman & Spectrum46217Sunnyvale Passenger Station -- LightedBuilt-upmint$10.001
Bachman & Spectrum88004Variety StorekitOrig.Boxnew$59.001
Bar Mills Bldg.Signs Etc. Inv. 12-7-2017
Bar Mills206Philco Batteries - Billboard Sign - H.O. thru O ScaleOne Lazer Cut Wood Billboard FramekitOrig.Boxnew1
Bar Mills212Railway Express Agency - Billboard Sign - H.O. thru O ScaleOne Lazer Cut Wood Billboard FramekitOrig.Boxnew5
Bar Mills213Railway Express Agency - Billboard Sign - H.O. thru O ScaleOne Lazer Cut Wood Billboard FramekitOrig.Boxnew1
Bar Mills232Bekins Van Lines - Billboard Sign - H.O. thru O ScaleOne Lazer Cut Wood Billboard FramekitOrig.Boxnew1
Bar Mills288Soo or Reading or Nickel Plate Road - Billboard Sign - H.O. thru O ScaleOne Lazer Cut Wood Billboard FramekitOrig.Boxnew1
Bar Mills289C.N. or C.P. or Via - Billboard Sign - H.O. thru O ScaleOne Lazer Cut Wood Billboard FramekitOrig.Boxnew3
Bar Mills292N.S. or N.& W. or B.& O. - Billboard Sign - H.O. thru O ScaleOne Lazer Cut Wood Billboard FramekitOrig.Boxnew3
Bar Mills90502Old Dutch Cleanser - Billboard Sign - H.O. thru O ScaleOne Lazer Cut Wood Billboard FramekitOrig.Boxnew1
Bar Mills91702Union Station - Billboard Sign - H.O. thru O ScaleOne Lazer Cut Wood Billboard FramekitOrig.Boxnew1
Bar Mills92702Star Diner - Billboard Sign - H.O. thru O ScaleOne Lazer Cut Wood Billboard FramekitOrig.Boxnew1
Bar Mills99082Soo or Reading or Nickel Plate Road - Billboard Sign - H.O. thru O ScaleOne Lazer Cut Wood Billboard FramekitOrig.Boxnew2
Bar Mills
Bar Mills241Champion Spark PlugsWall Mounted Sign - Printed Self-Stick on Lazer Cut WoodkitOrig.Packagenew$7.501
Bar Mills243StudebakerWall Mounted Sign - Printed Self-Stick on Lazer Cut WoodkitOrig.Packagenew$7.501
Bar Mills248Morton SaltWall Mounted Sign - Printed Self-Stick on Lazer Cut WoodkitOrig.Packagenew$7.504
Bar Mills249Doctor Recommended TobaccoWall Mounted Sign - Printed Self-Stick on Lazer Cut WoodkitOrig.Packagenew$7.501
Bar Mills
Bar Mills255Sylvania - Billboard - H.O. thru O ScalePainted & Assembled Lazer Cut Wood BillboardBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$13.951
Bar Mills256Dutch Boy Paints - Billboard - H.O. thru O ScalePainted & Assembled Lazer Cut Wood BillboardBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$13.951
Bar Mills
Bar Mills401Sidewalk Freight Elevators Brass Kit #401kitOrig.Boxnew$8.951
Bar Mills4052-Covered Stairwells Kit #405Two Lazer Cut Wood Covered StairwellskitOrig.Boxnew$14.951
Bethlem Car Works Bldgs. Inv. 1-25-2001
Bethlehem Car Works61Victorian Tool Shed SOLDkitOrig.Boxnew$14.951
Blair Lines Building Signs Inv. 12-7-2017
Blair Lines151Main Street Storefront SignsPrinted on Plastic - Just Cut Out & InstallkitOrig.Packagenew$5.001
Blair Lines156Railroad Station & Depot SignsPrinted on Plastic - Just Cut Out & InstallkitOrig.Packagenew$5.004
Blair Lines158Main Street Storefront SignsPrinted on Plastic - Just Cut Out & InstallkitOrig.Packagenew$5.002
Blair Lines
Blair Lines1432Rooftop BillboardSigns - 4 Different -- N -- H.O. Kit #1432One Lazer Cut Billboard Frame w/choice of 4 SignskitOrig.Packagenew$9.981
Blair Lines1501Western Auto - Billboard Sign - N -- H.O.One Lazer Cut Billboard FramekitOrig.Packagenew$9.981
Blair Lines1503Freight Station - Billboard Sign - N -- H.O.One Lazer Cut Billboard FramekitOrig.Packagenew$9.982
Blair Lines1508Meadow Gold - Billboard Sign - N -- H.O.One Lazer Cut Billboard FramekitOrig.Packagenew$9.981
Blair Lines1518General Electric - Billboard Sign - N -- H.O.One Lazer Cut Billboard FramekitOrig.Packagenew$9.981
Blair Lines152048 & 50 Star U.S.Flag - Billboard Sign - N -- H.O.One Lazer Cut Billboard FramekitOrig.Packagenew$9.981
Blair Lines
Blair Lines2503Freight Station - Billboard Sign - H.O. - S - O Kit #2503One Lazer Cut Billboard FramekitOrig.Packagenew$12.982
Blair Lines2506Admiral Television Appliances - Billboard Sign - H.O. - S - OOne Lazer Cut Billboard FramekitOrig.Packagenew$8.981
Blair Lines2512Mack Trucks - Billboard Sign - H.O. - S - O Kit #2512One Lazer Cut Billboard FramekitOrig.Packagenew$9.981
Blair Lines2514Firestone - Billboard Sign - H.O. - S - O Kit #2514One Lazer Cut Billboard FramekitOrig.Packagenew$9.983
Blair Lines2517Hotel 2-Blocks - Billboard Sign - H.O. - S - O Kit #2517One Lazer Cut Billboard FramekitOrig.Packagenew$11.981
Blair Lines2523Gulf - Billboard Sign - H.O. - S - O Kit #2523One Lazer Cut Billboard FramekitOrig.Packagenew$11.981
Blair Lines2550Make your own Custom Sign - Billboard Sign - H.O. - S - OOne Lazer Cut Billboard FramekitOrig.Packagenew$12.981
Branchline Trains Bldgs. Inv. 8-11-2010
Branchline621Albion House Catalog House 50% discountkitOrig.Boxnew$27.501
Branchline686Flour Mill 50% discountkitOrig.Boxnew$25.001
Broadway Limited Bldgs. Inv. 4-2-2018
Broadway Limited1006Engineer & Fireman 4-Painted$5.993
Broadway Limited1007Engineer & Fireman 4-Painted$5.996
Campbell Bldgs. Inv. 4-1-2016
Campbell370Supply Shed & Hand Car HouseBuilt-upOrig.Boxmint$35.001
Campbell800Prifile Shingles to cover 9"x 12" w/Ruled Roof$9.001
Campbell9132-panel single pane Doors & Door Frames -- 3$2.001
Campbell9152-panel double pane Doors & Door Frames -- 3$2.001
Campbell926Turned Posts 10' high -- 5$2.001
Central Valley Bldgs. Inv. 7-26-2008
Central Valley1902150' Pratt Truss BridgekitOrig.Boxnew$36.001
Central Valley1902-10Bridge Ties (10 Sections)$9.001
Central Valley190372' Single Track Plate Girder$13.001
City Classics Bldgs. Inv. 5-9-2018
City Classics101Grant Street Iron Front 5 StoryskitOr.Packagenew$22.982
City Classics102Penn Avenue Tile Front 5 Stories UnpaintedBuilt-upnew$25.001
City Classics103Smallman Street WarehousekitOr.Packagenew$23.983
City Classics104Extra Stories for #103 Smallman Street WarehousekitOr.Packagenew$14.982
City Classics106East Ohio Street 5 StorieskitOr.Packagenew$22.981
City Classics107Carson Street Rail/Truck TerminalkitOr.Packagenew$16.981
City Classics1081940s Gas StationkitOr.Packagenew$20.981
City Classics110Route 22 DinerkitOr.Packagenew$20.983
City Classics112Railroad Street Company Houses -- 3-PackkitOr.Packagenew$49.982
City Classics115Main Street CafékitOr.Packagenew$27.982
City Classics116South Side SaloonkitOr.Packagenew$27.982
City Classics501-6Miscellaneous Advertising SignsOr.Packagenew$3.001
Classic Miniatures Bldgs. Inv.9-28-2007
Classic MiniaturesCM-29S.P. 1883 Narrow Gauge Engine HousekitOrig.Boxnew$24.001
Con-Cor Bldgs. Inv. 12-7-2017
Con-Cor9059Cambria City Welding ShopkitOrig.Boxnew$12.951
Design Preservation Models Bldgs.Inv. 12-5-2017
Design Preservation Models102Robert's Dry Goods -- Nicely Painted w/Windows & Signs on Front onlyBuilt-upused$18.001
Design Preservation Models103Cutting Scissors Co. -- Nicely Painted w/Windows & ShadesBuilt-upused$20.001
Design Preservation Models103Weidman Ward & Co. -- Nicely Painted w/Windowsw/Water Tower on Roof & Figures & Crates on Loading DockBuilt-upused$30.001
Design Preservation Models103Built-upused$20.001
Design Preservation Models104B.Moore Catalog/ShowroomKitOr.Packagenew$12.001
Design Preservation Models106Laubes Linen -- Nicely Painted w/Windows & ShadesRear Windows missing w/2 Figures in Front WindowsBuilt-upused$22.001
Design Preservation Models107Freight DepotKitOr.Packagenew$12.002
Design Preservation Models110Townhouse #2KitOr.Packagenew$11.001
Design Preservation Models111Townhouse #3KitOr.Packagenew$11.001
Design Preservation Models112City Cab Co.KitOr.Packagenew$12.004
Design Preservation Models117J.C.Nickels -- Nicely Painted w/Windows & Shadesw/Roof Walkout - Upstairs Rear Windows missingBuilt-upused$24.001
Design Preservation Models119M.T.Arms Apartment BuildingBuilt-upused
Design Preservation Models354Fedups Freight Co. (In Color)KitOr.Packagenew$40.001
Design Preservation Models360Modular Learning KitKitOr.Packagenew$8.001
Design Preservation Models361Arched Window Industrial BuildingKitOrig.Boxnew$40.002
Design Preservation Models362Rectangular Window Industrial BuildingKitOrig.Boxnew$40.001
Design Preservation Models36420th Century Storefront BuildingKitOrig.Boxnew$40.002
Design Preservation Models401Drywell InksKitOrig.Boxnew$45.002
Design Preservation Models402Whitewater BrewingKitOrig.Boxnew$45.004
Design Preservation Models404Emery LaneKitOrig.Boxnew$45.003
Design Preservation Models301complete inventory of the 301-Series Modular Building System
Downtown Decos Bldgs. Inv. 12-7-2017
Downtown DecoDD1000Addams Street Part OneLimited Run Craftsman KitKitOrig.Boxnew1
Durango Press Bldgs. Inv. 8-19-2016
DurangoDP-17B.& O. Water CraneKitOrig.Boxnew$16.001
DurangoDP-27Water ColumnKitOrig.Packagenew$7.502
DurangoDP-39Cleanout RackKitOrig.Boxnew$9.001
DurangoDP-41Coal LoaderKitOrig.Boxnew$18.001
Dyna-Models Metal Figures Inv. 8-12-2008
Dyna-ModelsR-24-Wheel Platform Express Truck - Kit -- unpaintedMetal FiguresKitIn Bagnew$4.002
Dyna-ModelsR-32-Wheel Platform Baggage Truck - Kit -- unpaintedMetal FiguresKitIn Bagnew$3.003
Dyna-ModelsR-42-Wheel Push-Cart -- painted blackMetal FiguresBuilt-upIn Bagused$4.003
Dyna-ModelsR-5Fork Lift Platform Truck -- unpaintedMetal FiguresBuilt-upIn Bagused$5.001
Dyna-ModelsR-5Fork Lift Platform Truck -- painted blackMetal FiguresBuilt-upIn Bagused$6.001
Dyna-ModelsR-12Platform Tractor w/3 Trailors -- unpaintedMetal FiguresBuilt-upIn Bagnew$12.001
Dyna-Models3 Styles of Sheep (6) -- paintedMetal FiguresIn Bagused$6.002
Dyna-Models4 Styles of Cattle -- unpaintedMetal FiguresIn Bagused$4.004
Dyna-ModelsR-203 Styles of Pigs (8) -- unpaintedMetal FiguresIn Bagused$5.001
Dyna-ModelsR-24Work Horses (2) -- unpaintedMetal FiguresIn Bagused$3.001
Dyna-ModelsR-24Work Horses (2) -- painted brownMetal FiguresIn Bagused$5.001
Dyna-ModelsR-28Hand Trucks (4) -- unpaintedMetal FiguresBuilt-upIn Bagused$5.001
Dyna-ModelsMisc. Standing or Walking Men or Women - PaintedMetal FiguresIn Bagused$2.0030
Dyna-ModelsEngineer & Fireman - 2 Figures -- unpaintedMetal FiguresIn Bagnew$3.003
Dyna-ModelsR-82Freight Train Crew - 5 Figures -- 2 are PaintedMetal FiguresBuilt-upIn Bagused$9.001
Dyna-ModelsR-82Freight Train Crew - 5 Figures -- all 5 are PaintedMetal FiguresBuilt-upIn Bagmint$15.001
Dyna-Models15001Dogs - Doberman, Ger.Shepard, Cocker & Dachound - Ptd.Metal FiguresBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$8.002
Ertl Collectibles Inv. 12-9-2017
Ertl Collectibles4063Six-Row Cornheads -- 40' Flat Car Load on Wood DeckBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$12.002
Ertl Collectibles40854-Grain Boxes w/Running Gear -- 40' Flat Car Load on DeckBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$16.001
Ertl Collectibles4277Milled Lumber -- 40' Gondola or Box Car LoadBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$12.001
Ertl Collectibles4682B.R.& P Ashford Signal TowerKitOrig.Boxnew1
Ertl Collectibles4686Vermont Passenger StationKitOrig.Boxnew1
Fine Scale Min.Bldgs.Inv. 9-29-2014
Fine Scale Minuature70Flagstop StationBuilt-upmint$75.001
Fine Scale MinuatureWater TowerBuilt-upmint$95.001
Fine Scale MinuatureFlour & Grain MillBuilt-upmint$150.001
Faller Bldgs.Plas. Inv. 4-30-2018
Faller Buildings154Freight StationBuilt-upmint$33.501
Faller Buildings156Freight HouseBuilt-upmint$10.501
Faller Buildings238ChurchBuilt-upmint$18.501
Faller Buildings240Village ChurchBuilt-upexc.$20.001
Faller Buildings243Mountain Chapel -- missing crossBuilt-upexc.$10.001
Faller BuildingsB-265Old Brick Factory BuildingBuilt-upOrig.Boxmint$25.001
Faller Buildings293Forrest Log CabinBuilt-upmint$9.001
Faller Buildings299Log CabinBuilt-upmint$7.501
Faller Buildings632Large Stand Alone Chimney 25.0 cm tallKitOrig.Packagenew$12.001
Faller BuildingsB-940City Gas WorksBuilt-upOrig.Boxmint$24.001
Faller BuildingsLarge House w/Attached BldgsBuilt-upmint$18.501
Faller Buildings180443Park Benches - 12 Benches in 4 ColorsKitOrig.Boxnew$10.501
Fowler's Bldgs.Inv.2-20-2016
Fowler'sFS-200Semaphore SignalkitOrig.Boxnew$12.001
Grant Line Bldgs.Inv. 8-8-2016
Grant Line5904The Silverton Ore ChuteGold Belt SerieskitOrig.Packagenew$24.951
Grant Line5909The Gomez StoreGold Belt SerieskitOrig.Packagenew$36.001
I.H.C. Buildings Inv. 5-22-2014
I.H.C.100-1Victorian Kavanah HousekitOrig.Boxnew$13.001
I.H.C.100-2Victorian Queen Ann HousekitOrig.Boxnew$13.001
I.H.C.100-5Victorian HousekitOrig.Boxnew$13.001
I.H.C.100-18Grant Cary's ApothecarykitOrig.Boxnew$12.001
I.H.C.712Old Time Gas StationkitOrig.Boxnew$10.001
I.H.C.4108Texaco Service StationkitOrig.Boxnew$10.001
I.H.C.5112Sky Wheel Double Ferris Wheel -- CarnivalkitOrig.Boxnew$13.504
I.H.C.5113Swinger -- CarnivalkitOrig.Boxnew$13.502
Kibri Plastic Bldgs. Inv. 11-24-2014
Kibri63106 Short 6 cm Pine treesBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$6.001
Kibri63144 Tall 12 cm Pine treesBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$6.001
Kibri8040Chalet "Breinz"Built-upused$25.001
Kibri8060Suburban HouseBuilt-upused$15.001
KibriB-8072Two Family House w/StoreBuilt-upOrig.Boxused$15.001
Kibri8075House w/Boutique & GarageBuilt-upused$25.001
Kibri8088House w/PatioBuilt-upused$24.001
KibriB-8150Post OfficeBuilt-upOrig.Boxused$25.001
Kibri8302Corner HouseBuilt-upused$24.001
KibriB-8330Two Story House w/GarageBuilt-upOrig.Boxmint$12.751
KibriB-8352City House w/Alley & 2 FiguresBuilt-upOrig.Boxused$28.001
KibriB-8354City House w/Work Shop & 1 FigureBuilt-upOrig.Boxused$28.001
KibriB-8356City House w/Balcony & 2 FiguresBuilt-upOrig.Boxused$28.001
KibriB-8358City House w/Grocery Store & 2 FiguresBuilt-upOrig.Boxused$28.001
KibriB-8430Timber HouseBuilt-upOrig.Boxused$28.001
Kibri8434The White Horse InnBuilt-upused$30.001
Kibri9458Freight Load Set w/Forklift TruckkitOrig.Boxnew$14.001
Kibri9602Bridge CraneBuilt-upused$19.001
KibriB-9772Village ChurchBuilt-upOrig.Boxused$32.001
KibriB-9802Esso Oil Fill Pumps w/TanksBuilt-upOrig.Boxused$20.001
Korber Models Bldgs. Inv. 12-7-2017
Korber12774' High Water Tower - 1900 Era BlackPsrtially Built-upkitOrig.Boxnew$16.951
Korber12874' High Water Tower - 1900 Era White & GraykitOrig.Boxnew$16.953
Life Like Plastic Bldgs. Inv. 6-24-2011
Life-LikeS-352KThe Morrell HomekitOrig.Boxnew$15.001
Life-LikeS-354KThe Rose HomekitOrig.Boxnew$15.001
Life-Like1372Equitable Trust Bank -- missing 2 stacks on roofBuilt-upused$18.001
Life-Like1382Woodlawn Police Station -- missing small parts on roofBuilt-upused$24.001
Life-Like1390Hampden Fire House -- missing overhead doorsBuilt-upused$15.001
Life-Like1394Kentucky Fried Chicken BuildingkitOrig.Boxnew$18.001
Life-Like1659Scene Master -- Power Generators (2) Flat Car Load SOLDBuilt-upOrig.Packagenew$9.000
Life-Like1662Scene Master -- Vertical Hoist Flat Car LoadBuilt-upOrig.Packagenew$9.001
Life-Like1663Scene Master -- Industrial Machinery Flat Car LoadBuilt-upOrig.Packagenew$9.001
Life-Like1664Scene Master -- Vertical Crates Flat Car LoadBuilt-upOrig.Packagenew$9.001
Life-Like1665Scene Master -- Palletized Boxes Flat Car LoadBuilt-upOrig.Packagenew$9.001
Life-Like1685Scene Master -- 6 painted Figures StandingBuilt-upOrig.Packagenew$12.001
Life-LikeThree Story Rooming HouseBuilt-upused$4.001
Lilliput Metal H.O.Figures Inv. 2-14-2011
Lilliput5091-Farmer 1-Farmer's Wife 2-Land Girls 2-Stable LadsMetal FiguresOrig.Boxnew$18.003
Lilliput5091-Farmer 1-Farmer's Wife 2-Land Girls 2-Stable Lads & Collie DogMetal FiguresOrig.Boxnew$20.004
LilliputAssorted Farm Animals & 2 Persons -- 13 Figures TotalMetal FiguresOrig.Boxnew$25.001
Master Creations H.O.Craftsman Bldgs. Inv. 12-4-2016
Master Creations50Franz Falk BreweryCraftsman Kit w/Wood, Diecast & Cardstock PartskitOrig.Boxnew$189.951
Master Creations82Harper and Wilson Wholesale LiquorsCraftsman Kit w/Wood, Diecast & Cardstock PartskitOrig.Boxnew$189.951
Merten H.O.Figures Inv. 2-6-2011
Merten806Women Passengers - Walking 6 FiguresOrig.Boxnew$7.002
Merten812Men Passengers - Walking 6 FiguresOrig.Boxnew$7.001
Merten818People Walking - Holding Hands - in 3s 6 FiguresOrig.Boxnew$7.004
Merten820People Walking - Holding Hands - in pairs 6 FiguresOrig.Boxnew$7.003
Merten853Women Passengers - Sitting 6 FiguresOrig.Boxnew$7.002
Merten865Tourists - Sitting in 3s 6 FiguresOrig.Boxnew$7.005
Merten867Tourists - Sitting in pairs 6 FiguresOrig.Boxnew$7.001
Merten876Track Repairmen w/Ties 6 FiguresOrig.Boxnew$9.002
Merten882Railroad Workmen 6 FiguresOrig.Boxnew$7.003
Merten889Blacksmith w/2 Horses 6 FiguresOrig.Boxnew$10.002
Merten891Woodsmen w/2 Dogs 7 FiguresOrig.Boxnew$10.001
Merten908Railroad Staff - Standing 6 FiguresOrig.Boxnew$7.002
Merten920Harvest Workers w/Scene 6 FiguresOrig.Boxnew$10.001
Merten948Bathers on Beach 6 FiguresOrig.Boxnew$9.001
Merten954Bathers on Beach - Lying & Sitting 6 FiguresOrig.Boxnew$7.001
Merten963Wedding Party - Bride & Groom 6 FiguresOrig.Boxnew$9.001
Merten963Wedding Guests Priest - Minister & 3 Children 5 FiguresOrig.Boxnew$7.004
Merten967Wedding Guests - Couples 6 FiguresOrig.Boxnew$7.001
Merten971Women Passengers - Hurrying w/Hats 6 FiguresOrig.Boxnew$7.002
Merten976Men Passengers - Hurrying w/Hats 6 FiguresOrig.Boxnew$7.004
Merten1001Horses & Cattle Standing 8 FiguresOrig.Boxnew$10.001
Merten1005Pigs,Sheep,& Goats Standing 8 FiguresOrig.Boxnew$10.002
Merten2180People Walking w/1 Dog (Poodle) 7 FiguresOrig.Boxnew$8.002
Merten2186People Standing w/Umbrellas 6 FiguresOrig.Boxnew$8.003
Merten2191School Children Walking 7 FiguresOrig.Boxnew$8.002
Merten2221Figure Skaters 6 FiguresOrig.Boxnew$8.001
Merten2230Children w/Snowman & Sled 6 FiguresOrig.Boxnew$10.001
Merten2246Policemen - Standing & Kneeling w/Dog 7 FiguresOrig.Boxnew$10.002
Merten2258Workmen - Carrying items & Dog 7 FiguresOrig.Boxnew$10.001
Merten2295Passengers - Decending Stairs 6 FiguresOrig.Boxnew$7.001
Merten2349Men Athletes - Running 6 FiguresOrig.Boxnew$8.001
Merten2451Seated Car Occupants 6 FiguresOrig.Boxnew$7.001
Micro Engineering Inv. 4-13-2015
Micro Engineering80-105Shipping Pallets -- 12 pieces -- PlastickitOrig.Packagenew$2.004
Micro EngineeringME-603H-K-Z False Fronts w/accessoryskitOrig.Boxnew1
Micro-Scale Models, Inc. Inv. 9-19-2014
Micro-Scale Models, Inc.W-010Wintersrun Freight StationCraftsman Building KitkitOrig.Boxnew$125.001
Micro-Scale Models, Inc.Railroad Maintenance OfficeCraftsman Building KitkitOrig.Boxnew$60.001
Micro-Scale Models, Inc.Old Interlocking TowerCraftsman Building KitkitOrig.Boxnew$48.001
Micro-Scale Models, Inc.136G.S. Byers Barrel & Keg Co.Craftsman Building KitkitOrig.Boxnew$195.001
Micro-Scale Model Products Inv. 2-9-2009
Micro-Scale Models Products300Single Track Tunnel Portal (Plaster)Built-upOrig.Boxnew$7.501
Model Power Inv. 11-24-2014
Model Power455United Mills Painted Brown w/Roof DetailsNeeds Glazing & Signs on FrontBuilt-up$24.001
Model Power456Delta Fraternity House w/WindowsBuilt-upused$24.001
Model Power468Riley's Building RenovationkitOrig.Boxnew$19.981
Model Power474Sneed's Feeds & Tools w/Interior Lighting "Hand Weathered"kitOrig.Boxnew$24.981
Model Power475Jan's Ice Cream Parlor w/Operating AwningkitOrig.Boxmint$20.001
Model Power6092-Story Brick House w/Attached GaragekitOrig.Boxnew$9.981
Model Power682Mickey's Fruit Stand & Ruined Lot w/Wall -- Lighted w/figureBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$18.002
Pikestuff Inv. 2-28-2011
Pikestuff13Highway Guard Rails (6)kitOrig.Packagenew$4.001
Pikestuff19Fire StationkitOrig.Boxnew$10.001
Pikestuff4100Brown Coach Seats (72) for Passenger CarskitOrig.Packagenew$5.000
Plastruct Inv. 3-13-2012
Plastruct1014Twin Horizontal Bulk Oil Storage TankskitOrig.Packagenew$24.001
Plastruct1704Ladders w/Safety Cage 5" longBuilt-upOrig.Packagenew$4.0015
Pola Inv. 8-13-2014
PolaSpeedy Andrews Repair ShopBuilt-upused$15.001
Preiser Inv. 12-5-2017
Preiser10018Railroad Employees Set of 5 Figures w/Hand TruckBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$9.504
Preiser10034Track Maintenance Workers 6 FiguresBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$11.001
Preiser10036Workmen Set 6 FiguresBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$17.991
Preiser10038Truck Drivers 6 FiguresBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$17.991
Preiser10071People Sunbathing 6 FiguresBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$16.991
Preiser101062 Artists, Sculpter, & 3 Nude Models 6 FiguresBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$19.991
Preiser10126Young Riders on Motorcycles 3 Riders -- 3 MotorcyclesBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$29.992
Preiser10169Pigeons, Seagulls, Crows & Birds of Prey 33 FiguresBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$24.991
Preiser10220Construction Workers 10 FiguresBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$24.992
Preiser10439Nude Bathers w/2 Lounges 6 FiguresBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$28.991
Preiser10493Mother/Grandparents w/Children in Carriages 6 FiguresBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$28.992
Preiser10494Parents w/Children & Carriages 7 FiguresBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$26.992
Preiser10515Cyclists waiting 3 Figures & 3 BicyclesBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$21.993
Preiser14167Ducks,Geese & Swans 16 FiguresBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$12.992
Preiser14400Seated Passengers 48 FiguresBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$60.000
Preiser14402Passers By Standing Figures 36 FiguresBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$50.001
Preiser14404Seated Bus Driver & Passengers 26 FiguresBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$40.001
Preiser17100Cargo Set (90) piecesBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$16.992
Preiser1722410 Shopping Carts w/MerchandiseBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$15.993
PreiserMisc. Loose Painted Figures of all typesBuilt-upused$1.00150
Promotex Inc. Inv. 3-6-2003
Promotex, Inc.6320Modern Two-Bay Warehouse -- Sand ColorkitOrig.Boxnew$18.002
Promotex, Inc.6322Modern Single Bay Warehouse -- Sand ColorkitOrig.Boxnew$18.002
Revell Bldgs. Inv. 12-21-2010
RevellT-9001Small Town StationBuilt-upused$10.002
Revell90044 Trackside Buildings -- Water Tower is Built-upkitOrig.Boxnew$18.001
RevellOperating Engine House w/3 figures & CraneBuilt-upmint$35.001
Rix Plastic Buildings Inv. 12-7-2017
Rix32Railroad Telephone Poles w/2 Crossarms (18)$4.505
Rix34Railroad Telephone Poles w/4 Crossarms (12)$4.505
Rix202Maxwell Avenue Bungalo w/Front$16.951
S.S.Ltd. Bldgs. Inv. 8-6-2016
S.S.Ltd.Crossing Shanty - 6 sidedkitOrig.Box
Simpson Products Co. Bldg.Kits. Inv. 11-8-2003
Simpson Products co.MKT-001kitOrig.Boxnew$12.951
Simpson Products Co. Bldg.Kits. Inv. 11-8-2003
Smalltown USA6018Parcel Delivery Service Painted & WeatheredBuilt-upused$10.001
Suydam Bldgs. Inv. 6-24-2017
Suydam8X3 Extra Stalls for Branchline RoundhousekitOrig.Boxnew$17.002
Suydam14Day & Night Water Heater CompanykitOrig.Boxnew$20.001
Suydam71Your Hobby Shop w/InteriorBuilt-upmint$45.001
Suydam75Triangle Cafe w/Interior & LightsBuilt-upmint$45.001
Suydam76Ed's Market w/Interior & LightsBuilt-upmint$45.001
Suydam412Interior Set for Interurban or Standard CoachkitOrig.Boxnew$5.001
Suydam416Underbody Details for Standard Passenger CarkitOrig.Boxnew$5.001
Suydam431Crate Flat Car LoadkitOrig.Boxnew$5.001
Timberline Bldg.Kits Inv. 8-22-2016
TimberlineSP-102Water SpoutkitOrig.Packagenew$5.002
Tyco Bldg.Kits Inv. 3-4-2016
Tyco7764Machine ShopkitOrig.Boxnew$12.001
Tyco7785Freight StationBuilt-upmint$25.001
Tru-Scale Bldg.Kits Inv. 11-1-2005
Tru-ScaleA-113Belvedere Ranch Type House w/2 Car Garage YellowBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$20.001
Tru-Scale504Standard StationkitOrig.Boxnew$15.951
Vollmer Bldgs. Inv. 4-14-2014
Vollmer2509Stone Arch Bridge w/Railings both sidesBuilt-upused$25.001
Vollmer3532Passenger Covered Platform w/Newstand,Vender,Benches & 8 FiguresBuilt-upused$25.002
Vollmer3702Alpine HouseBuilt-upused$28.001
Vollmer3711Lake Shore HouseBuilt-upOrig.Boxused$30.001
Vollmer5520Triple Storage Tanks on PlatformBuilt-upused$12.001
Vollmer5520Triple Storage Tanks on PlatformBuilt-upOrig.Boxmint$15.001
Vollmer5610Red Brick 2-Story Factory Building1 Lamp is missingBuilt-upused$30.001
Vollmer5722Coal Loading Hopper -- electrically operatedBuilt-upOrig.Boxused$60.001
Vollmer5728Shanty on PilingsBuilt-upmint$25.001
Walthers Cornerstone Series Inv. 4-20-2018
Walthers Cornerstone Series2106Western Maryland Bulk Containers 3$10.982
Walthers Cornerstone Series2111Reading Bulk Containers 3$10.982
Walthers Cornerstone Series2113Norfolk & Western Bulk Containers 3$10.981
Walthers Cornerstone Series2809Fire House #4Built-upOrig.Boxnew$49.981
Walthers Cornerstone Series2825City Water Tower "Black'Built-upOrig.Boxnew$44.981
Walthers Cornerstone Series2934Silver Springs Bus TerminalkitOrig.Boxnew$49.982
Walthers Cornerstone Series39062 Stall Engine House Superdetail AssortmentkitOrig.Boxnew$80.002
Walthers Cornerstone Series3001Gemini 2-Story BuildingkitOrig.Boxnew$14.981
Walthers Cornerstone Series3005Built-upexc.
Walthers Cornerstone Series3022A.D.M.Grain Elevator & Storage SiloskitOrig.Boxnew$54.981
Walthers Cornerstone Series3048Champion Packing Company RETIRED MODELkitOrig.Boxnew$50.005
Walthers Cornerstone Series3068Carfloat ApronkitOrig.Boxnew$44.981
Walthers Cornerstone Series3084Lakeside Shipping PaintedBuilt-upmint$48.001
Walthers Cornerstone Series3097American Hardware SupplyBox has been opened, all parts are presentkitOrig.Boxmint$55.001
Walthers Cornerstone Series3104Oil Loading PlatformkitOrig.Boxnew$11.981
Walthers Cornerstone Series3105Piping Kit for Interstate F.& I.kitOr.Packagenew$7.983
Walthers Cornerstone Series3106Roadside Billboards #2kitOrig.Boxnew
Walthers Cornerstone Series3130Northern Light & Power Powerhouse InteriorkitOr.Packagenew$12.981
Walthers Cornerstone Series3136Sign Kit w/many types of signskitOr.Packagenew$4.981
Walthers Cornerstone Series3137Grade Crossings (2)kitOr.Packagenew$11.984
Walthers Cornerstone Series3138Street System -- ConcretekitOrig.Boxnew$12.983
Walthers Cornerstone Series3139Street System -- BrickkitOrig.Boxnew$12.982
Walthers Cornerstone Series3140Street Track InsertskitOrig.Boxnew$24.984
Walthers Cornerstone Series3144Sawmill OutbuildingskitOrig.Boxnew$43.991
Walthers Cornerstone Series3150Heavy Duty Crane w/Operators CabkitOrig.Boxnew$12.981
Walthers Cornerstone Series3152Railroad Car Float "Barge"kitOrig.Boxnew$49.981
Walthers Cornerstone Series3172Armstrong Electric Motors - Background BuildingkitOrig.Boxnew$34.981
Walthers Cornerstone Series3175Station Platform ShelterskitOrig.Boxnew$31.981
Walthers Cornerstone Series3177Parkside Terrace Apartment - Building BackBuilt-upexc.
Walthers Cornerstone Series3179Tomaso's Market - Background BuildingkitOrig.Boxnew$21.981
Walthers Cornerstone Series3190Art Deco Highway UnderpasskitOrig.Boxnew$31.981
Walthers Cornerstone Series3196Arched Road BridgekitOrig.Boxnew$31.981
Walthers Cornerstone Series3509Brick Smokestacks (2)kitOrig.Boxnew$8.001
Walthers Cornerstone Series3510Wall Mount Dust Collectors (3)kitOrig.Boxnew$8.001
Walthers Cornerstone Series3516Dumpster Set (8)kitOrig.Boxnew$11.981
Walthers Cornerstone Series3524Dark Cream Brick Sheets 4' x 9 7/8" 4 vSheetskitOrig.Boxnew$11.981
Walthers Cornerstone Series3609Worthington Hotel Gold Ribbon SerieskitOrig.Boxnew$54.982
Walthers Cornerstone Series3721Flat Roof & BaseH.O.ModularskitOr.Packagenew
Walthers Cornerstone Series3722Small Walls, Windows & DoorsH.O.ModularskitOr.Packagenew
Walthers Cornerstone Series3723Large Walls & WindowsH.O.ModularskitOr.Packagenew
Walthers Cornerstone Series3724Foundation & Loading DocksH.O.ModularskitOr.Packagenew2
Walthers Cornerstone Series3725Wall Columns & CapsH.O.ModularskitOr.Packagenew
Walthers Cornerstone Series3727Large Door Wall SectionH.O.ModularskitOr.Packagenew
Walthers Cornerstone Series3729Vintage Fire Escape & Details - 4-StoryH.O.ModularskitOr.Packagenew$11.981
Walthers Cornerstone Series3730Walls w/Vehicle DoorsH.O.ModularskitOr.Packagenew
Walthers Cornerstone Series3731Small Walls w/Single Large Arched WindowH.O.ModularskitOr.Packagenew
Walthers Cornerstone Series3732Small Walls w/Single Large Metal-Sash WindowH.O.ModularskitOr.Packagenew
Walthers Cornerstone Series3733Roof DetailsH.O.ModularskitOr.Packagenew$9.983
Walthers Cornerstone Series3734Large Walls w/Single Large Arched WindowH.O.ModularskitOr.Packagenew
Walthers Cornerstone Series3735Large Walls w/Single Large Metal-Sash WindowH.O.ModularskitOr.Packagenew
Walthers Cornerstone Series3736Modern Fire Escape & Details - 4-StoryH.O.ModularskitOr.Packagenew$11.983
Walthers Cornerstone SeriesH.O.ModularskitOr.Packagenew
Westchester Models Bldgs. Inv. 2-22-96
Westchester Models16Diesel Sand Tower & Sand HousekitOrig.Boxnew$15.001
Weston Metal Figures Inv. 1-30-2011
Weston1101Handcar w/RiderMetal FiguresOrig.Packagenew$25.001
Weston1105Wheelbarrow -- unpaintedMetal FiguresOrig.Packagenew$5.001
Weston1200Engineer -- unpaintedMetal Figuresused$5.003
Weston1200Engineer -- paintedMetal Figuresmint$6.505
Weston1201Fireman -- paintedMetal Figuresmint$6.503
Weston1202Redcap carrying Luggage -- paintedMetal Figuresmint$6.502
Weston205Policeman w/Arm Raised blowing Whistle -- paintedMetal FiguresIn Packagenew$7.502
Weston1205Brakeman w/o Ladder -- paintedMetal Figuresmint$6.502
Weston1207Brakeman Cartop Seated -- paintedMetal Figuresmint$6.501
Weston1210Lady in the Lake Nude -- paintedMetal FiguresOrig.Packagenew$7.503
Weston1210ALady in the Lake Clothes -- paintedMetal FiguresOrig.Packagenew$5.002
Weston1212Hobo Reclining -- paintedMetal FiguresOrig.Packagenew$7.502
Weston1215Loafer -- paintedMetal FiguresOrig.Packagenew$7.503
Weston1219Mrs.Spumony, Pistachio & Family Wash -- paintedMetal Figuresused$20.001
WestonFamily Wash on Line & PolesMetal Figuresused$10.001
Weston1223Woman w/Pocketbook Standing -- paintedMetal FiguresOrig.Packagenew$7.501
Weston1230Sweater Girl w/Red Hair -- paintedMetal FiguresOrig.Packagenew$7.502
Weston1233Woman Walking -- paintedMetal FiguresOrig.Packagenew$7.501
Weston1241Telegrapher Standing -- paintedMetal Figuresmint$6.502
Weston1242Blacksmith w/Anvil -- paintedMetal Figuresmint$15.001
Weston1248Street Sweeper -- paintedMetal Figuresmint$7.501
Weston1249Telephone Lineman -- paintedMetal Figuresmint$7.502
Weston1254Hobo Seated w/o Stick -- paintedMetal Figuresmint$7.501
Weston1257Sweater Girl w/Blonde Hair -- paintedMetal FiguresOrig.Packagenew$7.502
Weston1268Water Pumps (2) -- paintedMetal FiguresOrig.Packagenew$6.001
Weston1403Dog - Sleeping -- paintedMetal FiguresOrig.Packagenew$6.001
Woodland Scenics Bldgs. Inv. 12-11-2017
Woodland ScenicsTK-132 1/2" Straight TrunkTrees (5)KitOrig.Boxnew$8.002
Woodland ScenicsD238Rocky's TavernScenic Details KitKitOrig.Packagenew$26.991
Woodland Scenics5021Lubener's 2-Story General StoreBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$67.991
Woodland Scenics5022Harrison's 2-Story Hardware StoreBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$67.991
Woodland Scenics5023Danbury Depot Train StationBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$72.991
Woodland Scenics5024Corner Emporium 2-Story BuildingBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$67.994
Woodland Scenics5025Fill'er Up & Fix'er Service Gas StationBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$79.991
Woodland Scenics5026Clyde & Dale's 2-Story Barrell FactoryBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$87.991
Woodland Scenics5027Granny's 2-Story HouseBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$67.991
Woodland Scenics5028Chip's Ice HouseBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$83.991
Woodland Scenics5029Drive n' Dine Building & AccessoriesBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$93.991
Woodland Scenics50302-Story Municipal BuildingBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$88.991
Woodland Scenics5031Country Store w/Expansion Building attachedBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$79.991
Woodland Scenics5032J.W. Shoe Cobbler BuildingBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$72.992
Woodland Scenics5033Citizens Savings & Loan w/AccessoriesBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$72.992
Woodland Scenics50342-Story Firehouse BuildingBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$88.991
Woodland Scenics5036Home Sweet Home 2-Story BuildingBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$83.991
Woodland Scenics5037Meg-A-Watts Transformers ManufacturerBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$99.991
Woodland Scenics5038Old Weathered Barn & SiloBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$93.992
Woodland Scenics50393-Story Davenport Department StoreBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$77.991
Woodland Scenics5040Old Homestead HouseBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$64.992
Woodland Scenics5041Community ChurchBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$83.992
Woodland Scenics5044Buzz's SawmillBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$79.992
Woodland Scenics5045Deuce's Cycle ShopBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$99.993
Woodland Scenics5046Corner Porch 2 Story HouseBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$84.99
Woodland Scenics5047Mo Skeeters Bait & Tackle ShopBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$84.991
Woodland Scenics5048Ethyl's Gas & Service StationBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$99.991
Woodland Scenics5049Sully's Tavern 2-Story BuildingBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$69.99
Woodland Scenics5050J.Franks Grocery BuildingBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$79.99
Woodland Scenics5051Betty's 3-Story Burning BuildingBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$89.99
Woodland Scenics5052The Depot -- LED LightedBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$99.99
Woodland Scenics5053Dugan's Paint 2-Story Building -- LED LightedBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$69.99
Woodland Scenics5054Theater 2-Story Building -- LED LightedBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$94.99
Woodland Scenics5055Emillio's Italian Restaurant 2-Story Building -- LED LightedBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$84.99
Woodland Scenics5060Grillin & Chillin Trailor -- LED LightedBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$74.99
Woodland Scenics5063U.S.Post Office -- LED LightedBuilt-upOrig.Boxnew$84.99
Woodland ScenicsPF5180Fresh Market 2-Story -- Pre-Fab Building KitKitOrig.Boxnew$36.000
Woodland ScenicsPF5181Planters Feed & Seed SupplyKitOrig.Boxnew$38.001
Woodland ScenicsPF5182Main Street Mercantile 2-Story Corner -- Pre-Fab Bldg.KitKitOrig.Boxnew$36.001
Woodland ScenicsPF5183Sonny's Super Service Station -- Pre-Fab Building KitKitOrig.Boxnew$38.001
Woodland ScenicsPF5184Sicken Tire CompanyKitOrig.Boxnew$41.001
Woodland ScenicsPF5188D's Diner -- Pre-Fab Building KitKitOrig.Boxnew$44.001
Updated 5/15/18